Obligation of Hindu Samhati in contemporary West Bengal

Hindu persecution is in full swing in the realm of Indian state of Bengal. There was no exception to the same in last month also. We have learnt about a few of them.

These include – Curfew and conflict between Hindus and police for 3 days (at a stretch) in Ranigunj about rape of a Hindu girl; Islamic assault on Ramnavami procession in Asansol; attack of Muslim radicals on Snanyatra of Gajon ascetics in Ketugram and their success in foiling the religious festival; onslaught of cattle-smugglers, tortures and molestation of Hindu women by them in village: Khaspur, Baduria; attacks on Hindus returning from procession of Ramnavami in Chandannagore; attacks of Muslim youths on a Hindu club in village: Fakirtakia, P.S. Jibantala and injuring Bivas Mandal severely; Hindu-Muslim fight in village: Bakul, P.S. Jagatballabhpur, District: Hooghly;  combat between Hindus and Muslims of conducting Milad in a governmental school at village: Nimichi in Minakha; spontaneous strike in Rampurhat to protest against desecration and destruction of Holy Deity at the Hindu temple in village: Brahmani, P.S. Rampurhat, District: Birbhum; oppression of 2 Hindus by Shahjahan Sheikh (latest political personality to join Trinamool camp from CPIM) at Sarberia in Sandeshkhali; brutal Hindu-Muslim conflict at Radhamani Bazaar in Midnapur; conflict over destruction of temple and mazaar in Midnapore town.

The majority of this news has failed to find a place in mainstream media or daily newspaper; let alone television channels.

All these news have come to our News Desk – but it’s true that myriad such violent developments are taking place across Bengal without interval.

Nevertheless, all these remain inaccessible to the populace in the state. And instead they are getting more and more acquainted with info on political conflicts, Shhaarda Chit Fund scam and certainly IPL. This is a matter of grave concern as such lack of knowledge is not suicidal only but leads to disaster also.       

There is a ray of hope also as activists of Hindu Samhati, unlike ignorant Hindus, are highly conscious of this perilous reality and this can be ascertained from how they are waging defenses against Islamic onslaughts with confidence. Police and administration have turned into greatest foes of Hindus; hence, whenever Hindus (whether commoners or activists of other Hindu organizations) face challenges from Islamists, Hindu Samhati happens to be their last resort.   

Responsibility of Hindu Samhati’s activists, owing to these, has increased to a large extent. Accordingly, we shall have to dedicate ourselves more to the cause. And if success is achieved, we will be regarded in history as the vanguard of Hindu defense against Islamic aggression. But to make this a reality, we have got to remain cautious of more struggles and combats in the coming days.  


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