Hindu Samhati Prevents Nefarious Design to Set up Mosque

If you are a true secularist remaining in search of places known for celebrating festivals pertaining to diverse religions all at once for ages, you may be at a loss in Bengal. In the length and breadth of this ancient center of religion and culture copious numbers of places do subsist that have been engaged with this sole activity for centuries, if not more. One such place happens to be Village TakShali, P.O.: Bagda, Dist.: North 24 Paraganas. A field in the neighborhood of the village has been known for celebrating Chaitra Fair of Hindus and Gazi Fair of Muslims for in excess of 3-4 decades at a stretch but the same area has become foal point of nefarious designs these days.

All of a sudden a few Maulavis, none other than outsiders, were witnessed within the village and after making a few enquiries it was learnt that an effort to construct a mosque in the same field was in full force. The magnitude of the situation was comprehended by Hindu Samhati straight away and its workers, without wasting a single moment in addition, along with villagers became successful in purchasing the very land from Mrs. Manoara Mondal, widow of deceased landowner Mr. Tahajel Mondal, and her sons.

It was decided that the very land would be made use of to erect an Anganwadi School and Sub-Health Center in a little while. The agreed amount was rendered to Mrs. Manoara Mondal and the school has already been initiated.

There have already been several meetings with regard to the official commencement of the Health Center thus far and on the last July 26 a comprehensive meeting comprising Hindus and local Panchayat members did take place in the same very land.

Mr. Sushen Biswas represented Hindu Samhati in the said meeting.

Posted by Hindu Samhati's Internatonal Communicatios Team


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