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Congratulations to Hindu Samhati Members

Congratulations to Hindu Samhati Members.

Hindu Samhati's Silent March Against Terror - Success in the Red Bastion

As we had intimated before, Hindu Samhati under the leadership of Sri Tapan Kumar Ghosh organised a Silent March along the streets of Kolkata. It might be said with all humility the that the massive response it generated from the Hindu masses of Bengal and the spontaneity of the response has left us surprised. The March commenced from the gates of the famous Calcutta University and ended at Esplanade - the centre of the City. In its course the March traversed through nearly two thirds of down town Kolkata and everywhere people lined up along the footpath, in a silent expression of their solidarity with the marchers. In a meeting before the Hindu Samhati team had already decided that the March against terror blasts throughout India would be a silent one. Silent because there is nothing more to say. If the random deaths from Jihadi terrorism of more than 30,000 of innocent Indian citizens, soldiers and other security personnel throughout the last decade could not spur the government of I