Facebook - Tapan Ghosh - Fatwa Against Female Athletes In West Bengal

Leading Bengali daily Ananda Bazar Patrika today reported a very disturbing news which clearly shows that in West Bengal, Sharia is more powerful than Indian Constitution and Maulavis are more powerful than all IAS, IPS, WBCS officers. http://www.anandabazar.com/…/…/girls-dress-football-1.124047

 In the village of Chandipur under Harishchandrapur block in Malda district, yesterday local administration stopped Women's Football match obeying the Fatwa of local Maulavis. The Maul...avis ordered to stop the match because according to Sharia (1) women are not allowed to wear tight dress & (2) people are not allowed to see the women in tight dress. 

 Plz note the names of the village & the block. Both the devout Hindu names are testimony that this area was once predominantly Hindu area. Now it is Muslim majority area. Not only that, Sharia and Maulavis' words are rule here.

What awaits in future for the Hindus in West Bengal? Will the Secus & Mekus (Commies) have the spine to answer this question???



atoz said…
The question here is what rights are provided to Hindu males by hindu religion.Is it ok as per Hindus to wear short and provocative dresses by women ? There is a difference between males and females but the anti religious and anti justice law of modern secular world gives right to women only and treat the males as second grade.Why there is various laws like section 354 354A,B,C,D in INDIAN PENAL CODE APPLICABLE PROVIDE rights to women only .Hindu scriptures provided various rights to males .These are distructed by feminist move .Women on one hand want equal rights on the other hand special rights also.So before condemning muslims only we need to see what about the rights of males .Do not go by what is being practicesd in villages .See in cities and see the law .See what rights a Hindu male can exercise if he abide by law against women whether wife or sister or daughter etc.Why Hindu males are filled with responsibilities and duties only?

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