Islamic fundamentalist threat stalls release of Taslima’s autobiography in Kolkata Book Fair, 2012

Guild, Bengal Government capitulate shamelessly

No physical appearance is needed any more; just the phone of any Islamic fanatic or fanatical organization is enough to stall the voyage of truth (unflinching criticism of Islamic notions and its consecrated viewpoints) in Kolkata.

Kolkata Book Fair, 2012 witnessed this development on February 01 disgracefully when Publishers and Booksellers’ Guild, chief organizer of the worldwide acclaimed Book Fair, citing hurt of minority sentiment and security reasons called official release of the seventh part of Taslima Nasrin’s autobiography, Nirbasan (Exile), a halt. Even if the People’s Book Society, publisher of the book, went on with the formal release near its stall and outside the official venue for book releases in the Fair defiantly, Guild’s capitulation to an anonymous threat has both demeaned and scourged sane minds in the cultural capital of India. Is this going to be the fate of whole Bengal soon? That such an apprehension is not baseless was proved when this worry was found to reverberate among people partaking in the Fair.  

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