Thursday, December 18, 2014

Sri Tapan Ghosh's response on Dr. Ambedkar's writings/opinion on Aryan Invasion theory


Someone on facebook accused Sri Tapan Ghosh of giving false info about Dr. Ambedkar's writings / opinion on Aryan Invasion theory. Hence he was compelled to respond. Dr. Ambedkar was of clear opinion that 'Aryan' was never a term for any race. And there was no phenomenon of Aryans coming to India from outside. Swami Vivekananda was of same opinion. Surprisingly even Lokmanya Tilak,too, believed that Aryans came from outside India. 

The proof & reference of Dr. Ambedkar's opinion :

Book - Who Were The Shudras, Author - Dr. B. R. Ambedkar. Part I, Chapter - IV. Title - Shudras Versus Aryans. Page - 57 to 82. 

In the 1st paragraph (page-83) of the next chapter where Ambedkar says : "Enough has been said to show how leaky is the Aryan theory expounded by Western scholars and glibly accepted by their Brahmin fellows. Yet, the theory has such a hold on the generality of people that what has been said against it may mean no more than scotching it. Like the snake it must be killed. It is therefore necessary to pursue the examination of the theory further with a view to expose its hollowness completely". 

If one reads the above chapter, he will be perplexed to think why the Hindutvawadis, who take excessive pain to prove that Aryans are not outsiders, do not quote from Babasaheb's writings. If it is ignorance then it must be said that these Hindutvawadis have a deep neglect in their sub conscious mind for Babasaheb's learning and wisdom. IT IS FATAL FOR UNITY & EXISTENCE OF HINDU SOCIETY.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Blanket & Cloth Distribution Program by Hindu Samhati



On 7th December, there was a Cloth distribution program in Bhojati village of South 24 Parganas district. More than 300 blankets, shawls and other new clothes were distributed among the poor and needy people. Donors accompanied me in that program. HS workers prepared the list of deserving people from 4 villages and they well managed the program. Hindu Samhati President Sri Tapan Ghosh attended the program and he was very much impressed with the enthusiasm of crowd and success of the program.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

6 December is the most important day in history of post independent India

6 December is Dr. B. R. Ambedkar's Punyatithi (1956) and also The Babri Masjid demolition Day (1992). We should remember both occasion on this day. And there is deep relation between Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar and the Babri demolition. But many people fail to relate these two. They are requested to read these paragraphs from the chapter 'Break-Up of Unity' in the famous book 'Pakistan Or Partition Of India" written by Ambedkar:

These Muslim invasions were not undertaken merely out of lust for loot or conquest. There was another object behind them. The expedition against Sind by Mahommad bin Qasim was of a punitive character and was undertaken to punish Raja Dahir of Sind who had refused to make restitution for the seizure of an Arab ship at Debul, one of the sea-port towns of Sind. But, there is no doubt that striking a blow at the idolatry and polytheism of Hindus and establishing Islam in India was also one of the aims of this expedition. In one of his dispatches to Hajjaj, Mahommad bin Qasim is quoted to have said :
"The nephew of Raja Dahir, his warriors and principal officers have been dispatched, and the infidels converted to Islam or destroyed. Instead of idol-temples, mosques and other places of worship have been created, the Kutbah is read, the call to prayers is raised, so that devotions are performed at stated hours. The Takbir and praise to the Almighty God are offered every morning and evening."/3/
    After receiving the above dispatch, which had been forwarded with the head of the Raja, Hajjaj sent the following reply to his general:
"Except that you give protection to all, great and small alike, make no difference between enemy and friend. God says, 'Give no quarter to infidels but cut their throats.' Then know that this is the command of the  great God. You shall not be too ready to grant protection, because it will prolong your work. After this give no quarter to any enemy except those who are of rank."/4/
    Muhammad of Ghazni also looked upon his numerous invasions of India as the waging of a holy war. Al' Utbi, the historian of Muhammad, describing his raids writes:
"He demolished idol temples and established Islam. He captured. . . .cities, killed the polluted wretches, destroying the idolaters, and gratifying Muslims. He then returned home and promulgated accounts of the victories obtained for Islam. . . .and vowed that every year he would undertake a holy war against Hind."/5/
    Mahommed Ghori was actuated by the same holy zeal in his invasions of India. Hasan Nizami, the historian, describes his work in the following terms:
"He purged by his sword the land of Hind from the filth of infidelity and vice, and freed the whole of that country from the thorn of God-plurality and the impurity of idol-worship, and by his royal vigour and intrepidity left not one temple standing.
Link - 

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Historical 6 December coming. All shades of leftists & communists became active. In these bad days they need Muslim votes. Hence they have to earn Muslim sympathy. So they have arranged united rally of 16 Leftist parties in Kolkata on 6th December. Surely this procession will expose the hollowness and anti Hindu pseudo secular policy of left parties. 

I thank them for arranging this rally. They will again remind people that they never took out a rally in protest of brutal persecution of minorities/Hindus in our neighboring Bangladesh. They never took out a rally to protest the persecution of Kashmiri Hindus by Muslim fundamentalists. Hence common people will consider the slogans of this rally as the screaming of widows after the death of Babri Masjid. 

Again and again it is being proved that leftists and commies of India fail to read the writing of wall. They fail to understand that common Hindus world over consider this 6 December as a Day Of Pride for the Hindus. I pay my tribute to the martyrs of Babri Masjid Demolition Movement.

৬-ই ডিসেম্বর আসছে। বামপন্থীরা সক্রিয় হয়েছে বাবরি মসজিদ মৃত্যুদিবস পালনের জন্য। আয়োজন হয়েছে কলকাতায় ১৬-টি বামপন্থী দলের যৌথ মিছিলের। এই মিছিল সমস্ত বামপন্থী দলগুলোর ভন্ডামি, অন্তঃসারশূন্যতা, ছদ্ম ধর্মনিরপেক্ষতা ও নগ্ন মুসলিমতোষণ নীতিই মানুষের কাছে তুলে ধরবে। এজন্য ধন্যবাদ। সাধারণ মানুষ এই মিছিলের শ্লোগানগুলোকে পরলোকগত বাবরি মসজিদের জন্য বিধবার কান্নার আওয়াজ বলেই মনে করবে। দেওয়ালের লিখন পড়তে কমুনিস্টরা ব্যর্থ তা বার বার প্রমাণিত হচ্ছে। ৬ ডিসেম্বর আরও একবার হবে।

Monday, December 1, 2014

Dear Mr. Surajit Kar Purkayastha, Police Commissioner of Kolkata, I am ready to help you. Please contact me. 


Till late evening, cops were huddled in a meeting at Lalbazar HQ trying to ascertain where they went wrong despite top IPS officers leading the forces. The embarrassed cops have decided to strike back and have filed two FIRs with 11 serious charges. "We are analyzing CCTV footage and our own videography and will start picking up those who instigated the violence," said an officer. 

NO ARREST TILL NOW. Now compare it with my arrest in a case of an incident on 20.02.13 at Jalaberia in South 24 Parganas dist after murder of one maulavi Rohul Kuddus at Naliakhali
At that time I was sitting 50 kms. away from the place of incident. But police tagged my name in the the FIR and arrested me from my home on 14.03.13.
That time police arrested me from my house. BUT now police cannot find out the culprits of the violence and leaders of Jamiyat. 

Dear Mr. Surajit Kar Purkayastha, CP, I am ready to help you. You may contact me.
Yours truly,
Tapan Ghosh, President, Hindu Samhati

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Jamiat’s rally takes over Kolkata ; results in vandalism. Citizens pay the price of secularism

It was supposed to be a peaceful protest by Jamiat Ulama-e-hind. According to their posters and the speeches made by them previously, their main three agendas were -
1. Securing the bright future of Madrasas.
2. The way Holy Quran & Hadis has been maligned, (we don’t know who did that & where)
     to protest against that.
3. National integrity & unity (They did not mention which nation!!).

Just read their posters and hear what they say. One need not to be a Political master mind to see through their game plan& real agenda. The only thing these so called “Peaceful” “Secular” Protestor’s were interested in was showing of their strength, man power, political domination & monetary capacity. And they were ‘successful’! Although it is hard to a get an unbiased account of attendant’s; it is no less than 50,000. Maulana Siidiqulla said that “India is our country. This is our birth place. We will not let it become a Hindu country”. But in Sahid Minar Ground it was hard to figure out whether it is Pakistan or India, whether it is a political cum social protest or Muslim religious celebration with the Never ending “Alla-Hu-Akbar”. If anyone did come for protests of any kind, they would take home a very radicalized version of a certain religion. Still, they are the ‘secular’.
Huge number of Muslims from all over West Bengal turned up for the meeting. The outcome of this rally was unbelievable! Kolkata traffic was fully choked. The rallyists parked buses, cars, matadors and trucks on the Maidan, which is directly in violation with the high court’s ban. They even parked outside ‘Fort William’, Which puts a grave threat on our national security. It forced the Army to deploy Military Police. One Bengali TV channel’s (24 Ghanta) car has been attacked by mob. 4 reporters and cameramen were seriously injured in this attack. One reporter of this channel alleged that mob attempted to kill them. Their camera and car was also brutalized by the mob. It keeps going & the toll of victims keeps rising. The police who were posted at the Sahid Minar ground for their protection were attacked without any warning or provocation. Well may be that is how India is getting united! Eleven cops including three IPS officers were injured in brick batting and 13 police vehicles damaged. Journalists were attacked for "intruding on the space meant for rallyists”. Jamiat leader Siddiqullah Chowdhury blamed police for the violence, which does not comes as a surprise.
But it’s not all dark. Bengal is rising. They are trying to get back to their way of life. The cops were in a meeting in Lalbazar Police HQ to find out where it all went wrong.
 To save their faces from this embarrassment cops have decided to restore some pride and have filed two FIRs with 12 serious charges. And for the first time, media has taken a nationalistic stance. TOI wrote “Jamiat holds Kolkata hostage, President Pranab Mukherjee forced to change route”. Indian Express sees it as “JUH rally protesting ‘campaign against madrasas’ targets police”. The prominent Bengali news papers has also reported this news harshly. The traitors must not go unpunished. When we contacted activist Mr. Tapan Ghosh about this incident and asked him what happened, he put it in a very humorous way “Secularism er ful futeche!” (The flowers of secularism is blooming), sarcastically no doubt. He assured us that he himself and “Hindu Samhati” will keep up their fight for righteousness, and a true, united Bharat.

So, the society is waking up to this Islamic radicalism. But until they take their protest to the grass-root level these kinds of atrocities will not stop.  Call it a price of secularism.


Thursday, November 27, 2014

Hindu Samhati's North 24 Parganas District Conference


District Conference of Hindu Samhati's North 24 Parganas unit held at Subhas Institute, Barasat on 26th November, Hindu samhati President Sri Tapan Ghosh attended the conference. Adv. Sri Brojen Roy, Sri Narayan Chandra Ghosh, Sri Chanchal Debnath, Sri Santa Prasad Goldar, Sri  Avijit Mishra and Sri Devdutta Majee were among the other dignitaries.

The woman in the picture is Smt. Tapati Das/Mukherji from Malatipur under Basirhat PS, extremely tortured by the local Muslim thugs. Her husband is missing. She narrated her painful story. Hearing her story you will be compelled to think that situation of the Hindus of the villages of Basirhat is no better than of Bangladesh. Sri Ghosh said that Hindu Samhati shall intervene and will try to help her.

Sri Tapan Ghosh attends World Hindu Congress at Delhi


Hindu Samhati President, Sri Tapan Ghosh reached Delhi on 20th November to attend World Hindu Congress which held on 21,22,23 November at Ashok Hotel . VHP of America nominated him as part of their delegation team for this Conference. 

1800 delegates from 50 countries attending this great convention.His Holiness Dalai Lama inaugurated the Congress. He, Shri Ashok Singhal, Shri Mohanrao Bhagwat and C.V. Wigneswaram, Chief Minister of Northern Province of Sri Lanka delivered speech. Book "Prabodhan" edited by Prof. Saradindu Mukherji was released by HH Dalai Lama. 

In those three days, Sri Ghosh met many of his friends and former colleagues. Dr. Koenraad Elst and Francis Gotier among them. He also met with his friends from Bangladesh, USA and other countries. He Met many Bengalis from many places. Sri Tapan Ghosh was happened to be the only Bengali speaking  delegate from West Bengal.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Malda police (PS - Englishbazar) arrested our Hindu Samhati worker Dipankar Rajak  yesterday evening.Today he has been produced in Malda court with several non-bailable serious charges. Bail not granted, and he has been sent to Police custody for 5 days by judge.  Case no - 936/14. dt. 29/10.14. U/S 302/364/201/36 IPC. Reportedly Dipankar has been implicated in the serious communal riot in Kaliachak-Baishnabnagar-Malda in the last week of October. 

Dipankar's house at Satangapara (under Baishnabnagar PS) is 20 kms away from the place Khasimari where 3 Muslims have been killed allegedly by the Gowalas of the area. Muslim - Gowala bloody conflict in this area has a long history.

I highly suspect that a heinous conspiracy is being hatched either by North Bengal Police or by W Bengal Police to placate/appease aggrieved Muslims of Malda dist who have been repeatedly at the receiving end in series of bloody clashes with the Gowalas/Yadavs/Ghosh of Malda dist. To placate/appease these Muslims, state govt or the police has to make a big scapegoat. It is Mamata Banerjee's electoral compulsion to appease Muslim community. I apprehend we, the Hindu Samhati, is being that scapegoat. 
There is other reason for my apprehension. When on 3 Nov night Malda (Chanchal PS) police detained me and my 2 colleagues, it's DSP Kaustav Acharya, at the time of interrogation, repeatedly asking us separately about the said Kaliachak riot, our opinion about that riot, etc. I smelt a rat at that time. Now it is being more clear.  

BUT in this way Mamata ultimately will be looser. She will loose Hindu vote more in this appeasement game of 'vote bank politics'.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Hindu Samhati President Tapan Ghosh's take on Chhattisgarh sterilisation tragedy

One of my facebook friends Kaushal Dalmia is insisting me to promote Modiji's Swachh Bharat Mission on my FB page. I responded him as below :
Surely you can take this Swachh Bharat Abhiyan as your mission. That is praiseworthy. That does not mean that everyone should take that work as their mission. AT THIS MOMENT, I wish to travel to the villages of Chhattisgarh and tell the tribal villagers that a deep conspiracy is going on by all political parties including BJP (not Modi) to reduce the veer ST population to make Hindus weak and minority. And this conspiracy is funded by Arab money thru ISI. And many ministers, MLAs, MPs and leaders of BJP fell into this trap knowingly or unknowingly. My heart goes with the hapless innocent simple tribals of Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand. BUT, since I've already made my priority to work for the Hindu Defence in West Bengal, so I restrain myself to do that. By not taking the Swachh Bharat Mission if i cannot satisfy you, then I sincerely request you to unfriend me from your facebook friends. That will help me accepting one friend from a waiting list of 1200 plus. My suspicion seems true if one reads this IE report above.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Hindu Samhati President Sri Tapan Ghosh arrested and later released

On 3rd November, Shri Tapan Kumar Ghosh, President of Hindu Samhati, was arrested from a private household while attending a personal meeting in Chanchal area of Malda district along with his two aides, Sri Asitava Bhowmik & Sri Sujit Maity. He was visiting the area to address organizational matters as planned sometime back.

Sri Ghosh was detained overnight in Chanchal police station before being released the next morning. He was escorted by six vans of state police personnel and his supporters were stopped midway from meeting him. The entire process was shrouded in secrecy and the detainees were not even provided with basic amenities like food or water for the entire day. It became apparent that the destination was not Malda as the convoy changed route towards Siliguri. While Mr Ghosh was initially informed that he will be handed over to the Siliguri Commissionerate, the commissioner of police in Siliguri, Mr Jag Mohan denied having received any such information when contacted.

Eventually, the Malda police personnel took Mr Ghosh to a desolate place before handing him to the Circle Inspector of Naxalbari and Officer in Charge of Bidhan Nagar police station in Darjeeling at around 5:30 PM.  Superintendent of Darjeeling police, Mr Akhilesh Kumar Chaturbedi had confirmed that Mr Ghosh would eventually be handed over to the Siliguri Commissionerate even though they were being detained at the NHPC guest house at New Jalpaiguri.

Unlawful detention of Sri Gosh & his team resulted in tremendous protest across different spectrum of society. Social medias like Facebook & Twitter were flooded with posts demanding immediate release of Sri Tapan Ghosh. #FreeTapanDa hashtag secured the third position in Twitter trending. Concerned police officials were flooded with calls from supporters of Sri Ghosh and Hindu Samhati made  around the world.

Finally, they were escorted by the Jalpaiguri police to New Jalpaiguri railway station led by one Addl. Superintendant of Police. A special coach was attached with the train (Padatik Exp.) destined to Kolkata. Sri Ghosh and his team availed the train and they were joined by 10 (ten) security personnels who escorted them upto Kolkata. In the early morning of 5th November they reached Sealdah station where a large number of Hindu Samhati workers welcomed them with garland & cheer.

Later, it was conveyed to us by some sources in the police dept. that  Police had specific info that there were genuine threat to Sri Ghosh in Malda. Hence they had to take all precautions and kept all info secret about their whereabouts. 

Friday, October 10, 2014

Visit of Sri Tapan Ghosh to Subalpur village, Birbhum

Hindu Samhati President, Sri Tapan Ghosh, on 25th September, 2014 went to Subalpur village in Birbhum dist where the so called crime of Gang Rape (Labhpur Gang Rape Case) of a tribal girl happened on 20 Jan this year. Perhaps you came to know that 13 Hindu Santhal tribal men, mostly young boys, have been convicted and awarded 20 years rigorous imprisonment by sessions court.

First, a quick recap. From day one, he was confident that this is a false concocted story not only to defame the Santhal tribals, but also to break the spine of this courageous community who are trying hard to preserve their culture and protect the honor of their women from the lust of Muslim miscreants in a very wide region of West Bengal and Jharkhand. The so-called victim girl has written in her complaint (on basis of which the case has been registered and 13 persons arrested) that she was to marry Khaleq Sheikh of Chouhatta village, and Khaleq Sheikh came to her house for discussing the marriage. This Muslim man Khaleq Sheikh is already married and has 2 children. His wife Hasina Bibi had confirmed that their 15 year old daughter's marriage preparation was going on, at that time. This Khaleq Sheikh, villagers complained, has illicit relations with this village's so-called victim girl of Santhal community. Khaleq gives her a lot of money. Hence, this is a type of prostitution, villagers alleged, due to which this village's environment was being badly vitiated. Hence, the community elders and women repeatedly told her to leave the village. But the 20 year old girl refused to obey them. Therefore, the village women were watchful and determined to catch them red handed and end the matter by compelling that girl to leave the village. However they had no idea that this would bring so much trouble and so much ignominy to the entire community.

These 13 innocent Hindu Santhal tribal boys and men have been falsely accused by the media, framed by the police, mocked by the "civil society intelligentsia" and forgotten by their fellow countrymen.
This, according to special sources, is a success of a deep conspiracy to break the self-protection system of poor illiterate tribal society of West Bengal & Jharkhand. However, although the tribal villagers (only 27 families) are almost broken in their spirit, they will appeal in Calcutta High Court. Surely we'll help them. Today I assured them of our help to fight the legal battles but we need funds to pay for lawyer expenses, fees etc. .
Sri Ghosh, helped the victim families with whatever little financial assistance that we could muster. Although they're in no mood of Durga Puja celebration, but we will still give them some new clothes to the children. If my friends want to extend a helping hand, they may do so. Among the families, few families are starving 2-3 days a week. In the families where food/meals are being cooked, many of them cannot eat due to depression. 

In this context, it must be admitted that the so called Tribal organisations and their Tribal leadership miserably failed to show their integrity & sincerity in helping these hapless poor families in their hour of need. Rather these hapless poor tribal have been exploited by these so called 'Tribal Organisations' and the so called Tribal leaders.

Hindu Samhati Vastra Vitaran prog in tribal village

On 30th September, 2014, Hindu Samhati President, Sri Tapan ghosh along with Sri Asitava Bhowmik, visited 3 villages in Bhangor PS and in Minakha PS. Two "Bastra Vitaran" programs were organised by Hindu Samhati local units. In Minakha the village Putkhali, he visited for 1st time and he was impressed. This is Tribal village. There is a 'Girls Football Team' comprised of 26 girl players. They distributed about 70 cloths there. The tribal girls presented 'santhali dance' and Vande Mataram dance in the program. 

Distribution of clothes by Hindu Samhati


On 30th September, the auspicious day of Mahasashthi, Hindu Samhati President, Sri Tapan Ghosh visited another village Nakurait in Bhangore block in South 24 Parganas dist along with other members of Hindu Samhati. This block is of absolutely Muslim majority. Last year 2013, Durgapuja held in this village for 1st time. He inaugurated it. This year they distributed about 100 plus new clothes in this village. Police cautioned our workers that Muslims complained regarding slogans there shouted by the Hindu youths.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Gias Uddin Exposes Ahmed Hassan Imran

Gias Uddin is a school teacher in Murshidabad dist in West Bengal. Surely he is an exception. He is trying to make some reforms in Islam. He is author of many articles and books on this subject. Undoubtedly he is courageous. Now he exposes Islamic Terror promoter Ahmed Hassan Imran. This article is in Bengali. In this article Gias Uddin described the criminal communal deeds of Jamati members in Bangladesh in collaboration with Paki Army. Those Jamatis are now reportedly getting support from TMC MP Ahmed Hassan Imran. And now his partners are playing 'minority card' to get rid of these serious allegations. The article by Gias Uddin :  

দেশদ্রোহীতার অভিযোগে অভিযুক্ত আহমদ হাসান ইমরান কি ধর্মের সুড়সুড়ি দিয়ে পার পেয়ে যাবে ? 
Link -

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Today district administration of South 24 Pargana district called a peace meeting in the wake of Hindu resistance put by the Hindu youths in the villages of Kumrakhali, Charabidya, Gabbunia, etc.

Administration called 10 persons each from both sides of Hindus and Muslims. But, under the guidance of Hindu Samhati, local Hindus boycotted today's peace meeting due to continuous partisan acts of Basanti & Jibantala police against Hindus of Kumrakhali and other villages. Even yesterday they arrested one Hindu Kashinath Pramanik, raided Hindu houses before 'Rannapuja', confiscated 2 motorbikes from Swapan Baidya's house. Earlier many Hindus have been arrested, slapped many false cases by police, whereas it failed to protect the common Hindus. In this background the so called meeting is meaningless to the Hindus. Hence Hindus boycotted this peace meeting.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Hindu Samhati President demands immediate arrest of Ahmed Hassan Imran, TMC MP in Rajyasabha

Friends, my fears coming true. Again opposition parties have been managed by Islamic forces in West Bengal. Even after disclosure of conclusive evidence of direct involvement of TMC Rajyasabha MP Ahmed Hassan Imran in Canning riots <>, and explosive disclosure of his involvement in funding Islamic fundamentamentalist force Jamaat in Bangladesh to destablise Sk. Hasina govt, no opposition party here are categorically demanding his immediate arrest and then thorough inquiry by NIA or CBI.
Imran is a threat to our national security and a threat to the peace and progress of our neighbouring country Bangladesh. 

IMRAN IS PAKISTAN BORN <>, but highly safe, protected and powerful here in India.

All these conclusively prove that in West Bengal anti national pro-Pak Islamic force is stronger than nationalist forces. Reach of Saudi money thru ISI is far extended, to all political party offices.


Tapan Ghosh
President, Tapan Ghosh