Bengali Hindu youths trapped in Mumbai, converted to Islam forcibly in Hyderabad

Pujali is a small town alongside Budge Budge and is known to have the power generating station of Goenkas there, liable to render electricity to CESC round the clock. Rajibpur is situated at Ward No. 9 in Pujali and Panchucharan Mandal, a wretched Hindu individual (age 70), lives here along with his wife, two sons and two daughters. Both girls have tied the knot already and hence, the aged couple depends on their two sons, Tarun and Barun, lots. Since acute poverty remains the greatest hindrance, both sons could not study much and hence, working in embroidery industry is their only option to support the family. Without doubt, Tarun and Barun love their parents a great deal.

A Muslim individual named Sheikh Ghulam Mustafa lives in Achipur Baro Battala at Pujali while his two sons, Sheikh Sahid and Sheikh Mesua, are engaged with the embroidery industry in Mumbai. It has also been found, they have their own workshop in the financial capital of India.

Almost 8 years ago, Sheikh Sahid and Sheikh Mesua, were found to make frequent visits to the residence of Panchucharan. They expressed their desire to take Tarun, elder son of the Mandal family, to Mumbai, well-known to have a booming industry of embroidery. Well, Tarun was just an adolescent (age – 17 years) then and owing to this fact, Panchucharan and his wife were not ready to pack him off to such a distant place. To alleviate their fear, Sheikh Ghulam Mustafa invited Tarun’s mother to his own house and assured her of providing all forms of assistances to Tarun. He also said that there was no reason of getting afraid.

All these assurances impressed him a lot and to make a good fortune, Tarun, at last, went to Mumbai. And after 4 years, Tarun took away his younger brother Barun to Mumbai also. Both Tarun and Baurn, in the beginning, used to come to their residence in Pujali and provide financial assistances to their aged parents.

But this serene weather changed soon; Tarun and Barun stopped visiting Pujali, let alone providing financial assistance. It was learnt, both had been converted to Muslims and this single news sent a shiver through the spine of both Hindu couple. They visited P.S. Budge Budge repeatedly but were snubbed altogether. But this insult could not dampen their spirit; Kanan Devi, wife of Panchucharan and mother of Tarun and Barun, met Additional S.P. at the S.P. office in Alipur but to no avail. She, then, met Faizul Sheikh, chairman of Trinamool-controlled Pujali Municipality, but left to hear only that nothing can be done.

Meanwhile, Sheikh Mesua, younger son of Sheikh Ghulam Mustafa, hearing of the desperate attempts, warned the hapless Hindu couple not to go too far and also told that frantic approaches would not bring their sons back to them.

It has been learnt from friends of both Tarun and Barun, they had been converted to Muslims in Hyderabad and were also compelled to marry Muslim girls. Now, the name of Barun is Abdullah and while talking to his mother of late (in a telephonic conversation) he said (tearfully) that he can be murdered unless he listens to them.

He expressed his desire to see his aged parents once again but he is completely helpless. He is under a close watch round the clock.

Aged Panchucharan Mandal and his wife are running from pillar to post at the moment in search of justice. Their one and only desire is to get back one of their two sons (as a minimum).      

The development is indeed dreadful but happens to be tip of an iceberg only.  

Hindu Samhati regularly monitors and reports violations against Hindus in West Bengal. We also work with both governmental and NGO agencies for proper education on protection and ensure remedies to the Hindu populace as per prevailing law of the land.


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