Hindus in Barasat Retaliate Potently After Co-Religionists Are Attacked

A True Case of Hindu "Samhati" - Hindus in Barasat Area Retaliate Potently and Successfully Repel Jihadi Forces After Attack on Coreligionists

In a brazen act of brutality, extremist Muslims of the Kazipara locality near Barasat town of North 24 Parganas district in West Bengal today attacked the unarmed Hindus residents with lethal weapons. Even though the victimized Hindus wanted to fight back, the challenge was insurmountable due lack of weapons and an overwhelming 90% Muslim population in Kazipara. Emboldened by the inability of local Hindus to retaliate, the fanatic Muslims got carried away and went on to attack the neighbouring Burma colony in Barasat region with explosives and guns. However, the tables were turned against the Muslim mob here as the demography of Burma colony was almost entirely Hindu and the attacking Muslims got a taste of their own medicine from the defending Hindus. Subsequently the police and Rapid Action Force (RAF) arrived in order to tackle the situation. However, instead of taking action against the attackers, they started pressurizing the Hindus of Burma colony to calm down and withdraw.

Fortunately in this case, the Hindus of Burma colony did not forget about their victimized Hindu brethren of Kazipara and refused to buckle under pressure till full protection was provided to the Hindus in Kazipara. In an enormous show of Hindu solidarity, the Burma colony residents threatened to continue agitation till their demands are met. Finally, the cops and RAF are patrolling Kazipara to maintain peace in the area.

As per our latest updates, the Muslim mob in the area are regrouping and arming themselves with bombs and other lethal firearms along the Ekdilsa road which starts from the Taki road near Kazipara. The victimized population is still largely insecure as they fear that once the police and RAF patrolling is withdrawn, the attacks on the Hindu population would resume in full force. In addition to rumours being spread of an impending attack, fearful residents have spotted some unidentified people roaming around that likely to be scouts trying to gauze Hindu resistance. In spite of police patrol, the situation remains grim. It must however be noted that much of the Hindu resistance was possible to the selfless service of dedicated Hindu Samhati workers of the areas, most prominently Simul, Abhas & Kishore, who consolidated the Hindu resistance. Hindu Samhati extends her full support and cooperation for proper rehabilitation of the Hindu victims and demand full prosecution of the criminal offenders.


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