Press Release --- Hindu Samhati's 'DeGanga Chalo' Rally --- GRAND SUCCESS

- Short Press Release (1st Draft)-----Details and Pictures Coming Soon

September 18, 2010

Hindu Samhati's Protest March - DeGanga Chalo was a grand success and effective to the superlative degree. Over 15,000 activists and supporters gathered to protest the DeGanga riots last week and show their total solidarity with Hindu Society.

The crowd demonstrated their Strength and Determination; They gave a clear MESSAGE to the world, the government, and the biased Indian media that torture upon Hindus will no more be tolerated meekly.

After successful completion of the peaceful March at Champadali crossing, where police officers declared formal arrest of 10.000 volunteers and their bail, the organizers declared end of the grand rally.

Tapan Ghosh, the president of Hindu Society commented "Our workers are Energized, Our workers are Enthused, Our workers are Ecstatic".

PICTURES AND DETAILS COMING SOON................................Please See Below for Details of Our Demands Of The Rally


1. Immediate arrest of Basirhat M.P. Haji Nurul Islam, who is the main instigator behind
massive atrocities on Hindus of Deganga block.

2. Arrest all criminals, culprits and looters who took part in looting of Hindu properties of crores of rupees, arson of Hindu houses and shops, destruction and desecration of Hindu Temples, and molestation of Hindu women.

3. Full compensation to the affected Hindus for damaged and demolished properties.

4. Reconstruction of all damaged Temples.

5. Removing the Michrophone from the Mosque of Deganga market, which has been illegally set up on June 9, 2010.

6. Restriction of movements of Islamic communal and Fundamentalist elements into Deganga block.

7. All political parties must stop their suicidal Muslim appeasement policy which accelerates the process of making another Pakistan out of West Bengal.

8. To take all measures to arrest the rapid Demographic change of North 24 Parganas district which poses a serious threat to our National Integrity.

9. Stop the massive illegal Muslim infiltration across the Bangladesh border.

10. Unconditional Apology from Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharya for the total failure of the administration of his government to protect the sacredness of Hindu Religion and its failure to protect the honour and property of the Hindus of Deganga, Kartickpur, Beliaghata, Biswanathpur, Burir Darga, Hospital Para villages.

Tapan Kumar Ghosh
President, Hindu Samhati

Posted by Hindu Samhati's International Media Communications Team

Hindu Samhati Media


Dibyajyoti said…
Great effort which will be remembered by Bengali.I am a sawayamsevak in Kharagpur shakha,I didin't see any big coverage in Swastik dated 13/09/2010.I wish a hearty support for Hindu Samhati to fight against muslim fanatics collectively.I did see a photograph in about clash between Police and Hindu Samhati supporter.I would be thankful to take part in Hindu Samhati.
jayanta said…
Excellent job...our full support & prayer with you HS.
Anonymous said…
From what I gather from some of my Hindu students, hailing from DeGanga who are studying in reputed schools in Barasat, Dum Dum, Barrackpore, the muslim fundamentalists on the instigation of some politician and neighbouring country Bangladesh are not allowing traditional Bengali Durga Puja to be held. In fact the muslims are putting black flags in front of any pandals and threatening the organisers with dire consequences. The students live in great fear especially girls. Now I am not sure how to corroborate the information since there is no media reports or discussion. I have heard that some Hindu activists have made some fiery speeches against the criminals who are abusing the name of Allah to grab Hindu land and women, which is against the tenets of Islam and that of Hindu ethos and culture. Please do something to restore peace and harmony so that Hindu bengalis can perform and celebrate Durga puja like in previous years. Jai Hind.

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