PRESS RELEASE : Hindu Samhati's 'DeGanga Chalo' Rally --- A Grand Success


Hindu Samhati's 'DeGanga Chalo' Rally --- A Grand Success

Barasat, India


Deganga’s Hindus have been attacked. Their houses were burnt, shops were looted, temples were desecrated. All of this was achieved by Islamic activists with support from local Trinamul Congress Muslim leaders. To protest that and to show solidarity to the Hindus of Deganga, Hindu Samhati gave a call for March to Deganga on 18th September 2010. The rally was to start from Barasat, the district headquarter, about 15 kilometers away from the troubled site. It was important for Barasat also as people there knew that if Deganga riot goes without protest. then a similar Islamic onslaught at Barasat would only be a matter of time.

Over fifteen thousand Hindus including men and women took part in the massive rally. The protest was against the inhuman communal attack over the Hindus of about 100 square kilometers area under Deganga Police Station for three days from 6-8 September, 2010. As per concrete evidences received from the persecuted persons, the entire criminal event was organized and facilitated by Trinamool Congress Member of Parliament Hazi Nurul Islam of Basirhat amd his supporters in a pre-planned manner.

The Hindu Samhati workers and a number of sympathizers from different Refugee organizations came to join the rally. People came from a wide geographical swathe of West Bengal. Activists and supporters with placards gathered in Kachhari Maidan in Barasat. Thousands of supporters and residents encouraged the marchers who raised their voices to the highest extent with slogans as ‘Hindu Samhati Hindur Janya Larche Larbe’, ‘Bharatke Pakistan Hote Debona,’ ‘ Moulabadi Mussalman Hussiar Hussiar’, Hazi Nurul Islamer Greftar Chai, ‘Duniar Hindu Ek Hao’ etc.

There was heavy downpour from time to time but that could not dampen the spirits of the rally. Due to such disastrous weather people could not come in time. The meeting at Kacchari Maidan was started at about 12 noon and therefore was short but people listened to the leaders speaking from a matador van getting soaked in rain. Tapan Ghosh, the president of Hindu Samhati and other leaders from different branches spoke briefly. They all demanded the punishment of the Islamist miscreants, arrest of Trinamul Congress MP Hazi Nurul Islam, compensation to the victims and end of Islamic raj in Deganga region. Ghosh narrated the incidents and present situation elaborately and placed Ten Point Demands for immediate fulfillment by the Government

Then at about 12 45 pm the huge rally started to move through the roads and lanes of Barasat. Thousands of people joined the rally swelling the numbers to well over 15,000. The people at Barasat cheered the procession as they were feeling confident again that so many dedicated people are there to resist the Islamic miscreants. The rally was first stopped by police before reaching Chapadali Mor (crossing). A large number of police RAF headed by an Additional S.P. resisted the procession and made a wall to stop the procession. After some arguments, the rally continued and reached Chapadali Mor. This is the most important crossing as 3 roads from here go to different directions. Police stopped the rally as it tried to go towards Deganga through Taki Road. The rally organizers made a blockage of the crossing and made Barasat standstill.

Hindu Samhati then organized a sit in demonstration there and Tapan Ghosh spoke to the people. He announced the closure of the program with the warning to the administration that if Ten Point Demands (see below) are not fulfilled within a short period of time, further action will be taken. A senior police officer announced the arrest of about 5,000 activists, HS members and a large part of the Barasat residents courted arrest and were immediately released on bail.

It was really strange and unexpected that TMC was allowed to organize a demonstration by a Central Government Minister in Deganga. but Hindu Samhati was not allowed even to leave Barasat town.

Please Connect on the following HS link for pictures of the rally in Barasat.

Please Connect on the following link for Hindu Samhati’s 10 demands of the rally in Barasat.

For official press release, please download the following MS document.

Posted by Hindu Samhati's International Media Communications Team


Dibyajyoti said…
Many many thanks to Hindu Samhati.I personally feel ashamed for not to take part in their protest rally.I do RSS in KGP and read Swastika.I find very little coverage on Deganga dated 13/09/2010.
All of us should spend time actively for supporting HS,RSS rather than spending time in tea time conversation about politics
HinduBengal said…
We really Need to FIGHT the Jehadis and Not be aTypical Coward Bengali-hindu bhadrolok...

BJP is the only hope....
Vote BJP and save Bengal from another islamic bangaldesh

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