Islamist rapes cow in Joynagar

Outrageous incident maddens Hindus – in a face-off with police

Centuries of misrule and persecution lead to extremism; history has been witness to the same (worldwide aspect) at regular intervals. When people (of any community or nation) deduce finally that they can’t rely on (indigenous) body politic or governance any more for their mere sustenance and dignity, the situation gets calamitous only that is marked by the valor of persecuted people altogether.

Hindus, especially Bengali Hindus, have a long history of persecution (for more than last millennium) on them by the Islamists.  Even if sporadic resistances have taken place against Islamic persecution down the centuries, their lots have been worst, without doubt.

What we are witnessing now is indeed rare.

Precisely, there is no single factor to stimulate tens of thousands of Hindus in an extensive area of District: 24 Paraganas (South) at the moment. While mounting persecution of Islamists and weird silence of police and administration have been two recurring issues, lots of recent developments from in Taranagar and Pashcim Rupnagar village to Bhasna and from there to Jalaberia have stirred Hindus making them realize their own duty (Kartavya) to save their own lot. And the shocking incident of raping a cow by an Islamist has been the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

On June 2, 2012, at 10.30 am, village: Bele Durganagar, P.S. Joynagar, District: 24 Paraganas (South), an Islamist was caught red-handed while raping a cow beside a pond in the village. The sole perpetrator was Nur Islam Laskar, son of Yakub Laskar, who has two wives at his residence. A Hindu woman who became witness to this outrageous incident raised an alarm at once; Hindus in large numbers rushed to the spot, thrashed Nur Islam extremely and hand overed him to the police.

Islamists in the locality tried their best to portray Nur Islam Laskar as insane and that his insensate beating wounded the cow only. But the cow was found to bleed profusely that couldn’t be anything other than effect of a sexual assault.

No stone is left unturned by Islamists ever to harm Hindus and their conviction; both women and cows are regarded as mainstay of Hindu family and society, and outrage and vital injury of one can rob the moral force of Hindus. Islamists, thus, hoped to have the victory without firing a single shot even.

But at this time their large expectations have fallen through. It is a different story altogether; Hindus are not ready to concede, steadfast to resist Islamists and their cohorts (police and administration) come what may.   


Homeowner said…
why do publish nonsense like this and humiliate yourselves? get rid of the cow worship crap!!! get modern man or suffer in filth all your lives. modernize your religion and beliefs.

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