Hindu Samhati Welcomes Ayodhya Verdict

We welcome the historic verdict by the Allahabad High Court. This decision undoubtedly vindicates the belief of one Billion Hindus the world over that the so called disputed site of Ayodhya is the birthplace of Sri Ramchandra.

The judgment also vindicates the historical truth that the foreign invader Babar built the disputed structure on the ruins of a Grand Hindu Temple. All the three honorable judges of the bench unanimously stated that the deity of ‘Ramlala’ will not be removed from the present altar and 'puja' will continue. Overall, this long awaited judgement is a victory of Truth and Justice.

But, at the same time we are disappointed by that portion of the judgement where one-third of the land has been awarded to the Muslims. It is unconceivable how a piece of land so near to the ‘Janmasthan’ can belong to followers of a different religious faith. In our opinion, it does not reflect total justice. It seems to be only a compromise formula.

Now, the Muslims of this country and their advocates should accept this truth pronounced by the Judiciary of The Land and concede to the Hindus to build a Grand Ram Temple at the site and thus create a new chapter of National Integrity.

Prokash Chandra Das
On Behalf of Central Committee
Hindu Samhati

Kolkata, October 1st, 2010


Anonymous said…
I am sorry to see that you have come so openly about your support to Ram Temple.

It could have been much better if your great organization concentrates on West Bengal and its situation.

The struggle for Hindus in West Bengal is much more important than Temple; opposition might use it against you.

I have seen some Hindus in Bengal questioning the policy towards infiltration. With their support why not start a news paper of your own in Bengali Language.
HinduBengal said…
Bangaldeshi Muslim Infiltration is MUCH MUCH MORE a Greater THREAT to WEST BENGAL or INDIA than a Masjid...
in Bengal..
And Dethrone the communists and Mamata Banerjee..
ANd make way for BJP next year election
HinduBengal said…
BTW the whole land should be given to Hindus...
How can they allow 1/3rd to the mullahs???
Unknown said…
It's scrumptious post. I liked it.

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