Islamist-Maoist nexus to settle the score in Bengal!!

Bengal is getting more media attention than ever before and only for wrong reasons. The land known for its excellence in education and also as quintessential paradigm of erudition, bringing forth of scholars, Nobel Laureates and academicians at regular intervals has transformed to a hotbed of vices and violence. While on one hand, religious polarization has become a reality thanks to blatant Muslim appeasement through the chronicle of secularism in the state, on the other hand, it is the latest refuge of all criminals with malicious intent to harm the society altogether. This violent trait came forth once again when a huge stock of explosives got unearthed from the storeroom of a factory meant for compiling crushed stones within the subdivision of Rampurhat in the Bardhaman district. The investigation team was led by Rashid Munir Khan, Superintendent of Bardhaman District Police, on May 20. While speaking to the press, he said,” The investigation was done following definite information from a source and 41 carton gelatin sticks (each carton’s weight is worth 35 kg. almost) and 2 bundles of detonators (each bundle comprising 25 detonators) were seized. “  

On May 4, a large number of explosives including 25 packets of gelatin sticks and 25 bundles of detonators were found from the village of Senbandha within the Rampurhat police station’s jurisdiction.  Three youths were also arrested in this regard. As per latest reports, none of them has been bailed out and CID is in charge of investigation. It must also be mentioned, on January 1, 2012, police had arrested two youths for stockpiling explosives from the area under the jurisdiction of Muraree police station.  The investigation unearthed gelatin sticks, detonators along with ammonium nitrate worth 25 quintals. Police stations of Rampurhat, Nalhati and Muaree are within a Maoist belt and hence, activists of banned Maoist outfits happen to be prime accused.

In accordance with more investigations, the district of Birbhum in Bengal alongside the neighboring state of Jharkhand has become the largest storage of illegal explosives of late. Explosion of a landmine within the Shikaripara police station’s jurisdiction during the recent Lok Sabha election rocked the country and the spot is located at a distance of 40 km (almost) from Rampurhat and all these are enough to prove that this extensive area, comprising areas from both of Bengal and Jharkhand, have become vulnerable to divisive forces.  A question can be raised now – whether terrorists or mafias are exploiting indifference of administration steadily or there are more factors than discerned by now behind this mounting crime. Can this be fallout of Islamist-Maoist nexus to settle the score? The administration, as per latest information, has not brushed aside any such development since myriad instances prove that even ideologically antagonist forces maintain bonhomie for mutual benefits, especially logistics. 

Lastly, explosives used primarily for stone crushers are found easily in this area and these include areas like Barmesia, Tentulbandhi, Barapahari, Dighalpahari within Rampurhat. At the moment, police is conducting an investigation to nab Jahirul Sheikh, owner of the factory seized by police on May 20. There are enough reasons to smell a rat, it is apparent.

Hindu Samhati regularly monitors and reports violations against Hindus in West Bengal. We also work with both governmental and NGO agencies for proper education on protection and ensure remedies to the Hindu populace as per prevailing law of the land.


Hindu Dharma said…
Hindus should also start collecting arms and ammunitions for their self-defence from Islam and Communism.

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