Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Taslima Nasreen on Islam

Illegal immigration from Bangladesh has turned Assam explosive

The vote-bank politics practiced by India’s politicians has transformed Assam into a simmering cauldron of communal violence between the indigenous Assamese Bodos and the Bangladeshi Muslims who have immigrated illegally. The violence in Assam has exposed the fault lines, and is capable of exposing and worsening the communal divide in the State. The volatile situation was summed up by Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi as “living on a volcano”.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Beef violates Hindu temple (sanctum) in Berachanpa, Deganga

Administration backs Islamists blatantly

by Animitra Chakraborty

Basudevpur and Ballavpur in Berachanpa, P.S. Deganga are two adjoining villages containing a marginal Hindu population, residing there, hence, in an environment of abject fear all these years. Like every year this year too, Nabajagaran Sangha, local club in Ballavpur, organized annual Durga Puja with splendor. The 34-year long Puja ended (as expected) with fanfare. Even if Bakra Eid or Eid al-Adha was on October 27, 2012, Hindus expected that there would be no trouble.

Their folly came to the fore on October 28, 2012 at 6.30 am when beef was perceived in the area bordering the temple. The sudden revelation, a distinctive act of profanity, stunned Hindus leading to a cacophony in Ballavpur. Hindus from Basudevpur rushed to the spot only to the find the cruel reality out.

Hindus in Deganga are left high and dry.

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(The Hindu Temple) 

(Beef found behind left column of the Hindu Temple) 

(Local Hindu Club) 

(Junction of Basudevpur and Ballavpur)

Hindu Samhati’s cloth distribution program in Malayapur village

Distribution of clothes to both impoverished and incapable Hindus has always been a part of Hindu Samhati’s programs to serve the Hindu society.

There has not been any exception in this year too. Hindu Samhati activists, under the aegis of its president – Tapan Ghosh, distributed clothes in village: Malayapur on October 20, 2012.  

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Spooked cow tramples Palestinian at Muslim feast

A spooked cow killed a Palestinian man who was trying to slaughter the beast on Saturday during the Muslim celebration of Eid al-Adha, a Gaza health official said.

Muslims around the world slaughter sheep, cows and goats, during the four-day holiday that began Friday, giving away much of the meat to the poor. The Muslim holiday commemorates the sacrifice by the Prophet Ibrahim, known to Christians and Jews as Abraham.

The 52-year-old man who died was trampled to death, and another three people were seriously injured when the cow ran wild in the southern Gaza Strip town of Rafah, said health official Ashraf al-Kidra.

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Monday, October 29, 2012

Islamists attempt to rape Hindu teenage girl in Mathurapur

She is brutally molested, injured

Police torturing Hindus for protesting  

With each passing day, Hindu women in Bengal are becoming easy prey to Islamic lusts; and the latest victim happens to be Latika (name changed), a 12 year old girl, and student of class VI, inhabiting village: Debipur, P.S. Mathurapur, District: 24 Paraganas-South, West Bengal (India), daughter of a Hindu van rickshaw puller and living in residence just behind the Panchayat office at Debipur.

The horrific incident happened today (October 29, 2012) when the innocent Hindu girl – Latika - was coming back to her home following distribution of 'prasad' of Laxmipuja to her neighbors. All of a sudden, before the Panchayat office, 6 Muslim youths pounced on and made every effort to rape her. While experiencing such a brutal attack, the girl both raised an alarm and offered a stiff resistance. However, she was molested brutally.

Hearing Latika’s desperate call, her father rushed to the spot to save her but he was overpowered and thrashed heavily by the Islamists. One of the miscreants happens to be Kaichar of village: Santoshpur (notorious Lalpur area) under the same P.S. Mathurapur.

Hearing the incident lots of Hindus also rushed to the spot later on but by that time Islamists had fled leaving both daughter and father heavily injured.

What came to the fore later on was the utmost cruelty of police personnel at P.S. Mathurapur – when Hindus went there to lodge an official complaint. Not the Officer-in-Charge refused to pay attention to tortured Hindus only but behaving rudely with them and quashing their grievances refused to accept their complaints also. His rude behavior compelled Hindus to label him as a protector of Islamic culprits.

When Sri Tapan Ghosh, president – Hindu Samhati, was informed of these gruesome developments, he phoned Mr. Pravin Tripathi, S.P. and requested him to intervene. He assured Sri Ghosh of all possible helps and also asked him to send the victims to police station once more. Hindus in Mathurapur, when asked, went to the police station once again and while they were on the way, a police car came and took cognition.

Hindu villagers went to the police station after that. Even if the complaint has been registered, harassments of Hindus (by police) and rude behaviors of O.C. and his companions went on in full swing. All types of hostilities by police, at the behest of Officer-in-Charge, including stubbornness in not to render any receipt copy (of the complaint) to Hindus have been done.

When the report is being written, aggrieved Hindus are still at the police station.

Both Latika and her father are heavily injured.

Note: From now on we refuse to state (any longer) that Hindu women in Bengal are becoming soft targets to Islamists – they are prime targets.

United Hindus resisted Muslim attack in Mandir Bazar

United Hindus resisted Muslim attack in Mandir Bazar

The district of South 24 Parganas in West Bengal is fast moving towards becoming a Muslim district thanks to appeasement policy of political parties and non-functioning of the administration. Islamic hooliganism and barbarism has reached such an extent where local Hindus are passing every single day of their life with the fear of something devastative that will result in total extinction of their existence from the area.

On 22/10/2012, the day of Mahastami of Durga Puja which is the most celebrated festival in Bengal, a Hindu married couple Jayanta Biswas and Kakoli Biswas (name changed) was returning to their village Bazarberia after watching  Durga Pujas in nearby areas at 10:30pm. Jayanta is around 32 years of age while Kakoli is 25. They hired the van rikshaw (local vehicle) of Hiran Chakraborty aged about 40 years. While crossing the area Karbala under Mandir Bazar police station, two Muslim youths, Momin Mistry and Jenali Sheikh, started doing obscene gesture from footpath pointing towards Kakoli. Both Jayanta and Hiran Chakraborty objected to them but that did not stop them from moving side by side of the van rikshaw. After covering some distance, they brought out a knife from a roadside Muslim shop and attacked Kakoli and as Kakoli ducked the attacked, they stabbed the rikshaw puller. At this, Jayanta and Kakoli started shouting for help. Local Hindu youths came to their rescue, two Muslims have been caught on the spot and were beaten  up black & blue. This resulted in rising of tension between two communities and the administration found no option but to deploy RAF in the area to control the situation.    

Next day on 23/10/2012, local Hindu Samhati workers escorted Jayanta & Kakoli along with Hiran Chakraborty to Mandir Bazar police station to lodge the complain. At first, police was quite reluctant to keep any record of the incident but finally under tremendous pressure of united Hindus, they were compelled to note down the complain vide number 1144/12. Later, those two Muslims were arrested and brought before the Magistrate. The Magistrate has awarded them 14 days of police custody. 

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fiery Hindus protesting cow slaughter on Eid decry, defy police in Itahar, Dinajpur

Administration makes a shameful retreat

Areas where Islamists’ presence, let alone preponderance, was hardly visible in the earlier decades in Bengal are becoming easy preys to their burgeoning influences these days and village: Rajogram, P.S. Itahar, District: Dinajpur (North) happens to be one of those. But the fiery Hindu protest this year on Bakri Id/Eid ul-Adha has taken Islamists there by storm.

The village has been dominated by Hindus for decades and hence, it could steer clear of the blasphemy of cow slaughtering. However, the situation turned to the contrary this year owing to the insistence of a handful of Islamists (inhabiting the village) to slaughter cow (on October 27, 2012 on account of Bakri Id/Eid ul-Adha) within the village infuriating Hindus all in all.  

When on earth Hindus protested against this ghastly decision, Islamists (supported by Islamists of other neighboring villages) started to warn Hindus leading to a squabble between the two warring groups.

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Saturday, October 27, 2012

This Madhabpur is the same area where 17 year old Sampa Naskar was raped on 16 Nov. 2012.


In the shockingly outrageous incident of 25 October, 
where the deity of Ma Durga was severely damaged by Muslim miscreants in the Entally area of Kolkata, the police has slapped  criminal cases against 16 Hindus. Among them 11 Hindus were arrested, namely – Sanjay Ghosh, s/o, Dipak Ghosh, Manoj, Alok, Suman, Sanjay, Amarjeet, Bapi, Ramaya, Rajesh, Subhojit and Umesh. Other 5 names included in this case are Jitu, Bhola, Satya, Ashok and Alok Das. Cunningly the police mentioned in the FIR that about 100/200 more people were involved in attacking the police. Obviously their names are not mentioned because it is not possible. But, by mentioning/recording this in FIR, police may arrest and harass anybody of that area anytime at their whim or under the direction of political bosses who are ever ready to placate their Muslim vote bank by harassing, humiliating, insulting and torturing the Hindus. By this trick of just mentioning the number of 100 or 200 in the FIR against Hindus, the Hindus will be threatened with  arrest anytime and in future too they will be too scared to protest against any injustice done upon them. The case no. is Entally P.S.340/12. The Criminal sections imposed upon the Hindu accused are U/S 147, 148, 149, 233, 353, 307(attempt to murder) of IPC. Yesterday when the case was heard in Sealdah court, public prosecutor opposed their bail petition and obtained 3 days of Police Custody for the accused Hindus.

The Muslim miscreants who broke the Durga murti almost all went scot free. Entally police arrested only 1 Muslim named Md. Riyazuddin (who was caught red handed by the Hindus and handed over to police). The case no.  against him is Entally P.S.339/12, and sections slapped on him are 153A, 295A & 427 IPC. 

The Muslims who broke the Durga Deity almost went scot free. Entally police arrested only 1 Muslim named Md. Riyazuddin (who was caught red handed by the Hindus and handed over to police). The case no.  against him is Entally P.S.339/12, and sections slapped on him are 153A, 295A & 427 IPC. 

From the above mentioned developments, any sane person can see the extremely partisan behaviour of the police and discrimination against the Hindus of Kolkata. Everybody should be alert/conscious to its grave consequences in near future. 


Friday, October 26, 2012

Hindu girl raped by Islamists on Maha Astami in Mandir Bazar

No doubt, entire Bengal is becoming a dangerous place for Hindu women to live in; either they are being looted and sold off  to distant places, red-light districts or have got to remain as sex-slaves in Islamist households; myriad reports (defying government’s wishes to suppress those) state the same.

And what’s of rape of Hindu girls? There is simply no end to it and the most gruesome incident, in this regard, took place at Thelarampur, P.S. Mandir Bazar, District: 24 Paraganas (South) on October 22, 2012 – the day of Maha Astami.

A Hindu girl – age 19 years – (name withheld for security), quite ecstatic to see Durga Puja (on the fateful day), was grabbed midway by a few Islamists – Suru Molla , Asidul Mollad , Abdul Hakib Molla , Shajan Daridar , Mushia Rehman Piada & Liaqat Kashkar (all inhabiting Thelarampur) – and raped violently. It has also been learnt that Islamists do remain within the age group of 25 and 35 years. 

Islamists destroy 10 hands of Devi Durga in Purba (East) Medinipur

Priest becomes victim of Islamic persecution too

The organized crime to vandalize Holy Deities of Hindus, ever prominent in the neighboring country of Bangladesh, has started to raise its ugly head in the Indian state of Bengal as well and its prime manifestation took place on October 23, 2012 (day of Maha Navami) when ten hands of Holy Deity of Devi Durga, village: Shantipur, Block: Mecheda, District: Purba (East) Medinipur, were broken by a handful of Islamists.

The Priest was also not spared; his hands were also broken for worshipping.

All these make us ask once more – are we Hindus living in a civilized country.

More details are being awaited. 

Holy Deity of Devi Durga demolished in Entally, Central Kolkata

Hindus in Kolkata start paying heavy prices for pro-Islamist policies

The scourge of desecration of holy deity of Devi Durga (natural endeavor of Islamists) has visited Kolkata at last and the incident took place on October 25, 2012 (in the metropolis) in the area of Entally while procession to immerse Mata Durga of Bhratri Sangha of Linton Street (Beniapukur P.S.) was proceeding through C.I.T. Road.

According to witnesses, one the procession reached in front of Padmapukur at about 10 p.m, a few Muslim boys were found to hurl pebbles and stones on both the procession and deity leading to excessive damage to the holy deity of Devi Durga. A few Hindus, walking both within and alongside the procession, were also hurt.  

The incident baffled Hindus for a moment, no doubt; they soon managed the shock and ran after the said Islamists. Even if the majority of troublemakers fled, three culprits sheltered in a traffic police booth and to save them from Hindu wrath, police reached there soon and nabbed three of them. A Muslim culprit, in the meantime, tried to escape from the police custody but he was grasped by Hindus quickly, beaten black and blue and was handed over to police then.

Police, being top-drawer advocator of the government’s policy, before leaving, compelled organizing committee of the Bhratri Sangha to carry away the desecrated holy deity for immersion.         

To quell any further deterioration, curfew was imposed in the night, called of from morning today itself.

However, Hindus in the area are censuring the communally-motivated role of Ajizul Mallick, Officer-in-Charge – P.S. Entally – severely. A deep tension continues to prevail the locality.

Note: The same area witnessed Islamic persecution on cows a few days back.

Refrain from cow slaughter on Eid, clerics appeal to Muslims

Muslim clerics have appealed to the Muslims to refrain from cow slaughter on the occasion of Eid as a mark of respect for the religious feelings of Hindus.

The All India Muslim Personal Law Board vice-president and Shia cleric Maulana Syed Kalbe Sadiq, in a statement Sadiq, said "It is my appeal to Muslims to completely restrain from sacrificing the cow on the Eid-ul-Azha. India is our country and we should respect the feeling of Hindu brethren who are in the majority."

Maulana Sadiq, who is known for promoting modern and scientific education among Muslims, said, "A fatwa was issued for Shia Muslims after Independence in which sacrificing cow was prohibited in the country."

Nayab Mohatamim (pro vice-chancellor) of Islamic Seminary Dar-ul-Uloom Deoband Maulana Abdul Khaliq Madrasi said that the institution was also in favour of Muslims avoiding cow slaughter. He said in some states there is a ban on cow slaughter but Muslims should avoid sacrificing the animal even at places where it has not been prohibited. This, he said, has been published by Dar-ul-Uloom in the book related to issues pertaining to sacrifice. He said that while literate class try to follow the advice of the Islamic institutions on the issue of sacrificing cow, greater awareness was lacking in the illiterate class.

The way of all flesh

Where does this beef, sourced reportedly from buffaloes, go? To the Middle East, North Africa and South-East Asia mainly. So even if the ruling coalition has failed to feed India's poor, several hundred millions of people can seek solace in the fact that our livestock is being depleted rapidly so that there is no dearth of cheep meat in other countries. Little matter that these animals could have been better deployed for farming and production of milk. Or that such slaughter is antithetical to the ethos of compassion, integral to our heritage. The UPA's brutalising influence and policies are the logical corollary of its rootlessness.

Business lobbies have been trying since a decade to coerce the Army into replacing canvas PT shoes with shoes or combat boots, made of cow leather. This will entail the The slaughter of millions of cattle. Devout jawans, most from villages, may then rise up, triggering another rebellion against alien rule.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Clarion Call to Hindus

Durga Puja: A Colonial Hindu Festival That Took Over India

The annual Hindu festival Durga Puja — a potpourri of events celebrated differently in different parts of India in honor of mother goddess — is popularly regarded as an occasion to commemorate good triumphing over evil.

Mythological significance of the festival is attributed to numerous versions of stories, including those of Goddess Durga killing demon king Mahisha and King Rama killing demon king Ravana.

Interestingly, despite bearing the markings of the ancient Hindu tradition, Durga Puja has fairly modern beginnings and gained mass popularity among the Hindus in their effort to counter a cultural invasion by the Muslims and to subvert the British administrations in 17th and 18th centuries.

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Durga deity vandalised in Sylhet

Miscreants in Sylhet's Biswanath Upazila attacked a Hindu temple and vandalised the idol of Goddess Durga, police and witnesses said on Monday. 

They also went on the rampage in the Hindu hermitage adjacent to the Dighali Gobindaganj Sarbojonin Puja Mandap, the attacked site. 

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Hindu Fearlessness through the Ages

One hears it all too often: ‘Hindus are cowards, they only deserve what they are suffering.’Mahatma Gandhi said it clearly enough: ‘The Muslim is a bully, the Hindu a coward.’ But Hindus are by no means cowards. Hindus as such have their problems, but lack of bravery is not one of them.

Then the Shakas, Kushanas and Hunas managed to gain a foothold in India’s Northwest. The Shakas were defeated, the Vikram calendar begins with this victory. These conquering foreigners were not fully expelled, but at least they were absorbed. There is no distinct Shaka, Kushana or Huna  community today, much less do they demand minority privileges.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Hindu Samhati distributes clothes in Charavidya

Poor Hindus get a religious zeal to enjoy Durga Puja

What is the greatest aspect of Charavidya? It’s none but the undying spirit of Hindu defiance – to keep unfurling the banner of Hinduism in the vicinity and quell each and every ominous design of Islamists to harm Hindus.

Hindu Samhati’s tenet has always been to do best to make all Hindus enjoy Durga Puja or Durgotsav. Thus, to help Hindus in Charavidya to enjoy similarly, Hindu Samhati activists distributed new clothes among the impoverished people in the village.  

How happy they were can be gauged from the following photographs.

Elated and optimistic Hindus in Charavidya, P.S.: Basanti; District: South 24 Parganas can change the course of history.

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History hijacked by perverse politics of bogus secularism

Thousands of people, Indians and foreigners, Muslims and non-Muslims, visit Ajmer every day to offer a chaadar at Dargah Sharif of Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti, a shrine where all are welcome and every prayer is answered, or so the pious choose to believe. Many stay on to visit the other antiquities of Ajmer, among them a magnificent mosque complex which bears little or no resemblance to its name: Adhai Din Ka Jhonpra.

Few who have seen and admired this mosque complex would be aware of Colonel Tod’s description of it in the first volume of Annals and Antiquities of Rajasthan: “The entire fa├žade of this noble entrance … is covered with Arabic inscriptions … but in a small frieze over the apex of the arch is contained an inscription in Sanskrit.” And that oddity tells the real story of Adhai Din Ka Jhonpra.

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Muslim father tortured his daughters, raped them and murdered the one who got pregnant

An Emirati father brutally tortured his eight-year-old daughter to death and injured her seven-year-old sister because he wanted to exorcise jinn from their bodies, Gulf News learnt yesterday.

The 29-year-old father, Hamad S., thought jinn possessed his daughters so he tortured them more because he was provoked every time the girls laughed when he beat them, said a police lieutenant during prosecution questioning. Prosecutors charged Hamad and his 27-year-old Emirati girlfriend, Al Onoud A., with illegally grounding the two daughters in a flat and torturing eight-year-old Wudeema to death and injuring seven-year-old Meera. The latter sustained 10 per cent permanent disability.

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Monday, October 22, 2012

Maha Saptami in Kolkata witnesses brutal torture of Islamists on cows

Hindus burst into protest in Entally

Central Kolkata, Anandapalit (CIT Road) – Entally area, remained witness to a sudden flare up between Islamists and Hindus on the evening of Maha Saptami. Torture of Islamists on cows and Hindu defiance to resist it added fuel to the fire.  

All these happened when on earth a few Islamists were witnessed to torture two cows immoderately. As per locals, the culpable crooks entered the narrow road from adjoining CIT Road, known for remaining busy incessantly and under a strict surveillance of police, and were both pulling and compelling cows (unwilling to move a bit even – perhaps due to ill health or fatigue) to walk. When such attitudes of cows were ascertained, Islamists, being ideally insensate, started beating them mercilessly, especially the cow tied before a temple and a Durga Puja Pandal.

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Hindu Samhati distributes clothes in Baruipur Block

Urges all to enjoy the Hindu festive season

Durga Puja happens to be the national festival of Hindus, Bengali Hindus in particular and Hindus Samhati’s views, from its very inception, has been to make Hindus (as many as possible) happy in this festive season.

With this end in view, Tapan Ghosh, president – Hindu Samhati, distributed clothes in three villages, Block: Baruipur, District: 24 Paraganas (South), October 20, 2012. They are Paschim Madhabpur, Hata and Malayapur.

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Islamists molest Hindu housewives brutally at Joynagar

Another gruesome incident exhibiting Islamists’ lust for Hindu women took place on September 11, 2012 at village: Dakshin Bele Durganagar, P.S. Joynagar, District: 24 Paraganas (South).

Two Hindu women, Sabita Halder (age 35), wife of Baburam Halder, and Malina Sanpui (age 40), wife of Nidhar Sanpui, were passing through the village road at 2 pm. While both of them were busy in chatting and walking, three Islamists – Momin Laskar, son of late Kader Laskar, Shahadat Laskar, son of Momin Laskar, and Hasanur Jamal (Koche), son of Momin Laskar, started teasing them with filthy languages.

But the Hindu women, ignoring these nasty remarks, went ahead. And considering this act as intransigence, three Islamists pounced down on them.

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Gogoi releases white paper on foreigners

The foreigners issue is not the number one problem of Assam but unemployment is.

Chief minister Tarun Gogoi made this assertion during the release of the much-awaited white paper on the foreigners issue in Assam, a 94-page booklet of "consolidated" statement of facts and figures, ostensibly aimed at neutralising the bid to revive the foreigners agitation in the wake of the BTAD riots since July.

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Islamic zealots get involved in underworld

Whether it’s a petty crime or slitting throat or involvement in organized crime or treason, Islamists happen to be the foremost accomplices and also the ringleaders. And this happens to be a global phenomenon. Hence, people who anticipated some Islamic brain behind the recent bomb hoax at Avani Riverside Mall in Howrah making puja shoppers vacate the mall in panic were not wrong – two persons have been arrested regarding the crime and both happen to be Islamists, without doubt.

According to police, they are Rezwan Selim and Shakeel Hossain who have been taken into custody from Kausghat Road near Mandirtala in the metropolis. 

It has come to the knowledge, the two Islamists threatened to blow up the shopping mall if not Rs 10 lakh was given to them at a particular spot on Kausghat Road. By the way, Selim happens to be an ex-employee of Avani Riverside Mall and was suspended from his work while Shakeel happens to be his confederate.

On the next day, a few policemen (in plainclothes) followed officials of the shopping mall to meet Selim and his aides at the specified spot and arrested them. 

Defining al Qaeda

Al Qaeda, the group established by Osama bin Laden and his colleagues, was never very large -- there were never more than a few hundred actual members. We often refer to this group, now led by Ayman al-Zawahiri, as the al Qaeda core or al Qaeda prime. While the group's founders trained tens of thousands of men at their camps in Afghanistan and Sudan, they initially viewed themselves as a vanguard organization working with kindred groups to facilitate the jihad they believed was necessary to establish a global Islamic caliphate.

Most of the men trained at al Qaeda camps were members of other organizations or were grassroots jihadists. The majority of them received basic paramilitary training, and only a select few were invited to receive additional training in terrorist tradecraft skills such as surveillance, document forgery and bomb making. Of this select group, only a few men were invited to join the al Qaeda core organization.

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The Durga puja and Minority Rights of Bangladesh

The Puja committees in the capital and other parts of the country depend on doles and protection of law enforcing agencies. They usually organize Puja mondaps and display communal harmony in the name of Puja once a year like other festivals but in reality, besides begging, there is no security and political and economic power to earn for them.

The Hindu leadership under the umbrella of Durga Puja is a farce and a great mockery. The Durga Puja has lost its religious fervour and festivity in Bangladesh. It becomes a political bargaining factor for a class of beneficiaries. The celebration of Puja festival committees under the so-called Hindu leaders in Bangladesh is tutored and cared for by the elected Governments and army regimes.

Hindu Samhati vows to make Hindus enjoy Durga Puja

Poor Hindus get new clothes in Amraberia, Howrah 

Like earlier years, this year too Hindu Samhati, under the aegis of its president, Tapan Ghosh, has been found to distribute new clothes among people in the lowest strata of the society.

The auspicious event took place on October 16, 2012 at village Amraberia, Block: Bagnan block, District:  Howrah, dominated by “Barga Kshatriya” Hindus.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Is Rezzaq Mollah an Islamist-Communist?

What do secularists in India say now?

Communists in India have never been any friend to Hindus and none expects them to make any reversal (ever) in this regard. But none did ever think even that CPIM (a Communist party of a great stature) would stoop so low once; its senior party member and political leader is hell-bent to denounce Karl Marx, his political philosophy and the century-old political lineage.    

It’s none but the same Rezzaq Mollah (termed by many as maverick) who was witnessed on October 10, 2012 to perform namaz alongside Pirjada Toha Siddique in public. Now the same Mollah is going to have Haj (fifth pillar of Islam is a pilgrimage during the month of Dhu al-Hijja) in Mecca. And the party, as has been heard, is in a fix!

Fearing the defection of Islamists in Bengal in case the party adopts any strong measures against Rezzaq, CPIM prefers to remain silent even if the same posture castigates its own political philosophy.

Mollah refuses to end here; he has said recently that both Allah and Muhammad are better and greater than Karl Marx.

Hindus, hence, deduce how CPIM remains helpless to Islamists.

From the next time whenever any CPIM leader would dare to make Hindus grasp the concocted saga of “sickularism” in India there would be one retort only – “Shut Up.” 

This puja pandal salutes the Hindu monk of India

The Vivekananda Rock memorial in Kanayakumari on the meeting point of Indian Ocean, Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea will come closer for citizens here as Darbhanga puja committee pandal this year has been modeled on its lines. The idea is backed by the coincidence that Prayag, as Allahabad is also known, too stands on the confluence of Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati rivers. The picturesque Vivekananda Rock Memorial has been replicated artfully at the pandal. 

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

‘Stateless’ remedy to illegal problem

A pusillanimous and appeasement approach to the Assam problem is suicidal for national security.

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