Be the new Bhishma, Drona, Karna, Arjuna

Hindu warriors can save Hindus only

“Shapadapi” and “Sharadapi” – power of knowledge and knowledge of power – its cultivation happened to be the greatest manifestation of Hindu Dharma in ancient world. Time has changed from bad to worst and now all these remain in words but not in deeds in any case.

In the absence of which, Hindus are turning into better slaves to Islamic iconoclasts marauding the whole of India for more than a millennium at a stretch. What has made Hindus sunk? Doesn’t one feel strange if he reckons Bhisma, Karna or Arjuna as ancestors of contemporary Hindus? Persons who were known for their valor and military prowess are being succeeded by descendants – coward, frivolous and escapists in every capacity.

Modern Hindus prefer to camouflage their inability, cowardice to preserve Dharma and their coreligionists by adhering to the gospel of non-violence – a creed that has failed outrageously to save Hindus. Even if the same people remain prepared to outdo their competitors mercilessly (and ready to kill even) in their own professional spheres, they fail to save their kith and kin along with posterity from the Islamists forever and a day.

Hindus do not have the simplest idea that their excellence and also future are ruined always by the Muslim radicals if they fail to offer vigorous resistance. Hindus have been going on thus for centuries and unfortunately, do not appear to rectify their mistakes yet. They do not care to take lessons from history or go through the pages demonstrating how great Hindu centers of learning like Takshashila, Nalanda along with myriad others, prosperous Hindu empires and business centers like Vijayanagara and numerous others were despoiled and turned into mere ashes by the same Islamists.

None knows when Hindus will regain their valor, martial past and rise as a truly independent race once again. It is the call of the day; so what is expected of Hindus that they have got to become newest incarnations of Bhishma, Drona, Karna or Arjuna.                   

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