Abuses Against Hindu Goddess Lead to Unrest in Asoknagar

Truly, audacity of Muslims is increasing by leaps and bounds throughout Bengal and scores of incidents can be cited to prove the same. The recent occurrence at Ashoknagar-Kalyangarh (near the infamous Deganga in N24 Parganas of West Bengal, India) market manifests it yet gain. On 22nd October 2010 an individual went to the market to pay for a vernal banana-plant (essential for the Lakshmi Puja) and the Muslim vegetable seller called the Goddess abusive names. The incident, contrary to the imagination of the seller, was enough to enrage Hindus and the seller was first asked to apologize, and when he refused to do so he was beaten .......... Finding no other way and witnessing the fast worsening situation the vendor, with the help of another businessman, did escape in a flash.  

Hindus, as per the latest development, have concluded that the Muslim vegetable seller would no longer be allowed to trade in the market.

All these indicate – Hindus are getting conscious that incidents like that of Deganga can take place at any time.


HinduBengal said…
Good to see Hindus in WB waking up...
We need MAss-Movemnet
kootukaran said…
Peace be with you,
am a Muslim, the Quran says don't convert anybody to Islam by forcing them .that the message of Quran
So the content of your post may be lie or that beat person is not a Muslim
this post only for peace and considering the Hinduism with smile face and good heart

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