Hindus in Dinajpur Protest Assault on Ganga Puja Festivities by Islamists

Hindus Prove Strength Can Subdue All Adversaries
Ganga Puja Bisarjan Jatra Attacked in Dinajpur; Hindus Pressure Administration to Intervene; Mosque Microphone Removed.

The problem started with the immersion of the holy murthi (Hindu religious icon) of Ganga Puja on October 2nd, 2010. As usual the Hindu crowd went ahead with dhak (percussion instrument similar to other two-sided drums in India) and ceremonial elegance and splendor. While returning through another way following the immersion (with the same pomp) the devotees were prevented by Muslims alleging the grandeur was 'injuring' the sanctity of the local mosque. The entire Hindu group consisting of mostly women was manhandled, abused for trying to 'insult' Islam, and was also even threatened with dire consequences............Continued
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Posted by Hindu Samhati's International Media Communications Team


HinduBengal said…
we all must rise and Fight agnst the pan-bengal islamisation and islamic onslaught process.
and VOTE the party who care for hapless hindus not jst a Red or Green party
Anonymous said…
Muslims are never the one to talk for co-existence and peace. They live and breathe by violence.

When in Mecca, Prophet was abusing Meccans and their Gods and culture. Fed up with him, Meccans gave him a chance: whether to stop abusing their Gods or they too start abusing Muslim God.

He stopped for some time but resumed again in different manner.

If at all Muslims talk for co-existence and peace, they do that only when it serves them esp.when they are minority.

As their numbers keep increasing their demand will increase.

Great reaction from Hindus here; forced to react.

But I hope that in present day's media's hostility to Hindus, they will be careful and thoughtful.

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