KASHMIRIYAT : What Exactly Is That?

Tapan Kumar Ghosh

If Kashmiriyat stands for Kashmiri Culture and Ethos, then why the sons of soil of Kashmir from time immemorial, the HINDUS, were tortured psychologically and physically, and ultimately kicked out of Kashmir? Why more than three thousand temples in Kashmir were reduced to rubbles? If Kashmiriyat be an exclusive cultural identity, then why the proponents of Kashmiriyat are so hand in glove with the Pakistanis? Why the Kashmiri youth get terrorist training in militant camps in Pakistan and bomb innocent Indian citizens in Delhi and other places? Is it Kashmiriyat?

This name is a big hoax, an out and out bluff, a deception, a chicanery. If you peel off the cover, you would come to know its true identity. This is but PURE ISLAMIYAT. True to the tradition of pure Islamiyat, the non-Muslims are hunted out there. That is the reason why the original sons of the soil, Kashmiri Hindus find no place in their ancestral home and hearth. Over more than 20 years, they are stacked in refugee camps in Delhi and Jammu. Kashmiriyat is a mask for Islamiyat. Time is now ripe to expose the true nature of Kashmiriyat to the entire world.

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Dibyajyoti Guha said…
I was studing about kashmir issue and here is my finding which I want to convey to you.
Yugoslovia was known(post WW-II) as a model for surviving with many religious and ethnic cultures apart from India.But subsequently it was broken into 5 or more nations whose early symptoms are similar like providing autonomy.I see many similarity between Yugoslovia(contained large population of Muslim) and kashmir issue.We shouldn't forget the 50% of the nation(like Kazakhistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Azerbaijan) disintegrated from USSR are Muslims.Muslim separatism worked parallely with failured Centralised Administration to destroy USSR.
I have come across an exceptional article from Dipak Basu on "The Statesman" who is Professor in International Economics, Nagasaki University,Japan.
Please read this article.

with regards,
-- Dibyajyoti Guha.

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