Patipukur in Kolkata berserk on cyclist’s accidental death

Radical Muslims on a rampage for hours

While the entire state of Bengal is reeling under the soaring electoral climate and leaders are engaged in verbal spats best, Kolkata remained witness to another ruinous endeavor of Islamists on May 2 when they went virtually on a rampage in Patipukur to protest the unfortunate death of a cyclist in the night. The person who died on the spot was Saheb Ali alias Chotu, a young individual of 25 years. It has been learnt, Saheb Ali was an inhabitant of Milk Colony in the vicinity and also a worker in a factory producing bags. On the very day, at night, traffic police was busy in having bribes from truck drivers and to hide this, a barricade was also built up near the Patipukur underpass. To pass up police officials, one truck tried to move ahead and amid the haste, it struck the victim’s cycle. Saheb Ali fell on the road and died on the spot. However, unfortunate and painful the death was,  a virulent mob consisting Islamists, as stated by locals, lost no time to sensationalize the issue and soon, the area went out of control.

When police officials reached the spot, they were encircled by the enraged mob leading to a bitter clash between them. Two vehicles of the police team were pillaged and also destroyed while one sub-inspector of Ultadanga Police Station and one traffic constable suffered injuries. Later, they were taken to the RG Kar Medical College Hospital for primary treatment and released afterward. Due to the unforeseen development, traffic from RG Kar Medical College Hospital to Patipukur underpass remained standstill for a few hours. 

What makes one focus on this is that such incidents are getting common more and more these days in the metropolis of Kolkata. Is it easy to forget the lessons of March 11, 2014? Radical Muslims held a large part of the metropolis to ransom as part of a protest against a picture published in the Bengali daily ‘Khabor 365 Din.’ The tabloid entertainment supplement or ‘Bibi’ of the newspaper published a few photographs of nude women protesting with Arabic texts and perchance the name of Allah and Muhammad in their bodies against persistent oppressions of Islam on women across the globe. The story was continued in the pages 4 and 5 of the tabloid too. Even if the nude protest of women took place at Paris Louvre Art Museum’s Square on International Women’s Day, Islamists went berserk in Kolkata.

Who can forget the wild disturbance staged by Islamists on March 19, 2012 also? A picture was published on t2, the entertainment supplementary of Kolkata-based English daily The Telegraph, and was accused for defiling Islam. The picture, if truth be told, displayed nude image of a model holding a frame of Lord Vishnu (face replaced with that of Sachin Tendulkar) and a Pakistani cricket player (in green dress with the cricket team’s star insignia ) performing a ‘sajda’ before it.

Soon, Kolkata turned into a combat zone. While roads were blocked demanding justice, traditional Islamist bastions in the town including Park Circus and Raja Bazaar, perceived more fury. Even if the trouble was quelled within hours, it left behind several questions of the administration’s sagacity. Now more questions are in the streets especially from people who wonder whether Bengal has ceded to these radical hooligans permanently.

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