Hey!!!!!!! It’s our Amir Khan!!

Who doesn’t know Amir Khan?????  He happens to be one of the most happening stars of Bollywood and also the heartthrob (matinee idol) of millions of girls both in India and abroad. And this is not without reason as well; Amir Khan has been enamoring girls right from his first appearance in the Hindi movie industry.

It is also said, at the same instant, that Amir Khan is the finest epitome of broad-mindedness and secularism. Is it so or whether he is just the opposite? Well, a diminutive yet scrupulous study has brought to the fore a few startling facts (enough to astonish anybody).  The venerated Bollywood actor has married twice and both brides are Hindus – Rina Dutta and Kiran Rao. What is more, Rina is a Bengali Hindu woman.

What makes us say all these then? Amir Khan in a recent interview, while answering to a question, stated he is a devout Muslim having full faith on Allah. He also said that he, being a celebrity, faces lots of troubles to perform daily namaz (for 5 times) or visiting mosques. Nevertheless, his whole entity is devoted to Allah. While responding to another question, Amir said that he never forced his wives to abide by Islam but his children would conform to Islam altogether.  The interview ends here.

Now, it’s on the readers to ascertain the reality. Is Amir Khan the perfect epitome of secularism or communal par excellence? How far is he going to tolerate mothers’ influence on his children? 


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