Hindu Samhati under attack

Strategies to halt its 4 th Anniversary reign highly  

Pernicious strategies to inhibit Hindu Samhati took place lots in the past and now, with each day more Hindu Samhati is advancing to make the upcoming 4 th anniversary of it a historic success, more roguish gambits are being devised to bog it down outright. And the undeserved detention of Sri Ranjit Kar, age 82, veteran activist and longtime well-wisher of Hindu Samhati, today itself, to campaign for the aforementioned impending 4 th anniversary on February 14, happens to be the latest ploy in this regard.

Sri Ranjit Kar was arrested at 1 pm by P.S. Jadavpur while campaigning and distributing leaflets to make the anniversary a success. Even if protests were made by Hindu Samhati activists against this ominous development in the police station, concerned authority, remaining unmoved, enforced case against him under Sections 295A/298/120B IPC (Indian Penal Code). And all these happen to be non-bailable sections.  It has been learnt that Sri Kar will be produced in Alipur Court tomorrow; however, the chances to get bail happen to be bleak.

It must be stated, at the same instant, clashes are increasing between Hindu Samhati activists and adversaries at different parts of the state about urging people to join the convention in strength. 3 brushes, thus far, have taken place for putting up posters. 3 HS activists were arrested in Raidighi, released on bail from court later on. More such ominous developments are being reported.

We do apprehend that case may be slapped on us for the content of the leaflet.

Hindu Samhati strongly condemns all these developments set to oppress it and thus a justifiable, defiant and brawny Hindu voice.

Hindu Samhati shall never knuckle under come what may.

Uttishthata Jagrata Prapya Varan Nibodhata (Arise, Awake and Stop not till the Goal is Reached). 


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