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Hindu Samhati distributes new clothes in Charghat Khabrapota for Durga Puja

Hindus are overjoyed The name of Charghat Khabrapota, P.S. Swarupnagar, Dist. 24 Paraganas (North), is not new to the readers of Hindu Samhati website. The area is inhabited by Hindus belonging to the Bagdi community, a warrior class among Bengali Hindus, who have been engaged in a fierce battle to recover a substantial Hindu devottar property worth 54 bigha from the grip of Muslims in the environs. Hindu Samhati considers distribution of new clothes among members of this community to celebrate Durga Purga a devout job simultaneously and to make this a reality Tapan Ghosh, president of Hindu Samhati, went to Charghat Khabrapota on September 29, 2011 and distributed new clothes there. There is hardly any need to express merriment among Hindus there in words. The following pictures do the same best.

Strong, aggressive Hindu approach teaches Muslim thugs lesson in Gangasagar

Hindus in Gangasagar, this time, have set a new example by teaching Muslim troublemakers a strong lesson there. A mere incident of wrong phone call from a Muslim individual to a Hindu youth led to severe thrashing of the later and Hindus en masse, as a reaction, taught Rashid and his accomplices a strong lesson. The Hindu virility was too strong for Muslims to withstand and they retreated providing money for the medical treatment of Ghona Jana, Hindu youth. To Know More Please Read:

Hindu Samhati distributes clothes among poor Hindus to celebrate Durga Puja

Hindu Samhati has its own notion of Durga Puja – it considers the Goddess (Devi Durga) as the ultimate epitome of power and energy that has been ever functional to make goodness overwhelm evil - Ya devi sarvabhuteshu sakti – rupena samsthita, Namas tasyai, Namas tasyai, Namas tasyai namo namah (To that Goddess who abides in all beings as power : Sautaions to Thee, …) and hence, desires that all Hindus must invoke Goddess Durga in new dresses. With this end in view, Tapan Ghosh, president of Hindu Samhati, is leaving no stone unturned to make HS notion a success – through distributing clothes among impoverished Hindu tribal and SC families. How it is going on and has been appreciated is found in the following pictures – of Chaital Adivasi Para, Basirhat subdivision, Dist. – 24 Paraganas (North), an extremely underdeveloped area. It feels great to state that 65 young girls of Chaital Adivasi Para were given new clothes (Churidar) in the Chaital High School. This is not the end –

Hindu Deities’ heads severed in Moukhali, Mograhat

Heads of large deities of Shani Dev and Kali Mata in the local temple of village Moukhali, P.S. Mograhat, Dist.: 24 Paraganas (South) were found severed on 27.09.11 night. Police proved itself prompt through immersing the deities to the nearby pond to subdue any religious flare-up. Hindu villagers are considering this police endeavor as a way to save Muslim felons. To Know More Please Read:

Hindu minor girl raped brutally in Bangladesh

Religious persecutions on Hindus in Bangladesh are in full action and without doubt, recurrent indifference of indigenous government to them has been one of the mainstays behind mounting tortures; recent rape of a Hindu minor girl at Baliadangi in Thakurgaon (District) in Bangladesh has revealed this vicious reality once more. Dipti Rani, age 11 years, happens to be a student of standard four in Boalimondol Government Junior School , P.S. Baliadangi and became a victim of lust of Md. Moshirul Islam (35), son of Shahidul Islam. To Know More Please Read:

Muslim mob runs amok in Behala, Kolkata

Is this only future? What has taken place in Behala of late is enough to send a shudder through spine. A large mob of Muslims, protesting against death of their pal, held the administration to a ransom and ransacked Hindu properties. Clashes between Hindus and Muslims went for sometime making the witnesses and environs apprehensive of more such assaults. Had Hindus not resisted with all might, disturbance could have led to mayhem. To Know More Please Read:

Divisive Communal Bill

Eminent Jurist Ram Jethmalani considers Prevention of Communal And Targeted Violence Bill as both divisive and communal. To Know More Please Read:

Lord Vishwakarma deity destroyed in Howrah

Munshirhat village, P.S. Jagatballavpur, Dist. Howrah, witnessed an unforeseen development on September 20, 2011. And it was the destruction of deity of Lord Vishwakarma by Muslims while Hindus in the environs were readying for its immersion. Hindus, being panic-stricken, have not been able to lodge any formal complaint to the police station yet. To Know More Please Read:

Our Struggle – Ten Thousand and 1 Madrasa

Madrasa education, in spite of lots of talking of its reformation and making it more scientific, starts with imposing studying of Arabic language along with Islamic learning on students and ends with the mission of popularizing and expanding teachings of Hadis and al-Qur'an . And how it can modernize a nation and social system can be found in both Pakistan and Bangladesh . Without a doubt, madrasa education is a curse on humanity. Its ominous presence has been responsible for the fast degradation of Muslims who are seeing the worst these days. To Know More Please Read:

Hindu Samhati makes Malancha Manasa Mela, 2011 colossal success

Hindu Samhati is Spartan in every sense of the term, be it in the field of struggle to uphold and sustain Hindu interest or building up a brawny communion among Hindus in Bengal . But none could imagine that the same stormy flag bearer of a historic obligation (defence of Hindus) could administer a social gathering, attended by thousands of people, so well, prior to September 21, 2011. Every year, during the same time, Devi Manasa Mela (Fair) Baich (Boat) competition takes place in Malancha, P.S. - Minakha, Dist. 24 Parganas (North), on the bank of Vidyadhari River , to celebrate both Manasa Puja and Vishwakarma Puja, happening simultaneously. And in this year the cudgel of responsibility to administer it was on Hindu Samhati, tried pal of Hindus in Malancha. And without doubt, it was a huge success.

Durga Puja Deities destroyed in Bangladesh; more on the agenda

Durga Puja, like every year in Bangladesh , has become a casualty in this year too. 4 deities, meant for the upcoming Durga Puja, have been desecrated and destroyed by Islamic fundamentalists in Alikadam, Bandaban , Bangladesh and the president of the Puja Committee is also fatally injured as a result. But Bangladesh Police is steadfast to retain communal harmony! What’s of Hindus then? They’re already at the receiving end. To Know More Please Read:

Hindu students in Bangladesh – more examinees than worshippers in Durga Puja this year

Durga Puja – 2011 is all set to be worst for Hindu students in Bangladesh . And the most culpable, in this case, is National University , Bangladesh . National University has annunciated that examinations of Honors 1 st year – 2010 will commence from 28 th September and examinations on different subjects will take place on October, 02, Maha Sasthi. Is anything more necessary to dishearten Hindu students there? To Know More Please Read:

Shyama Prasad – Kashmir – Palestine – America

Tapan Kumar Ghosh Had BJP-led NDA succeeded in 2004 Loksabha election, Atal Behari Vajpayee would surely have attained pinnacle of his career, inaccessible for anyone in the following decades. And by that he could have outshined Sangh Parivar even and defied its diktats coming to the fore at times. (To be precise, control of Sangh Parivar on Vajpayee was too trivial ever, if not more, and along with a few others I am also a witness to this saga). Hence, it can certainly be deduced that the overwhelming success could easily have made him desperate and he would not lose any time to adopt any frantic decision on Kashmir . But the same poll disaster nipped all his noble (?) dreams in the bud and Noble Peace Prize remained out of his reach. What a catastrophe! This proved to be beyond Vajpayee’s dream but Kashmir was definitely saved. What’s of global powers concentrating on the same issue like hawks? We’re talking of United States of America here and its diabolical stances or pretens

Simonti’s own harrowing account – how she was persecuted by her Muslim boyfriend-turned-husband and his family

Simonti is a well-bred, highly educated Hindu girl and does hail from an affluent and decent Hindu family in Kolkata. She, being naïve of brutal Islamic mindset to woo, convert and persecute Hindu girls, got engaged with a Muslim boy leading to the most harrowing episode in her life. Simonti was repressed by her Muslim boyfriend-turned-husband and his family day in and day out for both money and being from a Kafir Hindu family. With each day it passed, repression changed to persecution more and such was the extent that her baby infant girl also suffered inhuman negligence. Simonti’s account confirms destiny of a Hindu bride in a Muslim household. To Know More Please Read:

Gabbonia silent – apprehensive of new assault on Hindus

Both condition of Ajit Sardar, prime victim of Islamic brutality on 10.09.11, in village Gabbonia in Beharipara Atarbankia area, P.S. Jibantala, District: 24 Paraganas (South) in the Indian state of Bengal and also of the village happen to be stable at the moment. There has been no further approach from Muslim fundamentalists yet but Hindus continue to simmer in anger; they have identified their deprivation of rights by politico-administration-Islamist nexus. Even if there is stability, Hindus in Gabbonia, witnessing neo-extremism among Muslims, are apprehending harsher antagonism. To Know More Please Read:

Mograhat club gains major victory; upbeat to celebrate Durga Puja on same land

Shovarani Athletic Club in village Dakshin Maryada, Mograhat has finally won a long drawn-out and contentious battle and has attained the pledge that the ½ cottah of land will remain to under its authority for eternity and hence, inaccessible to any other party. What is more the Club can do its own construction in the land and independently. However, tract before the club remains a public property and hence, can be used for general use. A substantial portion of Hindus are resenting against the agreement terming it as pro-Muslim but Hindus, on the whole, are considering that there will be no more threats to Durga Puja. To Know More Please Read:

Mamata succumbs to fresh Muslim admonition

Volte-face to meet Milli Council leaders raises skepticism Mamata’s sudden effort to prepone meeting with senior leaders of Muslims in Bengal is enough for a sane individual to smell a rat. It is getting evident that the ruling Chief Minister is hell-bent to shower myriad grants to Muslims to ensure her own position in the state politics and also supremacy. She is forgetting without nod of state’s majority Hindu population nothing can be done and her each approach is leading to a social mayhem before long. To Know More Please Read:

Hindus in Kulpi tortured by murderous Muslims

To nip any form of Hindu resistance movement in the bud Islamic fundamentalists, these days, are leaving no stone unturned and ugliest face of the same was witnessed in the villages of Uttar Narayanpur and Gomukhberia, P.S. Kulpi, District: 24 Paraganas (South) yesterday, September 13, 2011. Muslim felons, no less than 1200, hailing from areas like Heliagachi, atmosid and kholapukur bazaar, with deadly weapons entered the said villages in the night and what took place after that is a rampage and plunder. To Know More Please Read:

Police hiding Afjal Taher’s whereabouts in Bagnan

Arrest of Syed Afjal Taher from Baganan and his hiding there and police’s reluctance to say anything on this are making people skeptical. It is sure that something is wrong somewhere. People in and around the place he has been arrested from are unaware of his whereabouts. All these prove he was sheltered there by one or several confidants. Who are they? To Know More Please Read:

Innocent Hindu family in Jibantala becomes victim of inhuman torture of Muslims

Jibantala, notorious for mounting Islamic atrocities on Hindus, has hit the headlines again with fresh Muslim-led assaults on an innocent Hindu family. The family was not involved to the hostility owing to collision between two vehicles of Hindus and Muslims. Muslims took oath of teaching Hindus lesson of lifetime and the Hindu family, naïve of entire development and returning through same Muslim-dominated area, became the worst victim. To Know More Please Read:

Muslims lash Hindus in Bamangola, Malda for crossing their thoroughfare!

Is this new brand of secularism? Is it a crime to pass through ways leading to Muslim areas? Certainly as per the Constitution of India it is not; but Malda episode proves that Muslims are becoming so audacious in India that they consider roads leading to their bastions as own and not for others. Thrashing of an innocent Hindu guy along with his family members there for doing the same proves that situation for Hindus is precarious. To Know More Please Read:

HS September meeting thrives capitally

Hindu Samhati meeting (on 11.09.11) in the month of September witnessed an unprecedented success, with the presence of hundreds of its activists and this credit goes to several factors at the same instant. While on one hand there is recurrent and fast strengthening Hindu resistance movement under aegis of HS across Bengal, the fresh and successful visit of Sri Tapan Ghosh, president of Hindu Samhati, to United States has also played a great role to invigorate a joyous mood among all. Sri Ghosh, during his fresh visit to US, put forward (successfully) harrowing experiences of Hindus in Bengal, persecuted intermittently by Islamic fundamentalists backed by political scenario and administration, and also the cause of Hindu Samhati to ward off such grievous incidents, becoming a part and parcel of Bengal more and more. Hindu Samhati meeting on 11.09.11 did initiate by a brief discussion of the said visit. Among the other issues mulled over in the HS meeting, changing political dime

Hindu women easy preys to Islamic lust in Amta, Howrah

Experiences and both recorded and unrecorded incidents prove any lady from the age of 7 to 70 can become victim of Islamic lust. And all these remind us the ominous days of partition when it was steadily becoming impossible for Hindu women to live with dignity. Well, it has to be said that there is no end of Islamic lust for Hindu women and perhaps experiences of more than the last millennium and such recurrent episodes manifest the same. Amta, prominent and self-sustaining town and also a community development block in Uluberia subdivision, District: Howrah, is facing the worst. To Know More Please Read:

Islamic bids to uproot Hindus getting prominent increasingly

Jangipara – depicts possible future of Bengal Hindus in Jangipara are making a drastic effort to save their own skin, kith and kin and also posterity against Muslims and to defeat them in two issues; crafted by Islamic fundamentals to defeat Hindus decisively and thus to break their moral fiber. Repeated efforts to cow Hindus have been going on for years at a stretch but Hindus led by Hindu Samhati refuse to cede. Intensity of Hindu defiance and resistance is rising steadily. To Know More Please Read:

Delhi blast manifests mounting Islamic efforts to subdue Hindu-dominated India

Hindu passivity similar to cowardice getting prominent The havoc resulting from bomb blast has returned to India once more with the blast in Delhi , its national capital, taking place today itself around 10.15 am. The blast reportedly took place outside Gate No. 5 of the Delhi High Court leading to a complete mayhem in the environs. What was the heaven of attorneys in black coats, busy in talking with others and certainly litigants till a few moments back turned into a necropolis; a vast tract of land filled with blood and witnessing screams for help. The death toll has risen to 12 while 60 heavily injured (some are even at stake) people have been rushed to Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital , Safdarjung Hospital and All India Institute of Medical Sciences. It has also come to the knowledge, dreaded Pakistan-based terror outfit Harkat-ul-Jihad-al-Islami ( HUJI ) has claimed responsibility by sending an email. What’s next then? We are not sure since there has hardly been any break

Muslims dare Bengal Chief Minister

Muslims are getting clamorous in Bengal more and more; speech of Qari Fazlur Rahman, Imam at gigantic Id congregation held on Red Road of Kolkata defying Mamata Banerjee annunciates that they can’t be taken for granted anymore. And the Bengal Chief Minister invited there to grace the occasion remained speechless only. What is the fate of Hindus, defenseless and orphan entirely, in Bengal then? To Know More Please Read:

What is definite Muslim population in India?

We have the right to know!! Suspicions are on the rise of the actual size of Muslim population in India and this is not with any alleged Hindu communal individual or organization but among United States of America . United States , as per Wikileaks, is firm in its belief that Muslim population in India ranges between 160 and 180 million. But India , taking cue from its last nationwide census, has termed the same to be around 150 million. Which is the truth then? To Know More Please Read:

Muslims hell-bent to construct illegal mosque disregarding Hindu protests in Dinajpur

Construction of anything illegal is strictly prohibited in India but Muslims in the village of Jobtagaon, P.S. Islampur, District: South Dinajpur are all set to attain the objective to erect an illegal mosque in the predominantly Hindu village. Pushing aside just Hindu objections, Muslims have started to garner support from external Islamic fundamentalists too and are in no mood to surrender. Apprehending sound defeat on legal grounds, Muslims are steadily yet covertly moving towards a civil war in the region. To Know More Please Read:

Kali temple desecrated in Diamond Harbour

Kali temple, located in Diamond Harbour Proper at National Highway No. 117, District: 24 Parganas (South) has become an easy prey to Islamic bigots. The revered temple has been pillaged; even the sacred idol of Mother Kali has failed to escape Muslim felons’ wicked designs. To Know More Please Read:

Time changes; Islamic persecution on Hindus remains same

Whatever may be changes in the global scenario, Islamic persecution on Hindus remains perpetual. This is a reality in both Pakistan and Bangladesh. Fate of non-Muslims, especially Hindus, in both countries remains unchangeable ever. Now, the rise of same in the Indian state of Bengal prove unless Hindus learn to strike back they will go to oblivion before long. To Know More Please Read:

Muslims abduct Hindu girl Dipanwita in Sandeshkhali

Administration indifferent to her hapless father Dinabandhu Mandal, inhabitant of village – Uttar Nalkara, P.S. Sandeshkhali, District: 24 Paraganas (North), is crying in despair due to abduction of her 19 year old daughter, Dipanwita. He has sufficient proof that she has been abducted by Anarul Mollah, s/o Wachel Mollah , of his neighboring family but owing to some sinister designs the local administration is not taking note of his pleas to find out the lost daughter. To Know More Please Read:

Muslim private teacher molests Hindu girl child

Mousumi, girl child of 7 years age, an inhabitant of village Beara, P.S. Bagda, District: 24 Paraganas (North) and has become a victim of molestation by her Muslim private teacher. The teacher was harassing her sexually in the preceding months but her molestation now has angered Hindu populace and to save the teacher, he has been taken into police custody. To Know More Please Read:

Muslim teacher punished for molesting Hindu girl students in Dinajpur

Hindu girl student molestation is increasing fast in Bengal and what happened in Sahavita Primary School in village Sahavita, P.S. Itahar, District: Uttar (North) Dinajpur during end of June, 2011 proves how precarious the situation is. Talat Mohammed (age 30), part-time teacher of the school, was solely responsible behind the incident and when the news reached Hindus in the village, he was battered and punished heavily. To Know More Please Read:

Repeated bids to transform Idgah to mosque worry Hindus in Jangipara

Hindus in the village of Santoshpur , Uttarpara (Rakta), Jangipara, P.S. Jangipara, District: Hooghly in Bengal are getting apprehensive of the worst due to recurrent efforts of Muslims to transform a local Idgah to mosque. Even if a mosque exists already in the environs, desperate efforts of Muslims to attain their objective are becoming more and more ominous to Hindus. Even after lots of pleas both by local administration and also Hindus to Muslims to steer clear of any such approach, they are getting adamant ever more and all these prove all good wishes have fallen on deaf ears. Hindus are considering the bid is to endanger their livelihood in Jangipara. To Know More Please Read:

Anna Hazare’s historic success inspires all but Muslims

Myriad statements from Muslim community of India , expressed by its custodians, prove Anna Hazare’s movement has failed to enlighten them and they do not find anything ideal in it at the same instant. While rest of Indians counted on his valiance, Muslims, it seems, were pained since the movement did not include any of their exclusive issues. Should every struggle start and end inclining to Muslim interests in particular? To Know More Please Read: