Friday, October 10, 2014

Visit of Sri Tapan Ghosh to Subalpur village, Birbhum

Hindu Samhati President, Sri Tapan Ghosh, on 25th September, 2014 went to Subalpur village in Birbhum dist where the so called crime of Gang Rape (Labhpur Gang Rape Case) of a tribal girl happened on 20 Jan this year. Perhaps you came to know that 13 Hindu Santhal tribal men, mostly young boys, have been convicted and awarded 20 years rigorous imprisonment by sessions court.

First, a quick recap. From day one, he was confident that this is a false concocted story not only to defame the Santhal tribals, but also to break the spine of this courageous community who are trying hard to preserve their culture and protect the honor of their women from the lust of Muslim miscreants in a very wide region of West Bengal and Jharkhand. The so-called victim girl has written in her complaint (on basis of which the case has been registered and 13 persons arrested) that she was to marry Khaleq Sheikh of Chouhatta village, and Khaleq Sheikh came to her house for discussing the marriage. This Muslim man Khaleq Sheikh is already married and has 2 children. His wife Hasina Bibi had confirmed that their 15 year old daughter's marriage preparation was going on, at that time. This Khaleq Sheikh, villagers complained, has illicit relations with this village's so-called victim girl of Santhal community. Khaleq gives her a lot of money. Hence, this is a type of prostitution, villagers alleged, due to which this village's environment was being badly vitiated. Hence, the community elders and women repeatedly told her to leave the village. But the 20 year old girl refused to obey them. Therefore, the village women were watchful and determined to catch them red handed and end the matter by compelling that girl to leave the village. However they had no idea that this would bring so much trouble and so much ignominy to the entire community.

These 13 innocent Hindu Santhal tribal boys and men have been falsely accused by the media, framed by the police, mocked by the "civil society intelligentsia" and forgotten by their fellow countrymen.
This, according to special sources, is a success of a deep conspiracy to break the self-protection system of poor illiterate tribal society of West Bengal & Jharkhand. However, although the tribal villagers (only 27 families) are almost broken in their spirit, they will appeal in Calcutta High Court. Surely we'll help them. Today I assured them of our help to fight the legal battles but we need funds to pay for lawyer expenses, fees etc. .
Sri Ghosh, helped the victim families with whatever little financial assistance that we could muster. Although they're in no mood of Durga Puja celebration, but we will still give them some new clothes to the children. If my friends want to extend a helping hand, they may do so. Among the families, few families are starving 2-3 days a week. In the families where food/meals are being cooked, many of them cannot eat due to depression. 

In this context, it must be admitted that the so called Tribal organisations and their Tribal leadership miserably failed to show their integrity & sincerity in helping these hapless poor families in their hour of need. Rather these hapless poor tribal have been exploited by these so called 'Tribal Organisations' and the so called Tribal leaders.

Hindu Samhati Vastra Vitaran prog in tribal village

On 30th September, 2014, Hindu Samhati President, Sri Tapan ghosh along with Sri Asitava Bhowmik, visited 3 villages in Bhangor PS and in Minakha PS. Two "Bastra Vitaran" programs were organised by Hindu Samhati local units. In Minakha the village Putkhali, he visited for 1st time and he was impressed. This is Tribal village. There is a 'Girls Football Team' comprised of 26 girl players. They distributed about 70 cloths there. The tribal girls presented 'santhali dance' and Vande Mataram dance in the program. 

Distribution of clothes by Hindu Samhati


On 30th September, the auspicious day of Mahasashthi, Hindu Samhati President, Sri Tapan Ghosh visited another village Nakurait in Bhangore block in South 24 Parganas dist along with other members of Hindu Samhati. This block is of absolutely Muslim majority. Last year 2013, Durgapuja held in this village for 1st time. He inaugurated it. This year they distributed about 100 plus new clothes in this village. Police cautioned our workers that Muslims complained regarding slogans there shouted by the Hindu youths.