Friday namaz halted in Sri Lanka’s mosque

Recently in Dambula, a major city in the realm of Sri Lanka, namaz on Friday in a mosque was brought to an end. Even if the abrupt decision triggered a strong reaction among Muslims, they couldn’t do much ultimately. Do you want to know the reason?  No less than 2, 000 Buddhists (including sages) marched to the mosque thunderously and created a strong campaign for its destruction.  

It has been learnt from BBC, an office-bearer told the BBC correspondent, that they got scared stiff (extremely) for being confined within the mosque and were anticipating that the structure would be destructed. Well, a bomb was hurled on the mosque but no casualty was reported. Predicting more such ominous attacks taking place before long, the mosque was vacated with immediate effect.

In accordance with the BBC correspondent, Buddhists consider the city of Dambula as one of the most sacred cities and in recent months, a deep instability has been reigning only due to confrontational stances of Islamists there. 

On September, 2011, a Buddhist ascetic led a massive crowd to destroy an Islamic place of worship in Anurdhapura, close to the city of Dambula.

It is worthwhile to mention, the majority community in Sri Lanka happens to be Buddhists. 


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