Thursday, January 28, 2010

Major Hindu Event in Eastern India by SAMHATI

Hindu Samhati's 2nd Anniversary Mega-Event

14th February, 2010 - 1 PM

Shraddhananda Park, Kolkata, India


Swami Pradiptanandaji, Bharat Sevashram Sangha.

Pramod Mutalik, Dr. Babu Suseelan,

Tapan Kumar Ghosh,

Sunil Deodhar,

Sailendra Jain,

Vinod Yadav

A Huge Public Meeting on the Foundation Day of Hindu Samhati.

Through the sincere support and blessings of the Hindu people Hindu Samahti completes 2 years of its existence. In every direction the workers and supporters of Hindu Samhati are essaying to save the land of West Bengal from the ruthless encroachment of the enemy. Today the Hindu Faith, the honour of Hindu Women, Hindu land and property, security of economy and existence are under a relentless threat from anti India and anti Hindu forces. These diabolical forces want to uproot the Hindu from the land of West Bengal with the active assistance of the political parties and administrative machinery. The backdrop for the creation of a new Pakistan is being readied as Hindus become a minority in block after block. Already 3 Districts and 62 blocks have become Hindu minority. A few others are on the way. After oppressing the Hindus in the Hindu minority areas the thrust is on the Hindu majority areas. Through forcible occupation of land, construction of new masjids, madrassahs and graveyards a nefarious scheme is unfolding to drive out the Hindus from these areas and turn them into a minority. Hindu women are being snatched away from Hindu society be every hook and crook. A ‘green’ blueprint has been created to takeover Hindu trade and economy. Caught in this ‘chakravyuha’ of Muslim aggression, political assistance and administrative apathy the rural Hindu has become a helpless onlooker of his own demise. The need of the hour is protest, resistance and an urgent resolution of this situation.

Let us come and meet in thousands for the 2nd anniversary of the foundation of Hindu Samhati, to vow for Hindu resistance and make this meet a grand success.


Date: 14th February, 2010 at 1 PM

Venue: Shraddhananda Park, Kolkata

With the Blessings of Reverend Swami Pradiptanandaji Maharaj, Bharat Sevashram Sangh

President: Shri Tapan Kumar Ghosh, Hindu Samhati.

Chief Guest : Pramod Mutalik, President, Sri Rama Sena, Karnataka.

Special Guest: Sunil Deodhar, International Human Rights Manch, Mumbai.

Speakers: Dr. Babu Suseelan, United Hindu Front, USA; Sailendra Jain, Hindu Nirman Dal; New Delhi, Vinod Yadav, Go Raksha Andolan, Bihar.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Inexplicable are Calcutta High Court’s verdicts.

Again a minor Hindu girl and a Muslim boy of 22 years eloped. When the case has been moved in the Division Bench of Calcutta High Court comprising Hon’ble Justice Pinaki Ghosh and Justice Prasenjit Mandal, they told, according to media report, that they are not worried about the age of the girl, because the marriage was held under Muslim Law. Its proof also has been produced in the court. Hence they are satisfied. The Hon’ble Judges ordered to present the boy and the girl to the court. The Judges only want to see how they are, and they want to hear from the girl about her mental condition.

Here the boy is Seikh Aajit Ali, 22, and the girl is Moumita Chakraborty. Both are resident of two neighboring villages under Daspur P.S. of West Midnapur district. According to Idrish Ali, advocate of Aajit Ali, the age of the girl is 19. But according to the parents of the girl, their daughter is minor in age. [Ref. – Anandabazar Patrika (p.-4), 16.01.2010]

The advocate will try to save his client, here Seikh Aajit Ali, it is understandable. But strange is the stance of the Hon’ble Judges. They are satisfied that the marriage has been solemnized under Muslim Marriage Act. Hence, age of the girl is no bar.

Funny. How a Hindu girl can marry under Muslim Act? Has she has been converted to Islam? If she has been converted to Islam, how can she do this without proper consent of her legal guardian if she is a minor? In the case of her conversion to Islam before marriage, those who have converted her has committed a culpable offence by converting a minor without the consent of her parents. Why didn’t the Honourable court take cognizance of this offence? If there is no bar for converting a minor boy or girl, then a boy of 9 years or a girl of 8 years can easily be duped and converted by unscrupulous elements. Does our Constitution permit this? We are no legal experts. But, two recent verdicts of Calcutta High Court (the other was delivered on 16.12.09 in the case of Sahidul) will destroy the Hindu Society throughout India.

If these verdicts are within the ambit of our Constitution, then this Constitution is dangerously anti-Hindu. Then we should have no respect for this Constitution. Then we, the Hindus need a separate Hindu Law for us and to protect ourselves. And if the Hon’ble Judges exceeded the limit of the Constitution, then it will be suspected that they are playing in the hands of anti Hindu forces, may be Jehadi forces. After the Justice Dinakaran case and several other cases of impropriety on behalf of some Judges, the Judges are no longer holy cows, they are not above scrutiny.

All the well wishers of Hindu Society should take a serious note of these anti Hindu verdicts of Calcutta High Court.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Makar Sankranti Message From Tapan Ghosh


I convey my Best Wishes to all on the auspicious day of Makar Sankranti.

This is a day of Festival for the Hindus. Our Great Forefathers, long ago, started to observe this day as ‘Auspicious’ to give some message to the larger society. That Message was of change and of consolidation. Change for the Better and Consolidation for Strength.

In Nature, this day indicates the change of cosmic configurations. This day, the Sun God enters the ‘Makar Rashi’, its journey from South to North starts. Hence it starts to give more light, more energy to the creation from this day. This is a change in Nature. So, Humankind, too, taking lesson from Nature, should strive for more light in the area of knowledge and more energy in social activities. Like in nature, there should be a change in society, change in the right direction, change for the better.

This day brings the message to the Humanity to abandon its inertia. Particularly Hindu Society is suffering from deep rooted inertia since the days of its slavery. It resulted in killer passivity. We must get rid of it. This is the day when we confer to get rid of this killer passivity.

That’s why, our forefathers started the ritual/tradition of ‘Makar-Snan’ or ‘Sankranti-Snan’ (Holy Bath), to bring people out from the comfort of their homes, to face the cold of winter and to take a ritual bath in the ice cold waters, to condition the people to be indifferent to hardships and face adversity boldly. Simultaneously, to take a long journey to mingle with others at Gangasagar or Kumbh. This creates social integration and consolidation. This is our way of creating Unity, without sacrificing one’s speciality or uniqueness. The whole world comes to see this unique Unity in Diversity in our Kumbh or Gangasagar.

Those persons who are unable to make this long journey on health ground or financial constraints, are instructed to take a bath in nearest river or a specific pond nearby. That river or that pond is considered to be the sacred Ganga this day. You must come out from the comforts of your home, you must mingle with others, you must feel that you are a part of the larger society, you must face the difficulties of nature, and you must strive for change, the change for the better. This is the message of this Auspicious Day of Makar-Sankranti, which permeates through ages from our great forefathers through the sacred traditions of our great religion.

Again I convey my Best Wishes to All.

Tapan Kumar Ghosh

President, Hindu Samhati

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Mamata Banerjee Expels Senior Party Leader to Appease Islamists

Kolkata Resists Muslim Aggression
Trinamool Leader had to pay for it.
TMC District President Ashok Jha sacked by Mamata Banerjee

There is a small dilapidated building in Burrabazar area of Kolkata. It was once owned by a Muslims before 1947. Presently there is no Muslim house in the locality. About 20 years back some Muslims came and requested local Hindus that they want to offer Namaz there every Friday. Hindus granted their appeal. Not only that, local Hindu businessmen helped them to remodeling it as a Mosque providing them stone and marble as donation. Only 10-12 Muslims used to come there every Friday and offer Namaz. There was no disturbance, no problem. In fact Hindus protect the so called Mosque throughout the time. Despite the fact that space is extremely costly in this area as this Burrabazar is business capital of entire Eastern India, that religious place of Muslims was never encroached by the local businessmen.

But, they had an eye on it. Since last one year Muslims tried to make illegal construction on the roof of the building. Naturally local residents gave objection because it would block the windows of the neighboring households. One of the adjacent building is of Sri Ashok Jha who was the President of Trinamool Congress of Burrabazar District till six day back. He too gave objection as his windows also would be blocked by the illegal construction. But, Muslims tried repeatedly. Hence Ashok Jha prayed to Judicial Court and got injunction upon the illegal construction. Court also ordered the Police to Impose section 144 of Cr PC under which any gathering in the area is prohibited.

Defying all these Court Orders, Muslims again put a tin shed over the roof of the building. Despite complaining, Police took no action. By this time the local people formed a forum named Rabindra Sarani Muhalla Committee under the leadership of Ashok Jha.. This committee collected mass signature and campaigned against this illegal construction because the local Hindus became apprehensive about the sinister design of the Muslims to expand their area of domination throughout the area.

Getting stiff resistance from Hindu populace and Ashok Jha, Muslims sought help from the infamous Imam Barkati of Tipu Sultan Masjid, Kolkata. Barkati informed to Mamata Banerjee and complained against Ashok Jha. Mamata Banerjee is ever ready and more than eager to please Muslims. So she ordered Jha to stop the agitation. Jha tried to explain the actual situation and local sentiment. But Mamata is already convinced what to do. She sacked Ashok Jha instantly from the post of District President of TMC and conveyed the decision by TMC MLA Dinesh Bajaj.

On 6th January, the members of Rabindra Sarani Muhalla Committee under the leadership of Ashok Jha removed the tin shed from the roof of the building. Muslims made a hue and cry and spread a rumor that the Mosque has been broken by Hindus. On the Same day afternoon, TMC MLA Dinesh Bajaj visited the spot and told the Muslims to go ahead with the construction and that he would protect them.

In this situation Ashok Jha with his followers started fast unto death from 7th January morning against the unlawful activities of the Muslims. 8th January was Friday. Tension was palpable in the area. Police posting was there. At 12 noon, about 300 Muslims came by trucks and cars. There was no space inside the building for such a huge crowd. They assembled on the road Rabindra Sarani. Mohalla committee members appealed to the police to disperse them as Sec. 144 was already imposed there. But police took no action. Muslims formed cues, blocked the road and offered Namaz. By this time about 2000 Hindus also gathered there. They did not create any obstruction to the Namaz. But, they too started Bhajan and Arati on the road. Hindu women took part in it in large number. When the Namaz was completed, then Police started action flexing its muscle. Police mercilessly lathicharged upon the Hindus, dispersed them and forcibly arrested Ashok Jha with his wife and 25 Muhalla Committee members. The whole area became tense, all the shops in he busy market place shut down their shutter, local schools declared closure immediately. Police dispersed any mob throughout the day and after who tried to peep into the disputed building. Police ruthlessly crushed any type of protest on behalf of the Hindus.

No political party or any of their leaders came to visit the spot and lend support to the Hindus, although all parties and each and every leader of those parties collect money from the businessmen of this Burrabazar area. Hindu Samhati leaders visited the spot, talked to the wife of Ashok Jha and his followers, assured support to them for the cause. Sri Jha and others were released in mid night.

The situation of Burrabazar area is speedily deteriorated scince last Assembly election in 2005, when the most communal and criminal Mohammed Shorab was elected from Burrabazar Constituency in the ticket of RJD, with the support of CPIM. Since then Shorab, a small time fruit seller, calls the shot in the area. Now, he captures the ownership of all the prime location which are being transferred. Moreover, the Marwaris or the local businessmen go to his ‘Darbar’ for sorting out their disputes or internal matters. Mohammed Shorab takes huge amount of money from these people for his service, i.e. utilizing the influence of his muscle power or underworld strength.

The Muslim dominated areas of Kolutola, Zakaria Street, Kalabagan Basti are situated near Burrabazar and Nakhoda Masjid, the largest Mosque of Kolkata too is nearby. So, Muslims are very much eager to capture the business district of the entire eastern India. Fortunately, this business community (mainly Marwaris) and the labourers of the area are not so called Seculars, as they are not of Bengali origin. Perhaps, their intellect and rationale have not been shattered/jeopardized/confused by the oft repeated hymn, “ Jato Mat Tato Path.”

But , they are now being to compelled to surrender to the brute force of Muslims and their gang-leader Mohamed Shorab. The rulling Party CPIM although extracts money from this businessmen, but they pretend to be anti-Marwari. For example, for long time the educational Boards of Marxist govt, print question papers for Board Examination in Bengali, English and Urdu. But not in Hindi, although a large number of Hindi speaking students, most of whom are children of poor labour class, such as Jute mill Labourers, Tea garden labourers, etc. Everybody knows that majority portion of Muslims of West Bengal, who live in the rural areas, do not know Urdu at all. Only a very small portion of Urdu speaking Muslims live in Kolkata and suburbs, most them are Bihari Muslims. But only to appease the Fundamentalist sentiment of the Muslims, all these misdeeds have been done by the communists, resulting in breaking the morale of Non Bengali People and moral boost up of fundamentalist Muslims.

Earlier, this business community i.e. Marwaris were used to be prey of the Marxsists, now the same people are being squeezed and persecuted by the Muslims goons.
As in Assam, the internal conflict between the Assamese and the Bengalis ultimately weakened the Hindu Society and resulted in Muslim domination ( now 7 districts out of 23 in Assam have become Muslim majority), in West Bengal too, the Marwari – Bengali difference may create the same condition here. Here both Bengali and Non Bengali Hindu communities should take lesson from the situation of Assam and should work together to resist growing Islamisation of the State.

Posted by Hindu Samhati's International Communication Team.