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Press Note:

State Repression on Hindu Samhati, Hindu genesis in Bengal

Hindu Samhati, one of the most prominent pro-Hindu rights advocacy group in Bengal and India, from its formal beginning in 2008, has been striving to establish Hindu interest and righteous Hindu causes.

In all these years, Hindu Samhati has gone through several obstacles and has also confronted an assortment of risks to give a new face to its ideal – venerable existence of Hindus in Bengal, at stake owing to fast rising minorityism under the aegis of governance and a few evil political intentions. Hindu Samhati, at the same time, exhibits its complete faith on the legal framework and Constitution of India.  Nevertheless, there has never been any end to portray Hindu Samhati as radical by different echelons of political arena and governance.

What Hindu Samhati has observed regarding its 4 th Anniversary on February 14, 2012 proves inimical approaches of the governance to crush it violating democratic and human rights, enshrined in the Constitution of India, are high.

Ranging from desperate annulment of permission (by the governance) to hold the said convention on the same date at Raja Subodh Mallik Square (Wellington Square) to implementation of Section 144 – as a last approach to stop the convention (irked by legal defeat in High Court, Calcutta) – endangers democratic rights of people across the state. Strangely, contradictory attitude is expressed during any encounter between governance and minority Islamist groups.  

The entire act is scandalous and disgraces the Fundamental Rights altogether.

The dangerous situation, reigning across the state at this point in time, is not desirable and is being deemed by Hindu Samhati as a great threat to the national integrity and communal harmony of the state of Bengal.

Hindu Samhati desires to put up the existing dangerous reality to the Press and Media.


 Animitra Chakraborty (Media –in-Charge, Hindu Samhati) 


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