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Gangasagar is Burning Again !

GANGASAGAR BURNS AGAIN Gangasagar burns again. Muslims demolished a Hindu club, looted all its articles and sports instruments, destroyed a dozen Hindu shops, looted all goods, the police remained merely meek spectator and strangely detained 16 Hindus whose shops have been looted. Rudranagar is the village where Sagar Police Station is situated in the famous Hindu pilgrimage Gangasagar island. Within half km distance of the Sagar Police Station, there is one renowned Club of the local Hindu youths named Ahalya Club. Besides the club building, there is a small piece of vested land measuring about 0.15 acre, owned by the government. Since last 10 years, the Ahalya Club members organize Durgapuja on that land. Nobody has any problem with it. No Muslim reside within one and half kilometer area from that place. And this place is adjacent to Rudranagar market. Moreover, the only Hospital of the island and the BDO office are also situated here. Yesterday on 1st March at 2 pm, 6-7 Muslims cam