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Press Release : Islamic Mob Attacks Hindu Locality in Asansol for protecting a Hindu devotee from Molestation

A large number of Hindus injured due to a communal clash created by a Muslim mob at Asansol in Burdwan district of West Bengal. On January 9 2009, four Muslims attacked a Hindu female devotee returning from a temple, of the Hindu Goddess Kali, and attempted to molest her in the Masterpara locality of Asansol city. Local Hindus were outraged by this incident and beat up these four Muslim hoodlums. The four soon came back to the same location with a mob of around 300 Muslim activists, armed with swords and sticks, and attacked and vandalised Hindu owned shops, looted them, and beat up many members of the local Hindu populace. As the besieged Hindus attempted to protect themselves and retaliated, joined by other Hindu residents of adjoining areas, a clash ensued. A large contingent of policemen from seven area police stations went to the area and resorted to baton-charge to separate the two groups in order to de-escalate the tension. Two companies of Rapid Action Force, an elite armed

Press Release: West Bengal Media Supresses News of Hindu Persecution

Hindu homes and businesses have been attacked looted and Hindus have been attacked with lethal weapons, the press remains silent in West Bengal. Areas Affected in Medinipur: Medinipur, Sepai Bazar, Khaprel Bazar,Bara Bazaar, Bot Tola Chowk and many other areas. On the day of Muharram, 8 January, in the morning Muslim processionists displaying weapons broke through the police barricade, severely assaulting multiple police officers, seriously damaging over ten Hindu homes, setting fire to and looting Hindu owned shops in the town's Bot-tala area: Savitiri Medical shop's owner Mr. Raju panda, a prominent Hindu businesman was assaulted with a sword and his lower face has been cut; Plastic shop owner Atish Sahu's fingers have been cut by sword as well. Amal Gope's house looted. The whole city of Medinipur is under police curfew for dual purpose-to protect the Hindu population, as well as not to let the news get any publicity thus in effect punishing the Hindus. Due to the

Press Release: Hindu Temples Ransacked and Desecrated in West Bengal

Resurgent Hindu Community in Howrah Resists Valiantly The religious persecution on the Hindu community has been unabated in the Muslim majority nation of Bangladesh, but the same gruesome incidents are happening in West Bengal state of India as well. In Chak Kashi area of Chengail in Howrah district, a major communal flareup was created by an Islamic activist group. In the Jute Mill area, during the Muslim Muharram procession on 8 January afternoon, these activists attacked Hindu religious places and residential areas, leading to utter chaos and disorder. The virulent and sinister activist mob desecrated the revered Hindu deities in Shani temple and Hanuman temple. The Hindu community resisted courageously and the Muslim zealots were countered and beaten black and blue. Over ten Hindu-owned shops and homes were set on fire by the religious Islamists. The District in charge (DM) is Khalil Ahmed, a Muslim. The situation is tense and curfew has been clampled in the area, and a huge police

Hindu Samhati’s Training Camp at Gobardanga (WB) – A Report

Gobardanga, District – North 24 Parganas, West Bengal. The 3 day training camp of Hindu Samhati has been successfully completed at Gobardanga Government Colony Netaji Vidyapeeth. The camp was held in Gobardanga, the oldest municipality of West Bengal, from 31/12/2008 to 02/01/2009. 152 Hindu Samhati activists (trainees) and 18 trainers & associates of Hindu Samhati participated in this 3 day long fully residential training course moduled for facing different challenges before Hindu Society. The trainees mainly came from border districts of West Bengal viz. North 24 Parganas, south 24 Parganas, Malda, Nadia and the inner districts of Howrah, Hoogly & Kolkata. The venue was also selected not far from the Bangladesh border, which is naturally trouble-torn due to Bangladeshi infiltration, unauthorized trans-border trading and horrific persecution inflicted upon the local Hindus by the fanatic Muslims, both Indian and Bangladeshi. The inaugural session of the camp was starte

Shri Tapan Ghosh’s presentation at the Viraat Hindu Sabha – Chennai.

  Chennai, India, January 3, 2008 Chennai hosted intellectuals and topical experts from all over the world, who came together to discuss issues and challenges to the global Hindu community, at the Viraat Hindu Sabha (Greater Hindu Assembly), between December 27-28, 2008. The meet was hosted at the Ashoka Hotel, Chennai. The inaugural speech was given by Shri Mallai Mannan and the sessions were co-ordinated by Shri Shiv Shakti. Prominent speakers includied Shri RK Ohri (Retd. IPS), Prof Radheysham Brahmachari and Shri Tathagata Roy. Insightful presentations were also made by scholars like Rupali Bhalla Mathur, Papiya Mitra, Dr Saurav Basu, Sondip Patra and Sudheer Birodkar. On behalf of Hindu Samhati, Shri Tapan Ghosh presented a paper on "Political challenges before Hindu Society". The presentation focused on the need for the Hindu community to re-evaluate the role of Hinduism in the socio-political context of India under demographic assault from the Islamic community

Hindu Samhati Camp Completed Succesfully !

Namaskar! The 3-day long Hindu Samhati Camp has Completed Succesfully ! Over 150 activists attended. A full press release will be sent shortly. Hindu Samhati