Hindus rely on Islamic Bangladesh to recover their lost lands

Nasty daydream deceives Hindus en masse  

Speculations are running high (at the moment) in the Indian subcontinent over the prospects of restoration of lands of Hindus in Bangladesh (erstwhile East Pakistan) by the indigenous government there. Even if media outbursts there do proclaim the strong disinclination of majority populace and administration to this, a section of Hindus is found to count on the good wishes of Bangladeshi administration still.

We need not enter the legal complications in this regard; it’s not our subject and we do detest also to mull over the same as this kind of cruel prank has been baffling Hindus, both persecuted recurrently there and ousted from there finally, for decades at a stretch.

A simple glance into the inventory of Hindu persecutions in Bangladesh (increasing by leaps and bounds as well) – each month (as available from media there along with various other sources) – is quite enough to show the bias reigning on the Islamic administration there to hound and oppress Hindus in every capacity. The following account shows the same best.

If any Hindu, even after going through the following account, prefers to trust Bangladeshi administration and hopes for return of his/her own or ancestral land (occupied forcibly by Islamists once), he/she mustn’t be sent to any lunatic asylum but should be indicted for betraying Hindus in Bangladesh altogether.

§  On April 03, 2012, at dead night, village: Ullabharatkhali Sahapara, Sub-district: Saghata, District: Gaibandha, a few Islamists attacked, despoiled and destructed four temples of minority Hindu community. These include Sarbojonin Kali Temple, Laxmi Narayan Temple, Laxmi Narayan Saha Temple and Sarbojonin Laxmi Narayan Temple. Hemayetul Islam, Police Super, has inspected the concerned area.
§  On March 21, 2012, at 10.30 pm,  the residence of Sukumar Chandra Pramanik, located at Gatihat Bazar, Sub-dsitrict: Manda, District: Naogaon, was attacked by Islamists led by Mohammed Mojammel Haque Kajal. An old woman Subashi Rani Pramanik (age 70) was beaten heavily and was left unconscious in the field of wheat. She was recovered by the police only and was admitted to a nearby hospital.
§  On March 27, 2012, Mohammed Manik Mian, notorious Muslim ruffian in the locality, attacked the residence of Sanjoy Ghosh, living in village: Usufpur, P.S. Devidwar. Wife and children of Sanjoy along with him were beaten heavily. Police has arrested Manik and sent him to the court.
§  On April 07, 2012 Islamists led by Abul Kashem, local Awami League leader and also ex-chairman of Eklashpur Union Council, Sub-district: Begumgunj, District: Noakhali, attacked Hindu families of adjoining village: Anantapur.  Nevertheless, Hindus offered stiff resistance when assailers tried to grab 35% of land worth 2 crores Taka currently. Kashem brigade, owing to the same, thrashed violently whoever they could find out. 12 Hindus were heavily injured – they include Kartik Roy Chowdhury (age 44), Kajal Roy Chowdhury (age 50), Nandita Roy Chowdhury (age 44), Munni Roy Chowdhury (age 24), Suman Roy Chowdhury (age 26), Subarno Roy Chowdhury (age 16), Aparna Roy Chowdhury (age 25), Rajib Roy Chowdhury (age 15), Sajib Roy Chowdhury (age 7), Suman (age 11) and Kanchan Roy Chowdhury (age 55).
§  On April 06, 2012, the family of Barendranath Biswas, inhabiting Tetlab, under Tarar Corporation, P.S. Rupgunj, District: Narayangunj, were assailed by some Muslim criminals. Since they did not give 5 lakh Taka as Jiziya tax, Harendra Biswas, his wife Kabita Biswas and son Artha Biswas were thrashed extremely. The attack was led by Tota Mian Dewan, notorious criminal in the neighborhood.
§  On April 22, 2012, at dead night, Muslim rowdies attacked 4 temples in village: Uttar Guthuma, within corporation area of District: Feni, desecrated and destroyed those. These are Rajrajeshwar Temple, Ramthakur Temple of Sudip Chandra Roy, Ramthakur Temple of Haripada Saha and the ancestral Radhakrishna Temple belonging to the family of Liton Saha.
§  On April, 25, 2012, Shyamgunj Kali Temple, Sub-district: Madargunj, District: Jamalpur, was desecrated and burnt down by Muslim hooligans. With these, 6 adjoining Hindu shops, 12 dwellings were attacked, looted and also demolished. It is reported, belongings of (close to) 35 lakh Taka were robbed. Three police officers including OC of local police station have been withdrawn, in this regard. Hindu minority people in the locality are in abject fear.
§  On April 25, 2012, at broad daylight, a Hindu youth, Ashish Kumar Roy (age 30), was chopped with a sharp weapon and murdered at Seujgari Sabujbag area, in the district city of Bagura. Mitarani Roy (wife of slain Ashish Kumar Roy) has lodged a case against 11 Muslim leaders of Jamait.
§  On March 07, 2012, Sathi Rani Seal, college student and daughter of Santosh Chandra Seal, residing in village: Kundgram Paschim Para, Sub-district: Adamdighi, was kidnapped at gunpoint and forcibly converted to Islam. She was compelled to marry Rafiqul Islam, the dreaded abductor.  Santosh Chandra Seal lodged a formal complaint at the local police station on March 16, 2012. The number of complaint is 11.
§  On April 10, 2012, at broad daylight, residence of Sukanta Roy Chowdhury, Hindu individual living in village: Pangashia, Sub-district: Chitalmari, District: Bagerhat, was attacked by Muslim thugs having firearms. 20 people including 1 pregnant woman got heavily injured, as a result. The attack was conducted by 15-16 thugs led by Mamun Sheikh and Bacchu Sheikh but when neighboring Hindus came forward to resist the daring attack, it turned into a dreadful fight. Hindus who were injured as a result included Sukanta Chowdhury (age 24), Minati Chowdhury (age 20), Kishore Biswas (age 18), Dablu Chowdhury (age 25), Prakash Chowdhury (age 28), Arati Chowdhury (age 26), Surabhi Chowdhury (age 30), Minni Chowdhury (age 60), Sathi Chowdhury (age 18), Sunil Biswas (age 60) and Subhash Majumdar. Injured Hindus were admitted to the Khulna Hospital. On the word of Mohammed Hassan, Officer-in-Charge of police station, police have been sent to the spot. And preparations for a legal battle are going on. 
§  On March 21, 2012, in the evening, Liton Dhar (age 30), Hindu trader of gold, was abducted by a few Muslim goons from Marichya Bazar area, Sub-district: Ukhia, District: Coxbazar and was murdered cruelly. Corpse of Liton was recovered on March 25 from a residential building (under construction) in Kalatali area of the city.
§  On April 11, 2012, at night, Kartik Kumar Basak – RMO of Health Complex – at Sub-district: Badalgachi, District: Naogaon, was kidnapped by Muslim assailants and chopped later on. It has been learnt that residence of Kartik Babu is in Mathurapur village of the same Sub-district. His motorcycle and mobile phone have also been grabbed by the same Muslim culprits.
§  On April 29, 2012, Kanu Piralu (age 85), priest in the temple of village: Golakandai, Sub-district: Rupgunj, District: Narayangunj, was kidnapped and murdered by Muslim criminals.
§  On March 18, 2012, at 10 pm, Rajan Chandra Das (Hindu youth) was abducted at gunpoint and murdered (later) by Sheikh Farid, Mohammed Salim and Mohamed Arif Mian – the incident took place at Jelepara in Rupgunj corporation area, District: Narayangunj. For the postmortem examination, the corpse has been sent to Narsingandi General Hospital.
§  On March 06, 2012, at night, Islamists attacked, desecrated and also destructed the idol of Radha Krishna located at Durga Temple (general) in Sashikar Governmental Primary School, Sub-district: Kalkini, District: Madaripur.
§  It has been learnt that Mohammed Nazrul Islam, resident of village: Bariachapi, is leaving no stone unturned to occupy 86.49% land of Iswar Chandra Sarkar, resident of the adjoining village: Dakshinbag, Sub-district: Rupgunj, District: Narayangunj, through a fake deed.         
§  On March 07, 2012, at dead night, Muslim rowdies attacked, desecrated and demolished the venerated idol of Goddess Kali, located in village: Ranabir Bala, Sub-district: Sherpur, District: Bagura.  Mohammed Maidul Islam, a Muslim criminal, while taking flight, was caught red-handed by common people and was handovered to police.



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