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Nothing in the world can be owned free of cost, so is peace. When you cannot own a petty pencil without paying for it, how can you expect to have peace free of cost? Our forefathers failed to pay the price of peace in East Bengal and as a result, became refugee. Do you still prefer to follow the same path they chose? You and your, so called secularism are taking West Bengal towards another Islamic land. West Bengal will not survive for long. Who is going to save a race, which has not learned any lesson from the partition of 1947?

Peace never comes without appropriate price and the price for peace is to acknowledge the root cause for disruption of peace. Peace cannot come by bowing before unjust acts. You have to fight against unjust for restoration of peace. Your naive attitude is not going to help you in this regard. Power is the best force for peace. Do Bengali Hindus have that power? Don't you know why Hindus are selling their properties in Park Circus area and settling to another places? You know it very well but pretend as unaware due to lack of power. You call yourself secular, liberal, progressive, why don't you go and stand beside those Hindus? In reality, you are so incapable that you even try to hide the reality of Park Circus and Metiabruz.

Hindus in Kashmir were never members of RSS or Shiv Sena. I visited their refugee camps and witnessed, they kept their children unaware about the name of Shyama Prasad Mukherjee, they never raised the slogans like "Jai Shree Ram" fearing it might offend Muslims around them. Hindus in East Bengal never became members of RSS, yet they could not save themselves from Islamic persecution, atrocities and rape. You are leading West Bengal only to that way once again. So, before it is too late, try to understand that peace can be achieved only through war, nothing else.


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