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UPDATE----Hindu Villagers Attacked in Birbhum....continued

TRIBAL WOMEN MIGRATED TO JHARKHAND Hindu Samhati to send Team to Birbhum The poor Hindu tribal women are regularly sexually exploited and raped by Muslim goons all over West Bengal. But in recent months the matter has become so worse in the Mohammadbazar area in Birbhum district that after last two days incidents, tribal organisations from Jharkhand had to intervene to protect the honor of their womenfolk. The West Bengal administration has been miserably failed in this regard. From the response and attitude of the police officers notwithstanding what they say, the tribals are convinced that this administration possesses no will power to take any decisive steps to protect them from the onslaught of the powerful and rich Muslim miners and their Islamist goons. So the tribal mukhias/leaders sent SOS to neighbouring Jharkhand. The response is prompt and quick. The AJSU (All Jharkhand Student's Union) leaders of Jharkhand sent their representatives to Mohammadbazar to gauge the

Hindu Villagers Attacked by Muslim Mafia in Birbhum, West Bengal

Suri: One person was killed and several were injured in a clash at several Hindu tribal-dominated villages in Birbhum’s Mohammad Bazaar, the heart of the stone mining belt, on Thursday. A Muslim mob, reportedly backed by the local stone crushers and mine owners (all Muslims), launched an attack on the Hindu villages early in the morning. The attack was reportedly in retaliation to the killing of a corrupt Muslim stone crusher supervisor on Monday. The Hindu villages have seen simmering tension for the past couple of months, with villagers alleging that poor tribals were exploited and their land snatched away by the Muslims in the stone-crushing industry. They had also been complaining that villagers were often injured during blasting in stone mines. Also, there has been rampant compalints of Hindu women being attacked and assaulted by Muslim activists along the whole mining belt in West Bengal and Jharkhand. On Monday night, a supervisor of a stone crushing unit, Basirul Seikh (50,

Islamic youth attack Hindus at a Barrackpore Sports Center

Incident report 16th April, 2010. At the Barrackpur Sports Complex ground in Barrackpur town in Warless Gate Royal Park area, players (both male and female) were practicing, some Muslim boys (aged between 16 and 22), sitting beside the playing fields, started whistling and taunting on the female players of the club. This eve-teasing is a regular phenomenon there. Then the Muslim boys called a female player named Dona and pressed her to give her and her friends (all girls) mobile numbers. Dona was scared. Somehow she fled away from that corner of the ground, they started shouting ‘WE WILL GO TO YOUR HOUSES. WE’LL SIT ON YOUR BEDS, and WE WILL DO-------‘ Hearing this, other fellow Hindu players, who were warming up there, protested against this. They too were slapped and thrashed by the hooligans. For protection all the players took shelter inside the Club building. Then at around 6.15 pm, about 50-60 boys (age 16 – 22) came and entered the club building, specially in the bathrooms


Injured Sunil Singhadar Broken Idols of the Temple Broken Idol of Bal Krishna inside the Temple HINDU TEMPLE VANDALISED, RELIGIOUS FESTIVAL ATTACKED The onslaught of resurgent Islamic faith (thanks to West Bengal’s Islamic custodians like Trinamool Congress) on Hindus in Bengal is unabated and as part of the same series, the age-old Shiva Temple at Pagla Tala in Haringhata P.S. (Police Station) area of Nadia District, famous for holding Pagol Thakurer Mela for centuries right from the time of Raja Krishnachandra Roy, becomes the latest target of the Muslims. On 28.03.10 at around 7 p.m, when the congregation was at full blast, a violent crowd of approx 400 Muslim goons strongly-armed, with sinister designs, usurped the vicinity and ransacked the entire gathering along with local shops and the Shiva Temple (Pagol Thakurer Mandir) was destroyed, also