Thursday, January 29, 2015

Usti witnessed unchecked violence against Hindus



Large scale violence rocked Usti market in South 24 Pargana district of West Bengal today morning. More than 50 Hindu shops were destroyed by rioting mob. Properties and cash worth more than a crore were looted from the shops belonging to Hindus. Later, a few shops belonging to Muslims were symbolically destroyed by themselves. The situation further worsened when local MLA and Minister of State for Minority Affairs, Giyasuddin Mollah reached the spot and reportedly abused and insulted SDPO of Diamond Harbour. Reportedly he asked police to release the Muslims held by the police on the spot, claiming they were his men. Violent mob looted more than a dozen LCD TV sets from a shop owned by Krishna Mandal. Cash & dresses worth Rs. 40 lakhs were looted from Nabin Pal's shop – Annapurna Vastrayala. Cycle shop of Parimal Pal, Grocery shop of Sahadeb Ghosh, Narayan Mishtanna Bhandar(sweet shop) of Ashish Mandal and Makali Mishtanna Bhandar were looted. Gas cutter was used to break the shutters of the shops in front of police. Police fired a few rounds in air to bring situation under control. Bombs have been hurled indiscriminately to terrorise the Hindus. 

Allegedly Ajijul Sardar alias Kalo, Obedur Rahaman alias Liton, Rauf Baidya, Emadul Sarder, Unis Gazi, Siraj Baidya led the rampaging mob.

Administration is desperate to suppress the report  and paid media is just playing to their tune, in the name of secularism, to keep Hindus in dark about the incident. As per report received, total 15 persons, from both communities, have been arrested so far. Funny part is, Hindus, whose shops have been looted, have been detained by the police while many attackers are roaming free. 

Usti has been added in the long list of Hindu persecution in West Bengal. Inevitable consequence will be Hindu migration from this area in near future.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Countdown begins for Hindu Samhati's Foundation Day


History of Hindu movements in the state of West Bengal is all set to be re-written as Hindu Samhati is gearing up to commemorate it's 8th Foundation Day on 14th February, 2015 at Kolkata. Hindu Samhati which was founded on 2008 under the inspired leadership of Sri Tapan Ghosh, has become a ray of hope for Hindus across the state within a span of only 7 years.

The Foundation Day event of Hindu Samhati has, always, been blessed and inspired by the attendance of dignitaries like Koenraad Elst, Dr. Richard Benkin, Dr. Gautam Sen, Dr. Rudranath Talukdar, Sri Jayesh Bhai Patel, Sri Arvind Mishra, Swami Tejasananda Ji Maharaj, Sri Shailendra Jain, Sri Babu Sushilan, Sri Suresh Chavanke and many others.

Sardar K.P.S.Gill, former DG of Punjab Police will be the Chief Guest of this year's event. The event shall also be blessed by the gracious presence of Swami Pradiptananda Ji Maharaj of Bharat Sevashram Sangha. Sri Arjun Sampat of Hindu Makkal Kachhi, Tamil Nadu shall be the Special Guest on this program. Noted scholar, Prof. Sharadindu Mukherjee, shall also be present in the rally to inspire the delegates.

There is tremendous enthusiasm over the program among the activists of Hindu Samhati. Posters, hand-bills, leaflets are being distributed all over the state. Social medias are being flooded with the report of the event. Countdown has already begun for this historic event. 

Saturday, January 10, 2015

HIndu Samhati team visits Raidighi

Today, Hindu Samhati team led by Smt Arpita Maitra visited the troubled area of Raidighi. They interviewed the victims of 29 December incident in which many Hindus, including at least half a dozen women, were seriously injured, molested and manhandled. They had to spend 7 days in local rural hospital. Sri Tapan Ghosh visited them on 5th January and saw that they were writhing in pain, cannot walk. In Raidighi hospital they had to face inhuman behaviour from Muslim staffs. They were referred to sub divisional hospital at Diamond Harbour. It is for sure that no proper treatment is possible there. Hence we are bringing 3 women victims of Muslim torture to Kolkata for proper treatment. We are yet to figure out where to treat them. We request doctors and/or junior doctors of any govt. hospital in Kolkata to extend their helping hand in this regard.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Our women's honor violated, Hindus' land grabbed. LAND JIHAD ON





TOTAL 9 HINDUS : 4 Hindu men : Subal Mandal, Amal Mandal, Bijay Mandal, Prasenjit Mandal, Debu Haldar, and 5 Hindu women (all married) Smt. Bhagabati Haldar, Smt Renuka Mandal, Smt. Ambika Mandal, Smt. Putul Mandal have been seriously injured, Now admitted in Raidighi Gramin Hospital in South 24 Pargana district. They have been beaten up by the Muslim miscreants of same locality. The women have been molested, manhandled and rape have been attempted on them. Their fault - they tried to stop the Muslims to encroach/capture the land of Subal Mandal. In this area of Raidighi block, Muslims are are forcibly capturing all govt. lands (of PWD & Irrigation dept) by the side of public roads. These plots of lands are just in front of the Hindu houses, Hindu agricultural lands and ponds owned by the Hindus. By the encroachment of these govt lands, Hindus' entry and passage will simply be blocked. Moreover, their women will be unsafe. But many roadside lands, already, captured by the Muslims. To complain to police is absolutely futile. This is Hindus' experience for long. Therefore local Hindus realised that only way to protect their land and safety, they have to physically resist the attempt of encroachment by the land grabbing Muslims. Only a few months ago, local Hindus inspired by Hindu Samhati resisted the attempt of land grabbing in front of Tarak Gayen's plot. 

This time, the piece of land in front of Subal Mandal's land, was at stake. Muslims were forcibly capturing that plot. Subal Mandal and other Hindus resisted snd became victim of severe torture by the Muslim miscreants. Our women honor violated. This is the norm in deep rural West Bengal. This is our Secularism. Our govt is corrupt and vote-begging. OUR POLICE IS SPINELESS. We, Hindu Samhati,  are fighting to this tooth & nail.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Land Jihad in South 24 Parganas :Hindu Women Seriously Injured by Goons

Again a case of Land Jihad started in Raidighi. It is a continuous phenomenon. Now in village- 27 no. Laat, Radhakantapur Panchayat under Raidighi police station of South 24 Parganas district.
on 29th December, a group of miscreants lead by Siraj Saikh, Farman Gharami and Nasir Saikh tried to occupy a plot owned by Subal Mandal forcefully. Subal Mandal along with some of his Hindu neighbors resisted the goons which resulted in a major conflict. Amal Mandal, Smt. Bhagawati Haldar, Smt. Renuka Mandal, Subal Mandal, Bijay Mandal, Putul Mandal, Ambika Mandal have been admitted to Raidighi Hospital with serious injuries. Police is insisting local sufferer Hindus to start dialogue with the GOONS to establish peace in this area. President of Hindu Samhati, Sri Tapan Ghosh talked to the Officer In Charge of Raidighi PS (mobile: 9830024251). He tried to hush up the incident.

In this area Hindus are threatened by the Muslims' constant aggression. Hindus are really scared.
MOST SURPRISINGLY, local BJP leader of Raidighi Sri Anadi Naskar called Sri Ghosh over phone. He told him that this is not a Hindu-Muslim problem. It is a property dispute. HE REQUESTED HIM NOT TO VISIT RAIDIGHI AND THE INJURED HINDUS AT LEAST FOR 5-6 DAYS. Naturally, he declined the suggestion. Hindu Samhati State Committee member Sri Rajkumar Sardar was sent to the area on 30th December.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

VHP supporters under attack at Shasan, Barasat

Severe torture on Vishwa Hindu Parishad supporters took place last night in Pagda Daspara village in the Muslim majority area of Sashan P.S. in North 24 Pgs dist. About 50 Hindus injured. Among them Biswanath Das and Somnath Das were admitted in Barasat Sadar Hospital in serious condition. Women and girls were manhandled by the armed thugs/attackers. 100 plus houses of the Hindus damaged. 8-9 families fled from the village. 

The fault of these hapless Hindus were - they joined the VHP Swarna Jayanti Rally held in Kolkata maidan on 20 Dec. That rally was addressed by Shri Mohanrao Bhagwat and Dr. Pravinbhai Togadia. 
Actually many Hindus were seriously injured. But they could not make it to hospital as the attackers blocked/encircled the entire village whole night. On 22nd December, a BJP team led by Tathagata Roy, Retd. IPS officer Sujit Ghosh and Prabhakar Tewari visited that village escorted by police. Before it they met district police officers. The BJP leaders gave four thousand rupees to the villagers for treatment of injured persons. Till now no report of any VHP team visit to the hapless village.

When people went to lodge complaint to the Shasan police station, Md. Naseem Akhtar, the Officer In Charge of Sashan police station, reportedly told them that Hindus should not have joined any organisation other than TMC.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Hindu Samhati's Annual Meeting 2014

In the afternoon of 21st December, 2014, HIndu Samhati's Annual Meeting ended in Kolkata. Detail planning regarding 14 Feb program were discussed in 8 groups. Other programs were also discussed. 6 workers who were arrested in various cases in connection with the Hindu protection work and later released during last one year, were felicitated.