A battle half owned by villagers in Basanti

Aamjhara Shikari Para is a small village under Basanti police station in the district of South 24 Parganas. This is a totally Hindu populated village where there are only two houses belong to Muslims. One marriage ceremony is supposed to take place in one of those houses today and as per custom, the reception was due yesterday.
Local Hindus came to know that Julman Khan, father of the bride, had a plan to slaughter a cow in the village for that reception. He brought a cow for that purpose. The Hindu villagers approached local Hindu Samhati workers and sought their help. Then they jointly went to Julman’s house and strongly opposed the idea of cow slaughter within the village.

Julman Khan was adamant to slaughter the cow. Hence he called Shaidul Laskar – a local anti-social from nearby place of Shimultala. Shaidul came with his gang in support of Julman Khan. They threatened local villagers with severe consequences if they put any hindrance to the slaughtering of cow at that very place. But villagers under the leadership of Hindu Samhati refused to bow down before their threat. A clash became inevitable between them but local police somehow got the news and came to the place. After strong protest from local villagers police asked Shaidul and his men not to slaughter cow in this predominantly Hindu village. Ultimately local villagers won the battle of nerve. Actually it is half owned battle, bcoz that Julman Khan took the cow to a mosque in neighbouring village, slaughtered there and brought the beef to his house for cooking. 


Unknown said…
Can't the villagers ostracize this beef eater? I think the Hindu villagers should sit together and device a plan to force this beefeater out of the village. That would be just comeuppance for his misdeed.

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