Friday, October 25, 2013

Hindus waging desperate struggles in Basanti, Sandeshkhali

The following is a heartrending narrative of the condition of Hindus inhabiting No. 7, No. 9, No. 10 and No. 11 Kumrakhali villages under the jurisdiction of police station of Basanti in South 24 Paraganas district. The fierce disorder now prevailing in these villages commenced on October 16 on the day of Bakri Id/Eid ul-Adha when a handful of Muslim youths forcefully closed down shops in Rampur Bazar under the authority of police station of Sandeshkhali. As the majority of shops there are owned by Hindus such an abrupt diktat angered them a lot. While they tried their best to convince the Muslim youths of the problems of shutting down shops and the consequent financial losses, nothing could be achieved. Meanwhile, the tension reached Sanfuipara in No. 9 Kumrakhali village and an altercation ensued between the Hindu and Muslim youths. The situation could have been checked but the attack on local and venerated Panchanan Thakur temple spoiled the remaining chances. Hindus reacted strongly and to stop them several Muslim thugs fired shots injuring several Hindu youths including Khagen Dolui.

Soumen Mandal, following the short fight, was approaching his residence in No. 7 Kumrakhali village in a motorbike. He was not alone; Khagen Dolui was also with him. Suddenly, they were attacked by Muslim youths in throngs at Pukurpar. The attack proved to be vicious enough; not only his bike was destroyed but both of them were badly thrashed. While severely harmed Khagen fled to No. 9 Kumrakhali village, Soumen fled to No. 7 Kumrakhali village to save HIS life. What followed next was nothing save for a desperate struggle of Hindus to save their own existence there.  

But the situation refuses to end here. Thanks to political pressure to have Muslim votes, police has arrested 14 Hindus in two cases albeit their involvement remains doubtful. While in one case 31 Hindus have been accused in the FIR, the other case involves 3. Goutam Roy, reputed activist of Hindu Samhati from No. 7 Kumrakhali village has already been arrested by a team from the police station in Basanti. He, at the moment, is confined in the lockup of police station at Canning. On the word of locals, arrested Hindu youths had been thorns to Muslim hoodlums like Shahjahan Sheikh, Shajahan Ghazi, Sabdel Mullah, Gaffar Mullah, and the hoodlums were desperate to get rid of them. As expected, police has not detained Shaukat Mollah, local leader of Trinamool Congress, yet even if he stated publicly on October 17 at Sarberia Gorurhat that if police fails to apprehend Hindus, a large of exodus of Hindus will follow only.

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Durga puja pandals in Narkeldanga face communal threat; deities destroyed and pandal pillaged

An altercation on a minor issue soon turned ugly on the day of Maha Saptami , 10th October, in Narkeldanga area of Kolkata. It started when a few Muslim youths approached the Milan Sangha puja committee at Narkeldanga main road and instructed the members to stop the microphone during their ensuing namaaz.  Their posture and demeanour was unusually aggressive, which infuriated the members. The matter aggravated further when a police sergeant forcefully stopped the microphone; very soon the defiant members of puja committee turned it back on and continued to telecast the mangala stotram. As the time of namaaz was drawing nearer, Muslims youths went to the Narkeldanga mosque but after an hour they were found to approach Milan Sangha puja committee once more. The same group was joined now by a large number of Muslim youths armed with weapons including sticks, swords and daggers. Very soon they began to pillage the puja pandal. While the deity was stoned, the priest suffered severe injuries. Apart from desecration of deities, mangalghat or the sanctified pitcher was also crushed by the assailants. The en masse protest by Hindus to this communal conflagration led to a fury that was checked by hour-long efforts of police. But the police did not have any sigh of relief as turbulence erupted again in the day ofVijaya Dashami on 15th October in the noon when two unidentified Muslim youths riding a red-colored motorbike threw bones of cows to the puja pandal. Even if the officer-in-charge of Nakeldanga police station collected bones fast and made best efforts to retain communal harmony, tension is simmering in the locality.    

According to locals, this is not any new development in this area; however, there has been a surge in communal clashes in recent times and this year has seen its ugliest manifestation. The communal flare-up was not limited to an isolated zone in Narkeldanga; the Durga Puja pandal of Amra Sabai club located at 7/4, Chamu Singh Lane, had to take on threats on Maha Ashtami by local Muslim youths, hell-bent to stop use of microphone during namaaz. A problem which could have been solved amicably stirred up the neighborhood leading to overt clashes between Hindus and Muslims. Albeit the situation was brought under control through a persistent police force, the locality continues to simmer under communal tensions.

Hindu Samhati regularly monitors and reports violations against Hindus in West Bengal. We also work with both governmental and NGO agencies for proper education on protection and ensure remedies to the Hindu populace as per prevailing law of the land.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Police fails to arrest Mohammed Allatali Gayen of Rajbari Purbapara, Sandeskhali, after failed sexual assault bid

The savage bid of Mohammed Allatali Gayen to molest Joba Mandal, wife of Sishukumar Mandal, has lead to deep resentment among their neighborhood. The victim is 30 years old and resident of Rajbari Purbapara under the jurisdiction of Sandeshkhali police station in the district of South 24 Paraganas. And the persistent unwillingness of police to initially register the couple’s complaint against the culprit has intensified the anger. Sishukumar is a vendor by profession. On 25th September, Sishukumar returned to his residence from local crematorium after midnight. Because of strong emotional tussle after cremating a close relative along with the hard labor that comes with his job, he got asleep soon. Abiding by the Hindu custom, he was in veranda while Joba was inside. At around 1.30 am, Mohammed Allatali Gayen who is son of Kouhar Gayen and infamous for his licentious conducts, entered Shishukumar’s residence in search of Joba. But once he tried to cross Sishukumar, the later grabbed his garment. Sishukumar would later narrate to his neighbors that he had always been suspicious of Allatali’s behavior and hence he kept under a close watch for him. After being caught unawares, Allatali put up a tough fight. In the ensuing tussle, Sishukumar managed to loosen Allatali’s garments which compromised his ability to continue the flight and the attacker started to flee.

But Sishukumar raised an alarm, hearing which the neighbors rushed to the spot and advised Sishukumar to lodge an official complaint against the culprit at the local police station as well as the local administration including panchayat. But what awaited the affected couple at both centers was nothing but a grave disappointment. While local police station, especially its Sub-Inspector Jayanta Ghosh refused to lodge an FIR and registered a general diary of No. 1253 dated on 25th September, local panchayat assured them of dealing with the matter soon. It must be stated that the police initially asked Sishukumar and Joba whether they would like to lodge an official complaint. And after the couple agreed, police refused to abide by their request later on. Sadly enough, it was not to be the end of their harrowing experience. The affected couple narrated their painful experience to neighbors and later on due to pressures of local Hindus, police filed an official complaint (No. 448  on 1st October). Allatali Gayen is yet to be arrested while an intense search for him is apparently going on. 

Hindu Samhati regularly monitors and reports violations against Hindus in West Bengal. We also work with both governmental and NGO agencies for proper education on protection and ensure remedies to the Hindu populace as per prevailing law of the land.

Another love jihad turns nightmare as victim returns to parents home bruised, beaten and tortured in Gazole, Malda

Baby Debnath, 29 years old lady and daughter of late Haren Chandra Debnath, is a resident of Arjunpur village under the jurisdiction of police station of Gazole in Malda district. The following is a harrowing tale of an innocent girl who has joined the bandwagon of unfortunate girls betrayed by the saga of love jihad. According to her own testimony, Mahbul Alam, son of Habiruddin Sarkar inhabiting the same village, promised her a job seven years back from today. Under his sway she went to several places under one false pretext or the other. She was also compelled to gratify his carnal desires that led to her pregnancy. When Baby confronted her with her situation, Mahbul assured to marry her and also to let her follow religion. Within the next few days, a nikahnama (Islamic marriage) took place where her name was changed to Baby Sultana without her own knowledge! But when she gave birth to a girl child dashing Mahbul’s hopes for a son, life quickly turned into a hell for her.

Mahbul Alam, unlike her previous experiences, appeared as a tyrant now. He brushed aside his solemn promises made before marriage and asked Baby to convert into Islam. This was just the beginning and with each passing day, this pressure continued to rise. Whenever she refused to convert to a Muslim, Baby was thrashed mercilessly. Mahbul was equally helped by Maleka Bibi, Mahbul’s mother, and the joint atrocity knew no bounds for poor Baby. At last, she gave in and agreed for conversion. But this accord failed to impress Mahbul; he was more interested to dispose of Baby. He planned to take Baby to another state and sell her off to the flesh trade. When Baby heard Mahbul to discuss this secret plan to someone in telephone, she refused to accompany him. Thus began the second spate of inhuman torture for Baby and she was completely devastated both mentally and physically. It was around 10.30 pm on 25th May when Mahbul started to batter Baby with a large wooden stick that had thorns made of iron. She sustained heavy injuries but even this failed to evoke any sympathy; Mahbul went on admonishing and even attempted to strangulate her. She was also told to consume poison and free Mahbul. To save herself, shattered Baby Debnath returned to her paternal residence next day after a gap of several years. She was admitted to Gazole hospital by her relatives. Later, a formal complaint was lodged by her against Mahbul Alam to the police station of Gajol demanding justice. But no interrogation has taken place yet as Mahbul Alam is an influential leader of Trinamool Congress in the locality.

Hindu Samhati regularly monitors and reports violations against Hindus in West Bengal. We also work with both governmental and NGO agencies for proper education on protection and ensure remedies to the Hindu populace as per prevailing law of the land.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Innocent auto-rickshaw driver almost lynched in Bagda

On 19th September at around 11.30 pm, Makhan Sarkar (age 47), resident of Amdoba village under the jurisdiction of Bagda police station in the district of 24 Paraganas (North) was returning from nearby Helenchbazar in his own auto rickshaw. Makhan had gone to the market to listen to Baul or folk songs that are characteristic of rural Bengal. He was driving fast but midway at Malipota in Dhutraberia, he was stopped by 4 persons who happened to be his next-door neighbours. After Makhan asked them about the reason for stopping his vehicle, all of them pounced down on Makhan as if to kill him. The assailants were Banki Billa Mandal, son of Kousher Ali Mandal, Samsuddin Mandal, son of Rezzaq Mandal, Mafizul Mullah, son of Syed Ali Mullah, Ramjan Ali Mir, son of Moniruddin Mir. It has been learnt later on that the attack was neither a spontaneous act of any provocation nor an attempt to rob Makhan but a carefully executed plan to murder him and seize his auto rickshaw. With this end in view, the four culprits dragged Makhan out of the vehicle and started beating him mercilessly with iron rods. Not a single portion of his body was spared and he got heavy injuries on both eyes and shoulders as a result of the attack. As blood poured out of his eye, the thrashing on innocent Makhan went on. At this time iron rods were replaced by bamboo sticks and his throat was also squeezed to asphyxiate him. Innocent Makhan started crying for help that fell on the deaf ears of the assailants. Fortunately for Makhan, hearing such a desperate call at late night, a few people of the area rushed to the spot. They included Ranjan Mallik, son of Bijoy Mallik, Pintu Sarkar, son of Kartik Sarkar. Apprehending danger, the four culprits left the spot but after looting Rs. 2500 from Makhan and breaking window pane of the vehicle. 

Makhan Sarkar was admitted to Bagda hospital where he underwent fast medical treatment but his condition continued to worsen and at the time of reporting, he remains in a critical condition fighting death. But what astounded all was the indisposition of police to lodge a complaint and only after many deliberations only a general diary was filed. The development infuriated the local people and activists of Hindu Samhati requested police officers to lodge an FIR but no one among the police considered it as essential. Only when police officials were reminded that only a diary may aggravate situation in Malipota, known for frequent communal clashes and deployment of RAF forces to quell those, a change took place. Finally, an FIR no. 628 under 341, 325, 379, 427, 349 sections of IPC was lodged on 23rd September. But culprits are yet to be detained while Makhan Sarkar writhes under a critical condition in the Bagda Hospital. 

Hindu Samhati regularly monitors and reports violations against Hindus in West Bengal. We also work with both governmental and NGO agencies for proper education on protection and ensure remedies to the Hindu populace as per prevailing law of the land.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Another victim of Love Jihad recovered from Jalpaiguri while police drags its feet in taking action

Archana Biswas, 17 year old daughter of Haridas Biswas, is blind and lives in the village of Uttar Mahakalguri of Shamuktala police station in the district of Jalpaiguri. She is a student of Class VIII at Shamuktala Girls’ School and is known to be a polite, decent girl in the neighbourhood as well. She got introduced to 19 year old Amjad Ali living in the village of Barokata of Shamuktala police station following the marriage ceremony of a girl from Amjad’s village into her native place at Uttar Mahakalguri. Amjad used to frequently visit Uttar Mahakalguri but feigned as a Hindu to endear himself to Archana. During his encounters with Archana, he also promised to marry her come what may. On 20th September, 2013, it has come to knowledge that Amjad asked Archana to visit Kamakhyaguri under the jurisdiction of the police station of Kumargram. Back home after failing to notice her, Archana’s relatives and neighbours started an intense search to find her. Soon the entire episode of Archana’s contact with Amjad became known and those in the know-how of the episodes, which included residents of Amjad’s village, identified Archana’s contact as none but Amjad Ali. However, no official complaint could be lodged in Shamuktala police station as the case had already been handed over to Kumargram. A police team from Bhatibari, which is a police outpost of Kumargram station, went to Barokata seeking whereabouts of Amjad or his family members. In order to facilitate Archana’s return, the police officials asked Amjad’s neighbours to inform the concerned family of the case’s intensity and the potential for communal confrontation with members of Hindu community angered by the incident.  

Debtan Roy, the person in charge of Kamakhyaguri outpost, has already confirmed that Archana has been recovered around 3 am on 25thof September but he is not ready to consider this as a case of kidnapping, even though Archana is a minor! No official complaint of Archana’s family has been accepted by the police officials yet. Instead, the hapless parents of Archana are being warned of not to speak out against this incident and help reduce culpability of Amjad Ali. At the time of reporting, it has been noted that Amjad has finally be detained at Alipurduar while the girl has been returned to her family.

Hindu Samhati regularly monitors and reports violations against Hindus in West Bengal. We also work with both governmental and NGO agencies for proper education on protection and ensure remedies to the Hindu populace as per prevailing law of the land.

Schoolgirl’s accidental death turns Ukiler Bazaar, Kakdip into a communal battleground

The death of 15 year old Class X Pritisha Maity, student at local Rajnagar Srinathgram Banividyapith due to a car accident on 27th September at 9.30 am in Ukiler Bazaar area of Kakdwip in South 24 Paraganas district is an unfortunate incident. However, the communal clashes that ensued and its escalating intensity testify how far the social relation has been vitiated. Following the accident, Pritisha was taken to nearby Kakdwip hospital where she was declared dead on arrival. The news infuriated local people and as a result, they devastated the vehicle liable for the accident. Meanwhile, a few Hindu youths from Kakdwip went to Ukiler Bazaar and blocked the thoroughfare there to protest. Tyres, along with parts of a desolate van were also burnt to strengthen the protest and vent anger. Some youths even went to Namkhana to protest, all of which confirm that the protest was spontaneous, devoid of any communal overtone. 

Meantime, the protest at Ukiler Bazaar remained unabated with little sign of decline of public ire. Faulting tiny shops along the roadside as the main reason for mounting car accidents, many of them were brought by the enraged mob. In the ensuing rampage, three shops owned by local Muslims were also put down. The road blockade led by Nityananda Dolui ended at 5 pm only after police assured them that traffic system in the area would be improved soon. The withdrawal failed to restore peace as the rumor that Nityananda and his friends would be lynched in public for destroying three shops of Muslims started spreading like a wild fire; that the shops were illegally built meant little to the opposing party. As expected, the very next day Nityananda’s residence was ransacked in wee hours of 28th September. The attackers unable to find him or any male member cruelly thrashed his ageing mother.  His shop was also raided and closed forcefully. It is alleged, the raid was led by Nurul Ghazi. The vengeance however did not die with the raid on Nityananda’s house. On the same day, at 2.30 pm, one liquor shop of Laxmi Ghorui became the next battleground. A few Muslim youths went there for drinking and exploiting the absence of Laxmi, three of them tried to rape her daughter Ashtami (age 12) who was there all alone. To save herself, Ashtami screamed making Laxmi and neighbours rush to the shop. Even if the rogues tried to flee, they were grabbed soon and stamped out. Later on, they were submitted to local police who are now admitting overtly that law and order situation is worsening steadily in the area.

Hindu Samhati regularly monitors and reports violations against Hindus in West Bengal. We also work with both governmental and NGO agencies for proper education on protection and ensure remedies to the Hindu populace as per prevailing law of the land.