Statement of Hindu Samhati

on the Ban on Cow Slaughter for Bakri Idd

by the Hon’ble Kolkata High Court

On 12th November, 2010 the Honourable Kolkata High Court passed an important judgment banning the slaughter of cows for ritual sacrifice on the occasion of Idd-ul-Adha, popularly known as Bakri Idd. In actuality the Kolkata High Court has only upheld a similar judgment passed by it in 1995, which was further endorsed by the Supreme Court of India, banning the slaughter of cows as religious ritual on Bakri Idd. The Court has also instructed the Government to pass this judgment as notification to all its administrative and law enforcement units and to make sure that this injunction of the court is observed in its entirety.

Hindu Samhati welcomes and fully endorses this judgment of the Kolkata High Court and has instructed all its units to keep a close watch on any incidence of cow slaughter on the occasion of Bakri Idd. If any such activity is detected the local HS workers are to immediately notify the local Police Station with the information regarding the place where the outrage has been committed and, if possible, the names of the persons involved. The reverence with which the Hindu Samaj regards the cow cannot be over emphasized and Hindu Samhati workers have vowed to ensure that Hindu sensitivities are given their due respect in the occasion of Bakri Idd. Towards this objective Hindu Samhati has mailed copies of the judgment to the West Bengal State Police HQ and requested that the provisions of the judgment be maintained in letter and spirit. All the local units have been similarly instructed to submit copies to their local Police Stations. As per our reports, this process of prodding the police and administration is being vigourously pursued by all our units throughout West Bengal as well as a strict vigil is being kept up for any outrage.

However, as the Kolkata High Court stated, the original judgment was passed in 1995 and till then 15 Bakri Idds have passed. In these occasions the Hindus of Bengal have witnessed thousands of cows beings slaughtered in Kolkata and hundreds of thousands throughout West Bengal. The Government did nothing to enforce the law and the court took no cognizance of this misconduct. Even on this very day, in the Muslim localities of Kolkata, cows are openly corralled on the wayside waiting for slaughter on Bakri Idd. They are displayed brazenly before the Hindu populace, taunting their discomfiture and inability to do anything about this insult. Confirming the popular belief that Court or government, judgment or police, everything is inconsequential before the consolidated power of Muslim votes and the debilitating political correctness of the Hindu elite.

Like 15 Idds before, on this Bakri Idd too hundreds of thousands of cows would be slaughtered by the cruel halal method. The judgment of the Kolkata High Court would be just ink on paper and WB government has tucked its tail a long time ago before the might of the Muslim vote. It will only go to prove to the whole wide world that the writ of Indian law does not run in ‘Muslim’ Bengal.

Tapan Kumar Ghosh


Hindu Samhati

To view the original order of Kolkata High Court, please visit the following link:


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