Hindus have failed to obtain justice for Dr. Shyamaprasad Mukherjee

Why are we so impotent? 

No – we are not interested to reiterate the same words (spoken for ages) to make people recognize the person in the picture above the following article.

Dr. Shyamaprasad Mukherjee happens to be one of those very very few Hindus who have come to the fore to protect Hindus and save them from catastrophes in every capacity. Thus, he does remain in the inventory of Hindu warriors who sacrificed themselves for Hindus and in this gigantic struggle his weapons were fiery oratory along with scintillating personality, virtually too much for then Congress and Muslim League leadership, but regarded as ideal means to uphold and retain democratic values in a society; yet Dr. Mukherjee turned into the first martyr in Sovereign and Democratic India.

A person (best to be termed as a lion), whose entire life was adorned by struggle only – ever since he was Vice-Chancellor in the University of Calcutta to his martyrdom (it was no untimely death) in 1953 - couldn’t be subdued ever. He was found in the corridors of power with the same erudition, as the ideal representative of Hindus (both in India and Bangladesh – then East Pakistan), and reached a new height with his resignation from the Central cabinet against the Nehru-Liaqat pact in 1950 following the genocide of Hindus in Barisal and other areas of Pakistan. 

Dr. Shyamaprasad Mukherjee, owing to his scholarship, struggle and valiance and mounting feats and prized by the Indian press, both as a Hindu warrior and best challenger to ostentation of then Prime Minister in the corridors of power, earned the wrath of Jawaharlal Nehru, and was murdered clandestinely during his crusade to save Kashmir. Thus Hindus lost their guardian and Bengali Hindus turned out to be waifs and strays, chiefly – the void remains too cruel yet.  

Will Dr. Mukherjee get the coveted justice ever? Decades have passed and no stone is left unturned to mitigate the case; his one-time votaries are most indicted in this regard – for political benefits (time and again) they have conjoined with their ideological foes and have been paying lip-service only.

NDA (National Democratic Alliance) or NDA, headed by BJP, was at the helm of affairs between 1998-2004 but apart from paying lip-service and ingeminating compulsions of coalition politics could not do much.  And the same saga continues; the desire of Hindus to nab the culprits, behind this ghastly crime, has died down. And, these days, Shyamaprasad is found in the banners of BJP only and not in content or views. A fine worship indeed!!  

Whose fault it is at the end of the day? It’s of us – Hindus, ever-fresh to mull over spiritual practices but equally despicable to settle own fate. They are ready to lick boots of Islamists but can’t dwarf Indian political spectrum to get justice.

How can our representatives be exceptional then?

Isn’t our life is what our thoughts make it?            

(Courtesy: http://shyamaprasad.org – for pictures) 


Unknown said…
It's sad to know that here is a man who gave us his all, and yet we havent done much for him.
Unknown said…
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