Hon'ble Calcutta High Court, Thou too?

Anita can’t be disowned, She is our Daughter

Anita can’t be disowned, She is our Daughter and shall ever be

Where are we heading to? This sentence at the very outset may astound you a good deal. Well, before going to any further, let’s check out some readily available facts.

Ever since Islam stepped into the realm of Bengal, forceful conversion of Hindus has been one of the most preferred ploys of the Muslim zealots to make the whole community kowtow. Throughout the Muslim hegemony and 19th century, it was in full swing and gained new momentum with the onset of the 20th century backed by several doctrines. It has been unabated in both erstwhile East Pakistan and contemporary Bangladesh but the same malicious campaign is being witnessed in the Indian state of Bengal too, thanks to the tacit understanding between the pseudo-secular sections and Islamic fundamentalist forces and certainly the uncanny silence of the culpable democratic society.

What is more striking, even the Hon’ble Calcutta High Court, considered as the highest form of judiciary in the state, is corroborating the same spiteful intents. What else can be said if we look at the strange development of the case of Ms Anita Ray?

Ms Anita Ray (aged 15) and Shahidul got married only after she was misled by him. Anita, at the behest of Shahidul, ran from her paternal residence, got converted into Islam and married the venomous guy.

Mr. Suvendu Ray (Anita’s father) got infuriated and with the help of police got hold of the estranged daughter only on 20th October, six days after the couple ran away.

From that period Shahidul was absconding and even though he appealed to the lower court for bail in advance, it was rejected altogether. Strangely enough, yesterday Calcutta High Court has sanctioned the same citing that marriage of women under 15 years is lawful under the Muslim Marriage Act, unlike Hindus. [ Ref : Ananda Bazar Patrika, (page - 7)17.12.09]

What does this lead to? Does the court wish for to affirm that any such act is glorious? Does it want to convey the message that Muslim society is omnipotent and what it does is just? Before that, Anita, at the time of conversion, was of 15 years old only. How can a minor be converted?

It’s definite that the Ray family didn’t consent or respond favorably to the proposal, not to speak of Anita, a minor girl who can’t decide on any such crucial issue, in accordance with Indian Penal Code. What shall the High Court say on this? Is it not illegal to convert a minor as per Indian Constitution?

What can you say then? This is one of the gravest conspiracies known hitherto and must be trounced, forget about remaining indoors and continue to doggone or wish harm upon Shahidul. Without a shred of doubt, he has been backed by the considerable section of Muslims in close proximity, may be there is the involvement of Calcutta section as well.

The line of battlefield has been drawn already and we are taking all types of measures to make the heinous conspiracy bite the dust. Be it legal or……………..


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