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Hindu-Muslim clashes rock Mograhat

Strong Hindu defense foils Islamists’ plan to persecute Hindus en masse   As fresh reports are coming in, the fair in village: Kamarpukur, P.S. Mograhat, District: 24 Paraganas (South), has been rocked by a series of Hindu-Muslim clashes, starting from evening of April 29, 2012 thus far. In accordance with sources, problem erupted when an Islamist wanted to give a fake Indian currency note to a Hindu shopkeeper; he refused to accept it leading to a scuffle between the two. The situation would have ended there if the Islamist returned with more of his fellows to teach the Hindu shopkeeper a lesson. The pack of Islamists torched the entire shop and whoever tried to oppose them was beaten outrageously. Hindu shopkeeper cried for help desperately; Hindu youths in the vicinity, acquainted with such postures of Islamists day in and day out, built up a strong defence and in no time smashed a few shops of Islamists forming the said pack. This incident sparked off another set

Hindus in Pakistan

by Lt Gen NS Malik "If Muslims in India constantly crib to have no say and   no power, they should come to Pakistan to see the plight   of minority Hindus with their own eyes. They'll never   complain and learn to live peacefully with their Hindu   brethren in India ."   Asma Jahangir, Human rights activist, Pakistan   -            Asma's right. When pitted against the oppressed Hindus in   Pakistan , the Muslims of India are indeed far better. A   few days back there was news that Hindus in Baluchistan   region are abducted and converted to Islam. The family   members of those who've been abducted often avoid lodging   complaints for fear of dire consequences. Many Hindus in   Pakistan 's Baluchistan , Sindh and NWFP regions, embraced   Islam for survival.    To Know More Please Read:

Dargah diplomacy: promises and perils

by Virendra Parekh India is going through one of its periodic bouts of exuberance over prospects of better ties with Pakistan . Islamabad ’s recent willingness to liberalise bilateral trade between the two countries has met with enthusiastic response from the Indian side. While good relations with a neighbour is a highly desirable objective, what should worry us is that powerful sections of the Indian establishment, including the current Prime Minister and the dominant English-language media, are more than willing to go overboard to befriend Pakistan, throwing national interests to the wind. This is what is happening now. Pakistanis claim that this time, everybody (add, including Army) is on board in the move to improve relations with India . This makes eminent sense. Even the most hardnosed Pakistani policy makers realise that their country is spectacularly isolated. With Afghanistan on boil, relations with US on ice and fair weather friends turning their backs, Pakistan

RAF deployed to inhibit Islamists’ efforts to seize vested land in Chingripota, Noongi

Hindus apprehend Islamists planning to wreak havoc Commotions and combats are not anything new in the area of Chingripota – Noongi, P.S. Maheshtala, District: 24 Paragnas (South) in the Indian state of Bengal. The entire area, being a stronghold of Islamists, has been a source of disturbance for the administration and people, in particular Hindus. However, there is a similarity; like other areas Islamists here also remain recklessly determined to steer clear of Hindus and hence, no opportunity is wasted ever to expel Hindus from the locality. Such an approach was perceived of late regarding a vehement dispute over 1 bigha vested land.  It is to be noted, both Hindus and Muslims of the locality were using the same tract for their own purposes. However, as per sources, Islamists have prepared legal (sham) papers to get hold of the vast land.    To Know More Please Read:

Inventing Muhammad?

b y Robert Spencer Why would it matter if Muhammad never existed?  Certainly the accepted story of Islam's origins is taken for granted as historically accurate; while many don't accept Muhammad's claim to have been a prophet, few doubt that there was a man named Muhammad who in the early seventh century began to claim that he was receiving messages from Allah through the angel Gabriel.  Many who hear about my new book Did Muhammad Exist? An Inquiry Into Islam's Obscure Origins ask why it would matter whether or not Muhammad existed -- after all, a billion Muslims believe he did, and they are not going to stop doing so because of some historical investigations.   To Know More Please Read:

Darul Uloom-Deoband’s diktat ends research on Salman Rushdie’s novels

Secularism means no hurt to Islamic sentiments in India The Preamble to sanctified Constitution declares India to be a sovereign, socialist, secular, democratic republic along with promising its citizens of justice along with equality, liberty and enterprises to promote fraternity among the citizens of the State.  If any Indian is asked ever whether the aforementioned cardinal principles of India can be challenged, he/she will state the word ‘no’ categorically. Won’t you state the same as well?   What none does know even if the cardinal principle of secularism can’t be challenged, it can certainly be sacrificed or compromised to pacify Islamists in particular. Prabha Parmar, with post-doctorate fellowship to research in literature, bears testimony to the same; she, owing to the objection of Darul Uloom-Deoband, has been forced to call the research a halt midway. Her greatest crime has been to research on novels of Salman Rushdie – a name that is enough to add salt to the ga

Hinduism urges Hindus to be valorous

Hindus, contrary to the beliefs of many, have (also) never been votaries of cowardice and have always opted for valor to save Dharma and integrity of Bharat, even if they have been ceaseless to voice the need of serenity and goodness in the life of a nation, society and certainly the individual. It’s the same Dharma that has always propounded the importance of acquiring Brahmyam (power of knowledge) and Kshatram (knowledge of power) for each and every Hindu to put an end to the devilish forces that are inhumane and inimical to the sustenance of Hindu Dharma. And all these have been written profusely in the Vedas. “Agrataschaturo vedah prushthatah sasharam dhanuh | idam brahmamidam kshatram shapadapi sharadapi ” – Bhargav Sutra Meaning:- A person having four vedas (knowledge) in front (to guide him), a bow and arrow (power) at his back (to back him) has a combination of “Brahmyam” and Kshatram” and hence he is capable of defeating the enemy either by "Shapa&q

370 Hindus killed in a single day

War crimes tribunal told it happened at Alim's directive With the directives of Abdul Alim, the Pakistani army and the collaborators killed 370 Hindus in villages of Joypurhat in one single day during the Liberation War, the prosecution told the International Crimes Tribunal-2 yesterday. Driven by “religious malevolence”, the Pakistani army and the collaborators in a planned way on April 26 carried out an all-out attack on the Hindu dominated areas of Karai, Kadipur, Chakpara, Sonarpara, Jogipara and Palpara of Joypurhat, said Prosecutor Rana Dasgupta reading out formal charges against former minister and BNP lawmaker Alim. To Know More Please Read:

Kali Temple looted, desecrated in Shantipur

Hindu witness to incident brutally murdered   Hindu temples in and around Shantipur (aided by weird disinclination of administration to adopt tough measures against culprits) have become completely vulnerable to mounting divisive activities of Islamists. Desecration of Kali Temple located at Fuliapara Krittibas (Ramayana was written in Bengali here by the mediaeval poet Krittibas Ojha), P.S. Shantipur, District: Nadia denotes the dreadful reality.  To Know More Please Read:

The India-China Rivalry

by Robert D. Kaplan As the world moves into the second decade of the 21st century, a new power rivalry is taking shape between India and China, Asia's two behemoths in terms of territory, population and richness of civilization. India's recent successful launch of a long-range missile able to hit Beijing and Shanghai with nuclear weapons is the latest sign of this development. This is a rivalry born completely of high-tech geopolitics, creating a core dichotomy between two powers whose own geographical expansion patterns throughout history have rarely overlapped or interacted with each other. Despite the limited war fought between the two countries on their Himalayan border 50 years ago, this competition has relatively little long-standing historical or ethnic animosity behind it. To Know More Please Read:

Secularism subverted

The mad race by so-called secular parties to grab the Muslim vote-bank is resulting in absurd situations. In Kerala, for instance, Hindus, who constitute 56 per cent of the State population, have been reduced to a minority in the State’s Cabinet, following the recent addition of a Muslim member to the Council of Ministers. To Know More Please Read:

Gogoi wants refugee status for Bangladeshis

Chief minister Tarun Gogoi   has advocated refugee status   for people who had to leave their countries owing to persecution, atrocities or violence. Calling on the Centre to take measures in this regard, Gogoi told a press conference on Monday that he had raised the issue of showing "humanitarian consideration" with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh during his recent visit to the state.   To Know More Please Read:

Religious fundamentalism on rise among Sinhalese, Muslims

Ascension in religious fundamentalism among Islamists is not limited to the Indian state of Bengal only. The entire Indian subcontinent is witnessing its steep rise and Sri Lanka happens to be the latest in this regard. Without doubt, ingrained ethnic animosity has led to lots of catastrophes in this island-country surrounded by Indian Ocean and as per experts, the recent developments will add fuel to the same fire only in this island. To Know More Please Read:

Hindu Samhati’s standpoint of steel toughens Hindu struggles in Bansghata

Hindu Samhati’s exulting march was witnessed on April 21, 2012 once more when people in strength did attend its meeting at Bansghata village (around Indo- Bangladesh border), P.S. Bagda, District: 24 Paraganas (North).  It is needless to say that mounting Hindu persecution by Islamists in the vicinity has been the key reason to propel hapless Hindus there to call for Hindu Samhati.   To Know More Please Read:

Infiltrators terrorizes local habitant

The villagers of Ghuni Uttar Math under New Town police station at North 24 Parganas might not have it in their worst nightmares what they actually experienced on the second day of Bengali new year i.e. 15 th April, 2012. The theory of universal fraternity and secularism, what they have been taught over the years by political leaders, were shattered as they experienced the true colour of Islamic barbarism. To Know More Please Read:

Now, it’s Chandannagar

Hindus face heat of Islamists’ tortures Hindus are not safe at any quarter in Bengal and for sure the mounting official and non-official endorsements to Islamists are playing a key role to stimulate them to persist their first and foremost task – Hindu persecution – in an alleged democratic framework. Shockingly repellent Hindu persecution taking place on April 19, 2012 at Urdibazar, Chandannagar, District: Hooghly, does denote the same worsening saga in every capacity. To Know More Please Read:

Hindu Samhati enthuses Banagon

Tapan Ghosh’s clarion call of need of sacrifices makes Hindus enlivened Eve of April 20, 2012 was like the evening of any other casual day in the realm of Tangra Colony, Banagon, P.S. Bamgaon, District: 24 Paraganas (South), but what turned out to be in the end proved to be something beyond the expectation of people, especially Hindus, living there. A campaign indeed went on of the meeting of Hindu Samhati (on that very day) in the last few days and apart from the endorsement of a very few people, no wider support was visible.  But at long last all reluctant Hindus were found to seat in the vast field right before the podium of HS and listen to the fiery speeches of speakers of Hindu Samhati and above all of Sri Tapan Ghosh, president, Hindu Samhati keenly. To Know More Please Read:   

Hindus – stepchild of Secularism in India

Is the chronicle of secularism doctored in the realm of India?  This single issue has been confounding Indians, in particular Hindus, through decades and truly, the dispute refuses to end as with each day it passes, the same is getting more baffling. And the role of political parties in India, regardless of their (alleged) ideological inclinations, has been no less in fuddling the issue.  Secularism, to cut a log story short, as per western tradition, happens to be a doctrine that does decline religion along with religious considerations or does portray an institution where biasness  to any particular religion finds no place in administration. Moreover, the Secular State, on the whole, doesn’t have the right to mistreat or placate any individual or community on the basis of personal religion. Are all these perceived in India? I am eagerly waiting for a favorable answer even if this prospect is as bleak as the sun rays in a cloudy day!  To Know More Please Read: http://ganashakti.b

Growing beef trade hits India's sacred cow

When 33-year-old Ashoo Mongia visits the supermarket it's rarely for stocking up his fridge for the week. As head of a cow protection enforcement team, he regularly scours Delhi grocery stores and outdoor markets for food products containing cow beef. For the last 15 years, Mongia and his team of 120 Delhi-based volunteers have thrown themselves in a battle that pits India's billon-dollar meat industry and growing underground beef trade against Hindu traditionalists keen on preserving the holy status of cows. "The cow is our mother, it's our duty to protect her," said Mongia, who monitors and raids hundreds of stores, butcher shops and slaughterhouses suspected of carrying, selling or slaughtering India's blessed bovines. "We do this because we believe in what the cow represents in our country, our culture and in the Hindu religion." To Know More Please Read:

Why the silence for persecuted Hindus?

Religious persecution on the hapless minority community of Hindus in Pakistan is nothing new; it has become an old reality by now even if there has never been end to it thus far. Hindus, in the realm of Pakistan , can be persecuted on the slightest pretext; at times no pretext is essential even. If you are a Hindu lady (even if an elderly one), you can easily be robbed or molested or both at the same instant; forget of the younger ones – vulnerable to all forms of attacks forever and a day and can also be ravished and forced to change religion depending on whims of Islamists. What makes onlookers to all these more flabbergasted is the inhuman dearth of sane voices against these worst instances of human rights violations. State happens to be the protector of all, especially the minority communities, and the same is found in India with brightness as well. Perhaps here we can find a decent voice. To Know More Please Read:

No country for Hindu minorities

Very few communities have suffered so much in their own homeland as Hindus of Bengal, and that too at the hands of their Arabised/Islamised compatriots. While Hindus in West Bengal are declining both in number and the politico-administrative system, in Islamic Bangladesh they are victims of a systematic ethno-religious cleansing. Post-partition, while Sikhs and Hindus in West Pakistan were subjected to jhatka, in East Pakistan they became items for halal. The Nehru-Liaquat Pact (1950) actually went against Hindus of East Pakistan while ensuring greater consolidation of Muslims in India . To Know More Please Read:

A cycle for each minority Muslim girl student – Didi’s newest benevolence

What’s of girls of other minority communities? Parochial Bengal government sets new standard of shamelessness Didi is recklessly determined as usual (in her own style) and to further her own views, reigning Bengal government is all set to render a free cycle to each and every Muslim girl student and the cudgel of this responsibility falls on West Bengal Minorities Development and Finance Corporation. It has been learnt that the cash strapped Bengal government has already obtained the necessary fund for this job and Muslim girl students of both Madrasa and other schools, from Class IX to Class XII, will be provided this unique facility. Even if officials of Minorities Development have already stated that such facilities shall be given to wretched Muslim girl students only, conflicting statements have made the saga unscrupulous only. To Know More Please Read:  

Islamists beat innocent Hindu youth mercilessly in Hooghly

On April 12, 2012, at 4.30 pm, Uttam Santra and Dilip Santra (cousin of Uttam), inhabiting village: Majher Aat, Panchayat: Kumirmara village, Chanditala No. 1 Block, P.S. Chanditala, District: Hooghly , became victims of ferocious attacks of local Islamists while they were in the field to tend cows. Making such a common incident (tending cows) as a pretext, Basir Sheikh (nick name Bulun), son of Islam Uddin Sheikh, tussled with them. To Know More Please Read:  

Humanity Assassinated: Ethnic Cleansing of Minorities in Islamic Bangladesh

by Aryaputra  We now know the Holocaust of the Jews, Hitler’s “Final Solution of the Jewish Question”, which is written in history with human blood. The “Final Solution” of some kind of a different by murderers of different religious belief in a country has been occurring over the last four decades. I am talking about the ethnic cleansing of the Hindus in Bangladesh. And yes, as Horowitz said, listen carefully to every dead human. Each one of them has a tragic story to tell; pay attention and you will hear an unmistakable whisper in their silence, the stories of their suffering and injustice caused to them because of their minority status in a Muslim majority country. Those who are still fortunate enough to live for few more days are in mental wreck so much so that they are all living dead. Today not only the victims, but also the humanity itself cries bitterly for your attention. To Know More Please Read:

Rig Vedic Polytheism and Punya Bhumi

by  Vijaya Rajiva The Rig Vedic worship of many gods and goddesses provoked commentators from Abrahamic faiths (mainly Christians) to call the system polytheism (the worship of many gods). Modern Hindus are no longer intimidated by the polytheist label. Hindus believe that their land is Punya Bhumi   (sacred earth) inhabited by the gods and goddesses of the universe, who are invited to special open air feasts ( yagnas ) and also housed in temples built for them by devotees. Perhaps no country in the world has so many temples, from north to south, east to west, and no other religious tradition has invoked the presence of deities in the Vedic yagnas   and their successors in the Agama traditions of ritual and worship. To Know More Please Read:

Fake Currency and Economy of India

It’s known far and wide that Pakistan leaves no stone unturned to destabilize India and fake currency, in this regard, happens to be one of its most useful tools. And contrary to the expectation of all, the main route of the same is operated through Bengal. Reason? Painstaking studies do reveal that Bengal, within the federal structure of India, happens to be the friendliest state to Pakistan and its best sympathizers, naturally, reside here most. Two bordering districts of Bengal, Murshidabad and Malda, hence, are mostly being used in this regard. All these breathtaking info have been learnt from the investigations of NIA or the National Investigation Agency. To Know More Please Read:

Jama Masjid car bomb suspect held in Kolkata

Kolkata is no longer a soft target of Islamists but has turned out to be a bastion for them to conduct anti-India activities with vigor. Without doubt, the weird propensity among politicos to retain a pro-minority standing to preserve self-interest and political ambitions sacrificing national interest happens to be the greatest crime. Truly, India has entered a new era, an indecent era when national interest can be yielded at the stroke of any moment – the country remains the greatest casualty. The arrest of an alleged Indian Mujahideen (IM) operative in the heartland of Kolkata does not come a shock hence but as a natural incident with which citizens of the metropolis are getting accustomed to more and more. Will reports painting a gloomy picture of Kolkata be discarded still?       To Know More Please Read:

Hindu Samhati feels need of Hindu democratic struggles to stop rising onslaughts

April meeting asks Hindu youth to face the reality, get forthright April, 2012 meeting of Hindu Samhati happens to be seminal; while on one hand, it did accentuate the fast deteriorating situation (as regards mounting onslaughts on Hindus) in the length and breadth of Bengal, it also gave emphasis to need of forming democratic mass struggles to protest against the burgeoning oppressions on Hindus, parochial designs to better Imams being the latest.  To Know More Please Read:  

Our Struggle – Bengal is in a disarray

West Bengal and Mamata Banerjee. A strange relation indeed (at this point in time) and hence, it’s next to impossible to determine whose zodiacal constellation is Jupiter or Saturn (now).  Is there any definite reason to initiate the writing in such a harsh tone? Well, there are a few. Many people hoped that the much-talked “Poriborton” would lead to drastic changes in Bengal and the state, hence, would remain under the tutelage of zodiacal constellation of Jupiter. To Know More Please Read:

Hindu girl tells Paki SC she would rather die than convert to Islam

"In Pakistan there is justice only for Muslims, justice is denied Hindus. Kill me here, now, in court. But do not send me back to the Darul-Aman [Koranic school] ... kill me". This is the desperate, heartbreaking outburst of Rinkel Kumari, a Hindu girl aged 19, who has entrusted her heartfelt appeal to the judges of the Supreme Court in Islamabad. Her story is similar to that of many other young women and girls belonging to religious minorities - Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, Ahmadis - kidnapped by extremist groups or individuals, most of the time lords or local mafia, which convert them by force and then marry them . And that is what the girl said on 26 March, before the judges of the capital's court. To Know More Please Read: (Rinkel Kumari) 

Will Mamata cater for distressed Hindu priests of Bengal as well?

Is Didi ready to go through this acid test? Why will Hindu priests be abandoned even if Imams are being privileged? This can’t be in any way and without a shred of doubt, any such approach will never be accepted. Reigning Trinamool Congress-led government belongs to everybody instead of any precise community. Thus speaks Pandit Samaj, an organization of Hindu priests in the Indian state of Bengal – determined to have financial assistances for priests, especially distressed ones, from the governance. With this end in view, the organization has asked Ms. Mamata Banerjee, Chief Minster of Bengal , to provide financial assistance to Hindu priests and in this respect Didi’s bounteous gifts to Islamists, above all to the state's Muslim clerics in the form of a monthly honorarium of Rs 2,500, remains a burning example to them. When asked of the existing reality for Hindu priests in Bengal , Pandit Murari Mohan Vedantaditirtha Shastri, leading member of Pandit Samaj, said unequivocally

CPIM demands reservations for Muslims in job, other sectors too

Appeasement sets to be cornerstone in Indian politics   When revered Didi favors an issue can CPIM be far behind from doing the same? It can’t be by any means; and when the issue is to privilege Islamists to preserve own secular credentials, both are witnessed to be at loggerheads. Didi has already bestowed millions of notes, as regards ranging from fixing Imam’s salary from state exchequer to an assortment of other measures (administration’s growing indifference to nab Islamist criminals being the prime), for bettering Islamists. Now it’s the turn of CPIM to grow to be the self-proclaimed custodian of Islamists. Both to recover its support and confidence among Muslims and also to retain its pro-minority image, CPIM, through its 20 th Party Congress, has demanded 10 per cent reservation for Muslims in central government jobs and educational institutions. In accordance with the party, Ranganathan Mishra Commission had the same recommendation as well. Even if identical views regardi

From Bosnia to Syria: Is History Repeating Itself?

by Benjamin Schett Anyone closely following the ongoing crisis in Syria will notice that the desire for reforms is coming from a large part of the Syrian population which has no ties to the armed insurgency supported by foreign powers. These groups, many of them Wahhabi or Salafi terrorists, constitute a serious threat to the unity of Sunni, Shia, Alawite, Christian and Druze living together in a sovereign secular state. To Know More Please Read:

Is Mamata’s Imam-special package falling flat?

It’s not an endeavor to befriend Muslims, especially the poor section, but to concede to the Islamic whims so as to emerge victorious in the coming Panchayat election. This singular image was discerned on April 3, 2012 in the chock-full Netaji Indoor Stdium, Kolkata where Didi went too generous to bequeath heaps of mouthwatering endowments to Imams in Bengal . It does start from providing a   monthly stipend of Rs 2,500 for 30,000 Imams  in Bengal to assorted other facilities like   housing schemes and funds for education of their children. The question whether the same will be found for Hindus ever must be brushed aside as it’ll never materialize and any conscious Hindu can state the same with conviction. And hence, this is not the main issue at the moment. Here is the question – have all these savory gifts gratified Islmists’ souls or whether there is the need of more. The question is asked as history teaches us surrender incites more demands only – and this simple arithmetic gets