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Commentary : The Indian Elections & The Hindu Populace

Samhati Sambad May 3, 2009 Commentary : The Indian Elections & The Hindu Populace The heat of Elections is on. Election Trumpets sounds in high pitch. This is the season of the Political Parties. All of them are in the battle field. But the season is not only made for them. This season creates opportunity for others also. For example, this is a lucrative season for the advertisement agencies. The business grows abundantly for election materials like banners , hoardings, posters, flexes, key-rings etc. etc. And the season is equally ripe for those minority goons, who have been keeping their eyes upon the Hindu women and girls very with an insatiable desire or lust. The purpose behind it is two dimensional. First, the Abduction of Hindu girls and women for nikaha, i.e. marriage with Muslims to fulfill personal pleasure; secondly to traffic them to other states or abroad as a lucrative trade. And obviously, ensure a ticket for the voyage to Jannat (Islamic paradise) by dint of virtu


HINDU GIRL MOLESTED IN BELGACHHIA: MEDIA BLACKS OUT NEWS FOR KEEPING ‘PEACE’. Islamic expansionism has gripped almost the whole of Kolkata. Barring a very few areas, every place has become sensitive due to Hindu-Muslim tension. On 21 st April evening, Belgachhia area of North Kolkata felt the communal heat. Hindu houses and a market was attacked, a Shiva temple was severely damaged, another temple attacked and some Hindus were beaten up mercilessly. Kundu Lane of Belgachhia area is a mixed population area. The Hindu inhabited Kundu Lane Slum and Muslim inhabited Belgachhia Slum are adjacent. Hindu women and girls always have to face eve teasing, indecent gestures from the Muslim youths. There is a small tea-shop owned by one Hindu Sri Nilu Banerji in Kundu Lane where both Hindus and Muslims drink tea. On last 21 st April evening, Sri Banerji went out of his shop for some work. His 17 year old daughter Soma Banerji was running the shop. Six Muslim youths came to the shop, ordered for

Commentary : Varun Gandhi and Hindu Activism

Samhati Sambad April 25, 2009 The whirlpool made by the Saffron Brigade at Pilbhit Parliament constituency in Utter Pradesh now a days is renting the air.. “Varun nahin hai, e anndi hai” i.e. It is not mere Varun . It is a Cyclone indeed. The vindictive Bahujan Samaj Party lead by Miss. Mayabati imposed the National Security Act, NSA upon Varun Gandhi for his Big Offence as he declared in a public rally that .. “the hands torturing the Hindu mothers and sisters should be simply chopped off.” Varun’s speech has been considered by the Govt. as very communal and anti-muslim. In this connection Varun was strangled by this stringent section of law as he does not get the bail even for 6 months. But Azmal Ameer Kasav, the infamous Pakistani national for 26/11 Mumbai Mayhem was not tracked under NSA. Even the Communal Imam of Kolkata Tipu Sultan Mosque, Imam Barkati was not taken under NSA for issuing a Fatwa of Beheadment (Quatal) of apostate Taslima Nasrin , the humanist and anti-islam

Hindu Temple Attacked by Islamic Mob in Rampurhat

On the evening of February 24th, the day after the Hindu festival ShivaRatri, there was a cultural program in the residential temple of Shyamal Das of Kamarpatti. At that time, 6-7 Muslim youths started sexually harassing young Hindu girls attending the function. The festival committee youths attempted to stop the harassment of the minor girls, and the Muslims left the location. In just 30 minutes, 40-50 Muslims from a nearby locality appeared on the scene. The festival organiers sensing an attack quickly locled the temple gates. The attackers broke all the Hindu murthis/icons outside and destroyed the Hindu worship altar. They could not break the icons in the sanctum sanctorum of the temple, due to the heavy doors. The victimized Hindu devotees became upset and started protesting. The Hindus from the neigboring areas rushed in to....At that time, the police reached the location, and announced via loudspeaker that Section 144 of the Indian Penal Code had been enacted from that very m