Shyama Prasad – Kashmir – Palestine – America

Tapan Kumar Ghosh

Had BJP-led NDA succeeded in 2004 Loksabha election, Atal Behari Vajpayee would surely have attained pinnacle of his career, inaccessible for anyone in the following decades. And by that he could have outshined Sangh Parivar even and defied its diktats coming to the fore at times. (To be precise, control of Sangh Parivar on Vajpayee was too trivial ever, if not more, and along with a few others I am also a witness to this saga). Hence, it can certainly be deduced that the overwhelming success could easily have made him desperate and he would not lose any time to adopt any frantic decision on Kashmir. But the same poll disaster nipped all his noble (?) dreams in the bud and Noble Peace Prize remained out of his reach. What a catastrophe! This proved to be beyond Vajpayee’s dream but Kashmir was definitely saved.

What’s of global powers concentrating on the same issue like hawks? We’re talking of United States of America here and its diabolical stances or pretenses of Kashmir ever since 1947. It is no secret that US can never pull back from muddling affairs of Kashmir – it’s too essential for its global supremacy. And hence, following the downfall of Vajpayee it has opted for Sonia-Manmohan duo. Well, venerated Advani ji must be thanked in this context to get vocal enough to unwrap this perilous design. He has stated without reservation that Indian National Congress is leaving no stone unturned to grant autonomy to Kashmir and thus to restore its pre-1953 state of affairs. He has already cautioned BJP of this precarious inclination while other leaders of the party prefer to retain silence. Hence, skepticism of execution of this admonition remains. Even if this is unfortunate, it’s a cruel reality.

There are afflictions of BJP too. Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev, through their nationwide anti-corruption struggles, have pushed BJP to the back and captured the center stage. What does this indicate? BJP has failed to be a brawny alternative to Congress and even if it gets electoral benefits owing to Congress’ rampant corruption and menacing activities, it is effete to invoke Indian populace. As a result, Sonia-Manmohan duo happens to be the best option for America to cut off Kashmir from the Indian mainland and thus nurse wounded Islamic psyche.

If a meticulous study is done, it’s easy to comprehend that there is hardly any difference between America’s political games with Israel and India. Political pundits have also started to conform to this notion but the difference between two countries can’t be overlooked also at the same instant. Israel has already returned Gaza Strip (occupied by it tooth and nail) to Muslims and even if this has affected its border security to some extent, its national integrity remains unaffected. The case of India, in this regard, is different from top to bottom.

Kashmir is no occupied territory of India but a part of its soul since time immemorial. Any disintegration of it will be tantamount to a national disaster and will also stimulate the doctrine of secession already prevalent in tens of thousands of Muslim-dominated areas across India. Without a shred of doubt, doctrine of secession, thanks to teachings of Dar al-Islam from Koran, prevails among Muslims in any non-Muslim dominated area or alleged Dar al-harb – any disregard to this cruel reality is akin to self-annihilation.

Philosophy of nationalism has failed to enthuse Muslims, irrespective of ethnic, linguistic and regional differences between them, and it is proven time and again. There is only one reason behind this utter failure through ages – it is heartfelt submission of Muslims to Arabia, foremost citadel of worldwide Islam. It, therefore, can be certainly deduced that independence of Kashmir from India due to Muslim majority will become manifest to Muslims as ideal way to create their own destiny and tens of thousands of Muslims will start conforming to the same success story before long.

What’s our take then? Autonomy of Kashmir will give rise to tens of thousands of newer Kashmir all over India. The national integrity of India will turn out to be the greatest casualty hence.

The time to comprehend some bitter truth, as a result, has arrived finally. Kashmir is not the feeblest component of Indian integrity only but it is the most decrepit and vulnerable point in national unity also. Once this point collapses, disintegration of India will start to follow it in a little while. No more explanation is essential to authenticate how precarious the situation is – eventuality that was comprehended by Dr. Shyama Prasad Mookerjee decades ago. To save both Kashmir and India from the ever-expanding clutch of Islam, he sacrificed himself in 1953.

What can we do now? We have to say NO to fast intensifying Islamic and American conspiracy and memorializing the self-sacrifice of Dr. Mookerjee, we have got to assert – Jahan Huen Balidan Mookerjee – Woh Kashmir Hamara Hain; Jis Kashmir Ko Khun Se Sincha – Woh Kashmir Hamara Hain.



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