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Press Statement Hindu Samhati is pleased to declare the Public Rally organized on the occasion of the 1st anniversary of its foundation, a success. The rally was held at Shraddhananda Park on the 14th of February, 2009. About ten thousand people from different places participated in the Foundation Day celebration in Kolkata. The rally was addressed by Tapan Kumar Ghosh, President , Hindu Samhati and K.N. Govindacharya, Convenor, Rashtriya Swabhiman Andolan, among a bevy of other notable speakers. Tapan Kumar Ghosh , in his speech emphasized that in this very city of Kolkata, Siddiqullah Chaudhury, Barkati, the Imam of the Tipu Sultan Masjid of Kolkata had openly and in front of the press threatened the life of the notable Bangladeshi author Taslima Nasrin and had even declared a huge financial reward for anybody who kills her. Under Indian criminal law this is known as incitement to murder. However, under this dire provocation this State Government sat pretty took no steps to

Grand Success of 14th Feb Programme

Hindu Samahti offers its heartfelt thanks to all our members, supporters and well wishers for making the huge public rally on 14th Feb, 2009 a grand success. The full report of the rally with pictures and videos shall be uploaded shortly.

Hindu Samhati will observe ‘Martyr’s Day’ at Sonakhali on 10 February this year.

Eight years ago, 4 RSS Swayamsevaks were brutally murdered by local Muslim goons on 10 Feb 2001 in the village of Sonakhali under Basanti P.S. in South 24 Pargana district. At that time, the then Vibhag Pracharak of RSS Shri Tapan Ghosh led the Hindu resistance there. Consequently, the village became a 100 percent Hindu village. But, after that, Tapan Ghosh was transferred to North India by the organization. Thereafter the RSS observed the day (10 Feb) as Martyr’s Day every year. Voluntary Blood Donation and a public meeting held every year apart from garlanding the martyr’s memorial by some prominent Sangh leaders/Adhikaris. But this year Sangh has decided not to organize those programmes barring garlanding the memorials. Hindu youth of the area including the Swayamsevaks thought that it will send a wrong signal/message to the Muslims as well as the Hindu populace. So, they contacted Tapan Ghosh and requested him to guide and help them to organize the programme with full fervou

Hindu Samahti plans huge public rally for Anniversary.

Translation from Bengali: Dark clouds in the east. So is the silver lining. In the towns and villages of West Bengal the situation is slowly becoming like the one on the eve of partition. On the other side of the border the call has already been given for 'Greater Bangladesh'. It simply means that they want to increase the territory of Islamic Bangladesh by gobbling up West Bengal and Assam. That's why persecution of the Hindu is on the increase on this side of the border. Religious practices of the Hindus are being obstructed, honour of Hindu women are being assaulted. The number of abductions of poor Hindu girls from the villages are increasing by the day. And the persecuted Hindu has nobody by his side. The police refuses to register his complaint. Sometimes they demand bribes from the Hindu victims of persecution and then sends them back with an earful of secularism. When Hindus decide to resist the impingement of their honour and faith, the whole might of the state is

Hindu Samhati Plans Huge Public Meeting to Celebrate 1st Anniversary

A BIG PUBLIC MEETING ON THE OCCASION OF 1ST ANNIVERSARY OF THE FOUNDATION OF HINDU SAMHATI At SRADDHANANDA PARK, KOLKATA (Near Sealdah) On 14 th FEBRUARY, SATURDAY, 2 P.M. Main Speakers :- K.N. Govindacharya, Sardar Sarjeet Singh Dang Swamy Sudhananda Maharaj Vinod Yadav Sailendra Jain Brhamacharini Smriti Devi Santanu Sinha Tapan Ghosh