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Hindu Samhati Welcomes Ayodhya Verdict

We welcome the historic verdict by the Allahabad High Court. This decision undoubtedly vindicates the belief of one Billion Hindus the world over that the so called disputed site of Ayodhya is the birthplace of Sri Ramchandra. The judgment also vindicates the historical truth that the foreign invader Babar built the disputed structure on the ruins of a Grand Hindu Temple. All the three honorable judges of the bench unanimously stated that the deity of ‘Ramlala’ will not be removed from the present altar and 'puja' will continue. Overall, this long awaited judgement is a victory of Truth and Justice. But, at the same time we are disappointed by that portion of the judgement where one-third of the land has been awarded to the Muslims. It is unconceivable how a piece of land so near to the ‘Janmasthan’ can belong to followers of a different religious faith. In our opinion, it does not reflect total justice. It seems to be only a compromise formula. Now, the Muslims of this coun

Tapan Ghosh Urges Government to Stop Double Game in Deganga

Hindu Samhati expresses Total Solidarity with the Hindus of Deganga & their representative body, the Deganga Durga Puja Samnnay Committee. The Committee has decided to stop the annual Durga Puja Celebrations in all of the 42 Puja Mandaps to protest the injustice done upon the Hindus, first by their Muslim neighbors, and then by the district and block adminstrations. Only the ceremonial ‘Ghat Puja’ will be performed. This action has sent a powerful and tough message to the District Magistrate and the police that Hindus in Deganga cannot be taken for granted, and treated in any manner whatsoever to appease the Islamists. The district and police administrations are taken aback at the tough approach taken by the Hindus and the solid cohesiveness not seen before. The DM and the Police Superintendent are attempting every trick in the book to force the Puja Samannay Committee to withdraw this hard measure and thereby celebrate the 42 Durga Pujas as usual. Experience shows that the a

Yogi Adityanath of Gorakhpur praises work of Hindu Samhati

Calls for the Mobilization of Hindus to forcefully respond in Bengal Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh - In an attempt to link Hindu Forces fighting for the Hindu cause across the Northern and Eastern Plains of India and in the backdrop of the awe-inspiring Mandir dedicated to Bhagwan Gorakshnath, Tapan Ghosh, the president of Hindu Samhati, met and received the blessings of Mahant Avaidyanathji Maharaj, the Peethadeeshwar of the Gorakshnath Peeth and Gorakhpur MP Mahant Yogi Aditynathji as well as apprised both of these important leaders of Hindu society of the grave and rapidly deteriorating situation of Hindus in West Bengal as well as presenting the ever expanding activities of Hindu Samhati to combat these alarming developments that confront the Hindus of West Bengal. Ghosh was in Gorakhpur on the specific occasion of the Shraddanjali Sabha dedicated to the legendary Mahant Digivjaynathji Maharaj, who played a pivotal in mobilizing and uniting Hindus from all backgrounds both in his role

Video ---15,000 Hindus Protest in Barasat Against Deganga Atrocities

Video --- Hindu Samhati Joined by Barasat Residents on Sep 18, 2010

PRESS RELEASE : Hindu Samhati's 'DeGanga Chalo' Rally --- A Grand Success

PRESS RELEASE : Hindu Samhati's 'DeGanga Chalo' Rally --- A Grand Success Barasat, India 9/23/2010 Deganga’s Hindus have been attacked. Their houses were burnt, shops were looted, temples were desecrated. All of this was achieved by Islamic activists with support from local Trinamul Congress Muslim leaders. To protest that and to show solidarity to the Hindus of Deganga, Hindu Samhati gave a call for March to Deganga on 18th September 2010. The rally was to start from Barasat, the district headquarter, about 15 kilometers away from the troubled site. It was important for Barasat also as people there knew that if Deganga riot goes without protest. then a similar Islamic onslaught at Barasat would only be a matter of time. Over fifteen thousand Hindus including men and women took part in the massive rally. The protest was against the inhuman communal attack over the Hindus of about 100 square kilometers area under Deganga Police Station for three days from 6-8 Septembe

Hindu Samhati Prevents Nefarious Design to Set up Mosque

If you are a true secularist remaining in search of places known for celebrating festivals pertaining to diverse religions all at once for ages, you may be at a loss in Bengal. In the length and breadth of this ancient center of religion and culture copious numbers of places do subsist that have been engaged with this sole activity for centuries, if not more. One such place happens to be Village TakShali, P.O.: Bagda, Dist.: North 24 Paraganas. A field in the neighborhood of the village has been known for celebrating Chaitra Fair of Hindus and Gazi Fair of Muslims for in excess of 3-4 decades at a stretch but the same area has become foal point of nefarious designs these days. All of a sudden a few Maulavis, none other than outsiders, were witnessed within the village and after making a few enquiries it was learnt that an effort to construct a mosque in the same field was in full force. The magnitude of the situation was comprehended by Hindu Samhati straight away and its workers, wi

Statement Regarding Barasat Incident and Media Dis-Information Campaign

HINDU SAMHATI 5, Bhuban Dhar Lane, Kolkata – 700 012. STATEMENT OF HINDU SAMHATI REGARDING INCIDENT OF 18th SEPTEMBER AT BARASAT'S ‘DEGANGA CHALO’ PROGRAM Media Rumour About Attack In Barasat Under the strong leadership of Sri Tapan Ghosh, Hindu Samhati organized a massive ‘Peace Rally’, ‘Deganga Chalo’ from Barasat to Deganga, where Hindus were brutally tortured, molested & looted by the Muslim miscreants allegedly under the leadership of Trinamool Congress MP of Basirhat, Haji Nurul Islam. The District and Police Administration was informed by Hindu Samhati well before the program, but Administration denied permission to HS, although it allowed other organizations to do so. Common supporters were hurt by the step-motherly attitude of the Administration towards Hindus. The print Media spread rumors & brazenly distorted the truth to save Muslim miscreants & their supporters, a section of Trinamool Congress. VHP, Bajrang Dal, RSS & BJP were not involved

PICTURES---Hindu Samhati's 'DeGanga Chalo' Rally --- GRAND SUCCESS

Hindu Samhati's Grand Rally at Barasat---More Pictures Coming

Press Release --- Hindu Samhati's 'DeGanga Chalo' Rally --- GRAND SUCCESS

- Short Press Release (1st Draft)-----Details and Pictures Coming Soon September 18, 2010 Hindu Samhati's Protest March - DeGanga Chalo was a grand success and effective to the superlative degree. Over 15,000 activists and supporters gathered to protest the DeGanga riots last week and show their total solidarity with Hindu Society. The crowd demonstrated their Strength and Determination; They gave a clear MESSAGE to the world, the government, and the biased Indian media that torture upon Hindus will no more be tolerated meekly. After successful completion of the peaceful March at Champadali crossing, where police officers declared formal arrest of 10.000 volunteers and their bail, the organizers declared end of the grand rally . Tapan Ghosh, the president of Hindu Society commented "Our workers are Energized, Our workers are Enthused, Our workers are Ecstatic". PICTURES AND DETAILS COMING SOON................................Please See Below for Details of Our Deman

Hindu Samhati to Launch Protest March from Barasat to Deganga

In protest of the massive persecution of Hindus by the local Muslim population in Deganga, Hindu Samhati, led by its President Tapan Kumar Ghosh, has organized a protest march on 18 th September, 2010. It will start from Kachari Maidan, Barasat at 11 am. Hindus, across all economic stratas are expected to join and march together to express their solidarity and fraternity with the Hindus of Deganga. Posted by Hindu Samhati's International Communications Team

SINGERHAT proves the necessity of Hindu Samhati

SINGERHAT - Hindus can fight and defeat the Bengal Islamists, if there is Hindu Organization like Hindu Samhati Only a few witnesses, at the moment, are there of the horrific deeds of partition, and a fewer of them are hale and hearty to narrate the developments that did change the Indian subcontinent. But surely those octogenarians and their immediate scions are desolate (these days) watching the plights of Hindus and how its indigenous leadership has failed to establish a clout of its own on the whole. But there were indeed good hopes in the initial years, especially among refugees of (erstwhile) undivided Punjab and Bengal, as they thought independent India , unlike Pakistan , would give the Hindu community its coveted rights. Had those individuals predicted the ongoing incidents, they definitely would have asked their descendants to adhere to martial trainings as well apart from opting for businesses or services. Here is the reality – positions of Hindus are getting vulnerable to

The day we were reminded of Noakhali 1946

Hindu Samhati Activist Leads Team to Investigate During Riots in DeGanga When Prokash Chandra Das started his journey to Deganga at 4am on 7 th September, he thought that this was one more of case of intimidation, of poor Hindu villagers by Muslim goons, something that he has gotten accustomed to, as the North 24 Pargana district coordinator for Hindu Samhati. The evening before, he had received frantic calls from some Hindus in Deganga, a village in the North 24 Pargana district of West Bengal , about 40 kilometers from Kolkata. Such call come almost every week as Prokash rushes from village to village with his team of volunteers. But later that night as call kept coming, Prokash in turn called more people to gather more information on what was happening at Deganga. But nothing much was available. So he slept for a few hours and started of for Deganga at the break of dawn. After about three hours, the Hindu Samhati team reached Barasat Badu, from where their team set off for Deganga

Press Release : HS Leadership Meets in Deganga and Forms Hindu Samhati - Deganga core committee

---- Press Release : Hindu Samhati Leadership Converges in Deganga, Assures Residents of Future Support, and Sets up Deganga Core Committee with Area Residents Hindu Samhati's senior leadership met in Deganga on September 10th and 11th to assess the riot situation. They assured the residents of support during the upcoming Durga and Kali Puja / Deepaboli Festivals. This is a relatively new area for the organization. Deganaga residents were very keen to have a Hindu self-defense/resistance group in the area. Over 100 active youths showed up at the meeting with the local villagers, expressing the desire to defend and resist future onslaughts by their fanatic Muslim neighbors. Deganga area has a steady history of communal clashes and tensions with Hindus at the receiving end. The villagers were also assured and impressed at the number of the youths, and requested HS team and the youths to start an active chapter of Samhati there. 26 members were selected by the new group to

Deganga Riot Pics – September 2010

Below are the pictures of the Deganga Riots collected by the Hindu Samhati Investigation team. Broken Murti at the Kali temple. Desecrated and broken Murti – close up. This is a West Bengal Police Jeep – pushed into the pond by the huge mob of jihadi rioters, after the policemen were beaten up. A Police truck burned to a cinder. Military trucks of the Indian Army at Deganga A man watches a ransacked house. A humble home deroofed – thats the stuff communal harmony is made of, just before Eid too! Ransacked shop Ransacked shop 2 Ransacked home A lady wails before her destroyed home as neighbours watch. Burned out home. A man looks through the ashes of his home, maybe to pick up the remains of his life. Same man, holding a partially burnt book – looks like a child’s school book. Burnt home. Another home burnt and ransacked. Burnt home. The surprising fact is the utensils of the hapless family are still there, they have not been looted. Maybe with the army at their heels th

Statement by Tapan Ghosh, President, Hindu Samhati

Deganga Incident : Shame on “Dainik Statesman” Shame on the Bengali Print and Electronic Media. To save its Madrassa educated leader and M.P. Haji Nurul Islam, Trinamool Congress is now trying to give the Deganga atrocities a political colour. We want to make all aware about the Mamata's suicidal gameplan to appease the Muslims and to deceive the Hindus to win the forthcoming election. It is the same reprehensible strategy which CPI(M) has been following so far and made West Bengal a breeding ground for the Islamic expansionists. It should be noted that when two political delegation teams went to visit Deganga on 8th and 9th Sept, all Hindus, especially the women cutting across party lines complained that Haji Nurul Islam is the main person behind these atrocities on Hindus. In West Bengal, there is a peculiar self censorship among the media which is nothing but cowardice. Here, atrocities upon Hindus by the fanatic Muslims are always suppressed by the media. Therefore, in spite o

Cautious Peace in Deganga

September 9, 2010 ------------------------ Today no attacks or untoward incidents happened in Deganga. Yesterday (September 8th) more police reinforcements were there and more raids by the police were conducted in the Muslim villages (the source of the attacks for the last few days). Nine Muslim activists were arrested. They were denied bail by the Barasat court, due to the seious nature of their conviction. Today (September 9th), police arrested fours Hindu youths of Deganga - Lab Kumar Das, Kush Kumar Das, Gopal Das, Gopal Das (brothers, and sons of Parimal Das), and Chana Banik (son of Anukul Banik). They all got immediate bail from Barasat Court. Advocate Satyabrata Sen, a prominent lawyer in that court represented them. There are a group of very active Hindu Samhati supporters among the lawyers in Barasat Court. Yesterday evening (August 8th) Tathagata Roy visited Deganga. His visit was followed visits by 3 state ministers. They declared compensation for the Hindu vic