Video ---15,000 Hindus Protest in Barasat Against Deganga Atrocities

Video --- Hindu Samhati Joined by Barasat Residents on Sep 18, 2010


Unknown said…
Mr. Tapan Kumar Ghosh. Tomai janai gairik avinandhan. Pls sir carry on, we are with you always!
Unknown said…
I would like to convey one message to all MY hindu brother & sister through Hindu Samhati that don't fall in love with any muslim boy or girl.Purposely they make you to fall in love and they marry you only for conversion in their religion. This is the soft protocol of muslim to increase (JEHADS)
Unknown said…
Why Smt. Mamata Banerjee & Mr. Budhadeb Bhattacharya kept quiet about "Deganga." Where there passion.
why not they are answering much about Deganga Riot.
HinduBengal said…
BJP is the only solution to the rapid islamisation of west Bengal..
until we VOTE BJP in 2011 West Bengal Polls...
The Future is grim

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