Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hindu Samhati Plans and Executes Succesful Mission to Release Hindu Couple (with Pictures)

Ankita is Rescued From Islamist Mafia Nexus
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It was all set to become another story of Islamic victory over Hindu moral until Hindu Samhati, once again, emerged as the messiah in support of Hindus. Runa Halder (aged 19 years), daughter of Ahmad Halder, was a resident of Mandir bazaar, South 24 Parganas. She fell in love with a  Hindu boy – Rahul Mistry and subsequently got married to him. As the family of the girl did not approve of the marriage, and threatened with dire consequences, they were forced to leave their house in search of a safe place for them.

Ahmad Halder, who happens to be an influential person in the locality, claimed his daughter as minor and lodged a complaint in the local Mandir Bazar police station against the groom for kidnapping. After a few days, when he found the couple, he tortured the boy and forcibly took the girl only to sent her to one of his relative’s house at Chandrakona Road under Paschim Medinipur. On 27/11/2012, Runa was able to establish communications with Rahul and informed him about her whereabouts. Rahul, along with his two friends, went to Chandrakona Road and as they were on their way home after rescuing the girl, they were detained by Ghatal police under request from Mandir Bazar police station.

No sooner Hindu Samhati received the news of their detention; they contacted with the District Superintendent of Police (SP) and appraised him with the whole story. The SP, assured them full cooperation from administration after he became satisfied that both groom & bride was adults and there was no forcible elopement. He, then, instructed the Officer in Charge (OC) of Ghatal police station to ensure the safety & security of the couple in liaison with Hindu Samhati. The police was ready to release the couple immediately as they had no charges against them but considering it was already late at night, the OC was requested to provide them shelter for that night and he agreed. 

Islamist mafia elements attempted to interfere in the rescue operation in every step.  Their plan was to kidnap the couple right after the police release at night. 

Late in the night, father of the girl along with an advocate reached the police station but police refused to grant them any access to the girl as was requested by Hindu Samhati who had already pretended that this could happen. In the mean time, members of Hindu Samhati, liaised with Railway Police Force (RPF) at Panskura as it was decided that police would hand over the couple to Railway Police Force.

Today i.e. 28/11/2012, at around 1030 hours, OC Ghatal, escorted the couple to Panskura railway station and handed them over to RPF in presence of other family members and friends of the boy. RPF also sent 2 security guard with them upto Bagnan where Hindu Samhati boys took them into their custody.
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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hindu Pujas at Jibantala Bombed

It’s another sordid story of Hindu bashing from Jibantala, one of the most dreadful Muslim-dominated and violence-prone areas in the realm of 24 Paraganas (South).

The incident of molesting a Hindu girl occurred on October 20, 2012 (Tuesday), day of Maha Navami, at village: Madhya Narayanpur, Block: Canning – II, P.S. Jibantala, District: 24 Paraganas (South). And it was done by the joint activity of a few Islamist youths of the same village and of the neighboring Muslim-dominated village of Dhoaghata. The culprits tried to snatch scarf of the girl that led to a wild conflict between Hindu and Muslim youths.

The scuffle was so intense that local police had to intervene (after all) to call it a halt. Islamists, when Hindus were preparing for the immersion of Holy Deity of Devi Durga on October 24 on Vijaya Dashami, bombed the venue. Later, the immersion took place under stringent police vigilance.

Islamists expressed their nasty mindset once again during Kalipuja.

Kalipuja at village: Madhya Narayanpur was bombed around 11 pm, on November 15, 2012.

Madhya Narayanpur and its neighborhood are under police vigil now; Hindus are apprehending a worse danger in the coming days.

Islamists are going on with threatening Hindus living there. Hindus are too scared to lodge a formal complaint against the attackers in the local police station.

Hindu Samhati's Appeal to Hindus On the Auspicious Event of Jagadhtri Puja.

Muslim Cow Smugglers Holding Bengal Governance to Ransom

Bongaon incident exposes dirty secret
Presence of dreaded, nasty business of cow smuggling (unabated in the India-Bangladesh bordering districts of West Bengal) poking fun at religious beliefs of Hindus is known to all but its definite intensity surfaced only on Friday – November 24, 2012, following the death of four Muslim cow smugglers at Bangaon-Chakdaha road in Sialdanga area, P.S. Gopalnagar, Distirct: 24 Paraganas (South).

The four slain Muslim smugglers – namely, Ilias Mandal (age13), Moktar Mandal (age 22), Naoker Mandal (age 14) and Marjul Mandal (age 26) happened to be inhabitants of Meherpur area, P.S. Gopalnagar and died as a result of car accident. But this gruesome development was protested by a series of blockades in both railway and roads under teams of smugglers! 

Bangaon-Chakdaha Main Road and Bangaon-Ranaghat railway close to Gopalnagar 15 and 16 rail gates were choked up for hours leading to a complete disarray and harassments of commuters.

It has come to the knowledge, one 407 car, meant for smuggling cows into Bangladesh, was moving from Chakdaha to Gopalnagar at 1 am, Friday. The car was confronted by a band of Hindu youths at Sialdanga – who (they didn’t get any suitable answer despite asking several questions of their presence there in the deep night) getting skeptical of Muslim youths’ real intentions chased them. To steer clear of the Hindu youths, the car started running fast. And to get hold of Muslim smugglers, Hindu youths started pelting stones; one of those pebbles hit the driver and the car started to stumble all of a sudden.

After a few minutes the car collided with a truck standing there already diagonally. A single strike proved to be enough for the ravage – four Muslim cow smugglers along with ten cows died on the spot. Even if police made best efforts to deny the presence of cows, dead bodies of animals were found at the spot of occurrence. 

The blockades taking place soon after along with the fracas between hosts of cow smugglers and police, utter capitulation of administration to the smugglers revealed once more that cow smuggling is ruling the roost in various echelons of Bengal administration.

Muharram Procession Destroys Hindu Deities in Shantipur, Nadia

Hindus Sick of Administration’s Cowardice; Gearing Up To Take On Upcoming Dangers 

Not a single day passes in Bengal these days when Islamists prefer to remain within their territory and steer clear of troubling Hindus; many sociologists term this as simple roguery or mischievousness whilst the real reason is that such malicious behavior acts as the basic (canonical) impetus to Muslims to attain the Final Victory.  

Gopal Putoputitala, an obscure place under the jurisdiction of P.S. Shantipur, District: Nadia remained witness to such a development on November 25, 2012.

Pradip Pal, an artisan engaged in making Hindu deities and highly busy these days owing to upcoming Rash Puja, kept a few deities in his courtyard to harden them in scorching daylight. And since Pradip is occupied in his (this) family business this has been a normal procedure (for him) for decades, if not more. 

At 11 am, a procession observing Muharram passed by his courtyard but after a few moments it was found that 16 deities left in daylight (as a normal practice) were already vandalized. 3 assistants of Pradip were in the next room, busy in their own jobs, but none got even a hint of this act or the perpetrators behind it. However, it was grasped (later on) that a few people from the procession of Islamists entered the said courtyard sneakily and executed the vandalism – the best way to outrage Hindus along with their religious belief.       

Hindu villagers, soon after, concluded (based on circumstantial evidences) that Islamists, dedicated to make a mess of the neighboring Hindu-dominated village of Notunpukur through encouraging illicit distilleries (liquor shops) and gambling dens, were behind the dastardly act. It is to be noted, Hindus have been complaining to local administration to nab these mischief-makers straight away but all those are falling on deaf ears only. 

To bring all these Islamic atrocities on Hindus to an end, Pradip Pal has lodged a formal complaint at P.S. Shantipur (Case No. 825 dated November 26, 2012). 

Hindus apprehend that Pradip’s bold approach will lead to another sinister development only; they are gearing up to take on that eventuality.  

Monday, November 26, 2012

Rezzaq Mollah – New Messiah of Muslim – Dalit Unity in Bengal?

Rezzaq Mollah, ex-minister, emphatic leader and also the most ardent Muslim face of CPIM is back to pavilion from Haj and his successful visit has stimulated Islamists in Bengal no doubt. And the best manifestation of it is the escalation in the numbers of Muslim visitors including clergymen, politicians and intellectuals at his residence. The most notable of them is Maulana Siddiqullah Chowdhury, state secretary of AIUDF.

Bengal's First Lal-Moulavi ?

It has also been learnt, Badruddin Ajmal, MP and all-India president of AIUDF, has also congratulated Mollah on his great success – especially, the way he had defied his own political party’s atheistic notions and went for Haj. 

Siddiqullah Chowdhury , in his meeting with Rezzaq Mollah, made it clear that unless Muslims in Bengal get united, they will remain deprived and according to him, neither CPIM nor Trinamool has done anything beneficial for Muslims in Bengal (?). He also requested Mollah to mull over issues like Muslim – Dalit unity as he would not be able to better Muslims from within the shackles of an atheist party. 

Rezzaq Mollah, it has also been learnt, has stated that he would support any effort of Siddiqullah Chowdhury. He has also requested Siddiqullah to establish a platform to extend and strengthen Muslim – Dalit unity in Bengal as soon as possible.   

Naya Zamana — a similar socio-economic outfit formed by Rezzak Mollah himself – is going to play a major role in strengthening Muslim and Dalit unity across Bengal. 

Hindu Temples in Bengal Awaiting Ruin

Government Funds Are Provided to Islamists Only, NOT to Hindus

Politics of blatant minorityism is dominating Bengal at the moment; wherever you go, it will only be found that the first and foremost duty of the state is to better Islamists while Hindus, sinful for being the majority community, are left in the lurch.


..........No assistance has been offered yet; none will be there ever unless Hindus get proactive to save these atypical instances of artistry and divinity. 
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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Our Struggle - Durga Puja and Bakr-Eid – Far-Reaching Consequences

The Hindu festival Durga Puja and Muslim festival Bakr-Eid in 2012 happened close to each other. And such a development is (always) enough to heighten worries within both government and administration. There can be severe troubles regarding cow slaughter in various areas, especially Hindu-Muslim mixed areas. To be precise, cow slaughter does not take place peacefully in any year .............

In the Indian subcontinent Muslims enjoy cow slaughter; a procedure used by them to spite Hindus.    ..................
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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Hindu Samhati - Bongaon Unit - Salutes Balasaheb Thackeray

On 20th November Hindu Samhati's Bongaon unit organized a procession in memory of late Balasaheb Thackeray.   It was attended by over 200 Hindu Samhati workers, including activists from abroad.

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Friday, November 23, 2012

Hindu Samhati's Clarion Call On the Auspicious Event of Chhath Puja.

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How Are Hindus In Tehatta Now?

Tehatta is sleepless at the moment; police has been conducting raids arbitrarily from the wee hours to dawn, even at midnights, leaving Hindus inhabiting there perplexed, battered and apprehending more sinister measures in the coming days. There have been extensive protests against the brutal police firing, casualty across the state (even in the national media) but no political party, fearing outrage of chastity of secularism, has talked of plight of Hindus in public.

There was no such expectation from them and they have been retaining their secular tag.  

Nevertheless, what remains most dismal at the moment is the condition of Hindus fastened under a tight grip of police and administration – who citing prospects of deterioration of law and order situation there are thwarting entrance of political and social organizations to take stock of the situation. And the lives of Hindus, hence, are in darkness.

Hindus across the globe are yet to know how they are living there at the moment and whether they are fortunate enough to get the basic amenities yet.

Democracy, if we conform to the definition, is a political system in which the supreme power lies in a body of citizens who can elect people to represent them. But to the contrary, in India the same saga of democracy has turned into the worst nemesis –where Hindus are being subdued, their democratic and human rights are being violated by the State and its various agencies, along with political parties to pacify Islamists to retain their own bases.

Last but not least, how grim it is, unanimous struggle of Hindus in Tehatta, District: Nadia has manifested that Hindu spirit is undying; it has the power to subsist and rise to the situation how much violent it is.

To cut a long story short, Hindu struggle in Tehatta demonstrates that patience has a limit and Hindus’ endurance is on the verge of collapse. Tehatta event is a mass upsurge – unhealthy for a democratic structure completely. And its brutal suppression leads to insurgence.   



Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Islamists Thrash, Kill Aged Hindu Individual in Joynagar

Police Maintains Strange Silence

Even a single death (better to say plotted killing) can send shudder through spine of the witness or listener and Sukumar Haldar (age 52), an innocent Hindu individual, inhabitant of village: Dhanpota, Block: Mograhat, P.S. Mograhat, District: 24 Paraganas (South) had same form of death.
Corpse of Sukumar Haldar
On November 15, 2012, at 10 am, Sukumar became party to a funeral procession to crenate a dead person of the same village in the crematorium at Durgapur, P.S. Joynagar. Debasish Haldar, his son, was also in the procession but at a distance as he was in his motorcycle.

In the middle, Debasish had a brief altercation with two Muslim boys riding a bicycle and coming from the opposite direction. However, even if he had made no mistake, to save the situation, Debasish asked for pardon. The brawl ended there.

There is one petrol pump alongside (almost) the crematorium at Durgapur. While Debasish passing by past one Islamist prevented him from moving further and started admonishing him using indecent words. Hearing such a sinister development, Sukumar Haldar rushed to the same pump. As soon as he reached the spot, Sukumar was asked of Debasish. Sukumar Haldar identified him as his own son. Just then the Islamist gave a blow on his chest; the aged Hindu individual, owing to this unexpected attack, fell on the ground. But blows went on till Sukumar Haldar got unconscious. The attack was so sudden that it left even his son stood stupefied.    

To save his injured (excessively) Debasish took him to Bhaben Nursing Home at Dakshin (South) Barasat where he was declared dead in the evening.

The gruesome incident occurred since Debasish dared to altercate with the two Muslims boys riding bicycle!!!!!!!!!!

This is also not a rare development. The crematorium at Durgapur remained witness to a battle royal or hand-to-hand fighting between Hindus and Muslims only on Kalipuja held on November 13, 2012. Hindus, as a part of celebration of the Puja of Devi Ma Kali, Hindus organized Torja Gaan (contest of songs composed extempore). Lots of Hindu families, to participate in the contest, came from several areas in the vicinity and Hindu women became subject to obscene taunting of Islamists assembled there. Hindu youths resited them leading to a bitter fight between the two groups.

Even if a formal complaint was lodged then against culpable Islamists, police did not feel the need to nab them. The silence enhanced Islamists’ confidence that led to the death of innocent Sukumar Haldar.   

Are Joynagar and Mograhat beyond the capacity of Indian administration to govern?

Spate of bike assaults, burglaries revealed in Kolkata

Muslim youths behind the scene

Nothing better can corroborate the statement of Parvez Musharraf, ex-President of Pakistan, at the recently held Hindustan Times Leadership Summit 2012 in New Delhi – "In India, one feels extremism among Muslim youth may be on the rise", other than the stupendous increase in crime among the Islamic youths in India, especially in the realm of Kolkata, capital of the Indian state of Bengal.

And the crime rate is such that even educated Muslim youths, not to speak of rowdies, are partaking in criminal activities unashamedly. One of them is Mohammed Ajbar alias Ambar (age 19), student of B.Com. (I st year) at Shyamaprasad College in the metropolis of Kolkata.

It has been learnt that this scion of an affluent Muslim family in Mominour started his venture of snatching jewelries (riding motorbikes) from women to support his plushy lifestyle at night clubs along with copious girlfriends. Police has arrested him along with his friend Mohammed Shamser a.k.a. (Sunny) as regards a recent case of snatching and both are having 5 days’ police custody as per orders of Bankshal Court, Kolkata.

Here is an excerpt of the incident – the two Muslim criminals, riding a motorbike, snatched jewelries of Mrs. Sashikala Malasika (age 59) while she was crossing Judges’ Court Road before her residence at 3.30 pm (Saturday) on November 17, 2012. And in spite of initial troubles, loaded with myriad misinformation, police cracked the nexus of two Islamists on Saturday (late night) from Mayurbhanj Road and Mominpur, both under the jurisdiction of P.S. Ekbalpore. The motorbike used fro crime was found as well.

Opening investigations of police have also revealed that these two young Muslim criminals were responsible to carry out last 6 incidents of snatching jewelries (while riding motorbike) in the city. However, police is confident that more such incidents (committed by these two goons) are yet to come to the fore.     

Symbol of Hindu Glory -- Balasaheb Thackeray ----- We Salute You !!!!!

Will Hindus cease to exist in Bangladesh finally?

To be precise, Hindus in Bangladesh are being persecuted and compelled by Islamists day in and day out to leave Bangladesh and this leads to fast reduction of Hindus in the country. And to subdue all these travesties of humanity and democracy, the notion of “missing population” has been brought to the fore. Well, the government in Bangladesh is least bothered to all these; they are not empathetic to Hindus. 

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Support 12-Hour Strike by Hindus at Uluberia

No More Tolerance

Hindus, under the aegis of Hindu Samhati activists, have called a 12-hour strike in Uluberia on November 14, 2012.

The strike is a desperate bid of Hindus to protest against burning and complete destruction (thus) of a Hindu Kalipuja pandal on November 13, 2012 at 2 am by Muslim criminals.

The pandal belongs to Nona Forward Sangha and is at Doulipara – Uluberia, P.S. Uluberia, District: Howrah.

The desecration and complete destruction of the Hindu pandal by Islamists, inaction of police to nab Muslim culprits but vigor to blame Hindus for the disturbance has stirred up Hindus living in Uluberia.

The majority of Hindus there, if not more, has started to mull over their security and is found to ask whether the administration wants them to cease as civilians and act like commandos henceforth.

A large procession of 400 Hindus marched all over Uluberia to protest and make all aware of the strike. Hindus of adjoining areas are extending supports to make the strike a historic success. 

Kalipuja Pandal Burnt Down in Uluberia

Islamic Culprits Still At Large; Police Busy In Blaming Hindus 

Hindus Opt For 12-Hour Strike

A Kalipuja pandal of Hindus has been burnt down by Islamists at Doulipara – Uluberia, P.S. Uluberia, District: Howrah manifesting the audacity of Islamists, pampered by police and administration in the whole of Bengal with no exception in the realm of Uluberia as well. The dreadful incident occurred at 2 am, November 13, 2012, when 3 Islamists having a can of gasoline were spotted by Hindu members of Nona Forward Sangha, club organizing the Puja.
However, by the time they could grab the three Muslim culprits, the damage was done – the pandal was set to fire completely. 2 among the Muslim gang of 3 culprits could manage to escape; the third one was seized and became subject to mass thrashing. He has been freed from the hospital by now.
According to sources, this incident is not uncanny – mounting audacity of Islamists ranging from taunting Hindu women in public to escalation in rate of crime prevails the whole of Uluberia at the moment.
Only 3 days back, while members of Nona Forward Sangha were busy in collecting donations for Kalipuja, there was a scuffle between them and a Muslim auto-rickshaw driver. The driver not refused to donate only but was found to call Hindus and their religion names. This behavior of the Muslim driver was enough to inflame Hindus in the vicinity – he was beaten and the vehicle was grabbed by Hindus though. But it was released soon.   
The Islamic onslaught on the Kalipuja pandal has been taken at the behest of the same Muslim auto-rickshaw driver.
The incident has evoked strong responses from Hindus in the locality; a huge procession under the local activists of Hindu Samhati marched throughout the city and ghreaoed the local police station, found to be too inactive to nab the Muslim culprits, for hours. Well, as expected, police instead of gearing up blamed Hindus for capturing the auto-rickshaw.
Hindus have burst into protests and have called a 12-hour bandh (strike) in Uluberia on November 14, 2012. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hindu Killed in Nadia For Desiring To Celebrate Jagaddhatri Puja Religiously, Peacefully

Police Breach Democratic Means, Fires to Break Hindu Strike

Not an inch should be given to Hindus in Bengal to carry out their religious rituals and if they protest against this administrative diktat, they will be subdued– this brutal concept was witnessed today in Tehatta, District: Nadia, when police fired bullets to end Hindus’ strike against administration’s bid to withdraw permission to let Hindus conduct upcoming Jagaddhatri Puja peacefully.
One Hindu youth named Ashoke Sen (age 35) has been killed while the other one – Sudhamay Ghosh (age 27) – is critically injured and has been transferred to Kolkata owing to fast deterioration of health.
Hindus in village: Tehatta PWD para, P.S. Tehatta, District: Nadia, to conduct the upcoming Jagaddhatri Puja sought administration’s permission to help them find out a small land. It has been learnt, local SDO asked BLRO to do the needful and a small land was allocated to them also. And that irked Islamists; the sole reason being the land’s position – it was alongside the ground meant for namaz of Muslims.

To nip any Hindu desire of celebrating Jagaddhatri Puja with grandeur in bud, Islamists, led by Zulfikar – a CPM–sponsored criminal, exerted strong pressures on local police and administration. And the administration surrendered to it. Permission, given earlier to Hindus to carry out Jagaddhatri Puja, was withdrawn hence leaving Hindus infuriated.
As a mark of protest, Hindus, forming a coordination committee of clubs organizing Jagaddhatri Puja, opted for a general strike at Tehatta today itself.
Today, in the morning, Hindus assembled in the streets of Tehatta to make the strike peaceful and also thriving. Jagaddhatri Puja committees were also having a meeting at that time.
To quell Hindus’ spirits, police, veiling under a cloak of friendship to Hindus, breached in every manner. When Hindus dissented, police retorted at 9 am by firing the Hindu mob.
The whole of Tehatta is stunned by grief, at the moment. Police is patrolling round the clock – apprehensions that Hindus may suffer more (in coming days) are getting apparent. RAF and additional forces have also been deployed.

Sudhamay Ghosh (age 27) – Hindu victim and critically injured – is at NRS Medical College, Kolkata at the moment. Contrary to expectation even, bomb bursting has been cited as the basic reason of his wound. When he was being submitted to the Kolkata medical institution, Sudhamay was bleeding profusely.  

Monday, November 12, 2012

Deepawali Greetings from Tapan Ghosh

"Every Hindu Must Take an Oath on This Sacred Occasion to Fight Against The Asuras (Jehadi Demons) of Today."  

On the auspicious occasion of Deepawali, celebrating the home coming of Sri Ram and the slaying of the demon Narakasura by Sri Krishna, I convey my best wishes to all on behalf of Hindu Samhati.

On this hallowed occasion marking the TRIUMPH of Sacred over Evil, I have but one Prayer. I pray that all Hindus whose forefathers have been driven out of their homes by the Islamic aggressors from Afghanistan to Bangladesh, Kashmir to Assam or from any other part of Akhand Bharat, observe this day by taking a vow. Let us solemnly resolve that one day they will return to their ancestral home after defeating the Jihadi Ravanas of Kali Yuga - just like Sri Ram eliminated Ravan of Treta Yug and just like Sri Krishna eliminated the demon Narakasura of Dwapar Yug.

From Kamakhya to Dhakeshwari, From Kalighat to Kanyakumari, From Hinglaj to Durgiana, One Billion Hindus will be celebrating Deepawali by worshipping Devi Matrika (the Mother-Goddess). Let us all pray to Bhavatarini, the redeemer of the world, to protect the homelands of the Hindus from devastation, to save the honor of our women and provide strength to our youth. Let Shakti Devi provide us the courage to fight back against persecution.

We beseech Maha Kali for her invincible power and blessings so that we too can perform the same sacred duty she did while slaying the demon Rakta-beeja. We are yet to get justice in the hallowed grounds of Ramjanmabhoomi in Ayodhya. We have no movements to wrest full control over the most venerable temples at Mathura and Kashi, or the thousands of other Hindu pilgrimage sites that either remain desecrated or are under the control of the Jihadis. Let us pray on this sacred day to obtain justice for reclaiming these holy places.

Every Hindu Must Take an Oath on This Sacred Occasion to Fight Against the Asuras (Jehadi Demons) of Today. 

And so we shall pray together to the Mother Goddess…

”Om asatoma sat gamaya, tamaso ma jyotir gamaya, mrityorma amritam gamayo

Lead us from Falsehood to Truth
Lead us from Darkness to Light
Lead us from Death to Immortality

Vande Mataram 

Tapan Ghosh
President, Hindu Samhati

Hindu Samahti activists fight valiantly against Islamists in Mograhat

Hindu vendor gets justice; Islamists touch his feet for pardon

On October 28, 2012, Sunday, the day of Bakr-Eid, at 5 pm, a few Muslim boys tried to molest a Hindu lady at Shanir More, close to Jhinkir Haat, Block: Mograhat, P.S. Mograhat, District: 24 Paraganas (South). But the nasty bid was foiled by a few local Hindu youths, following which an innocent Hindu vendor named Krishna Naskar, having a makeshift shop at Hospital More in Jhinkir Haat, was made an easy prey by 25 armed Islamists later in the day.

Not Krishna was badly beaten only but Islamists were heard to state that they would no longer allow any Hindu to do business in the same area also. Krishna Naskar could manage to save himself anyhow and fled to his native village – Naskar Para. Hearing all these, a group of Hindu Samhati activists comprising 70 members rushed to the spot shortly and witnessing their aggressive mood, Muslim zealots had no way other than to flee.

In the meantime, Zulfikar Ali Mandal, head of local Panchayat, phoned the local police station. The police contingent having Atibur Rahman, O.C, Mograhat P.S. and Circle Inspector Subir Chowdhury along with 2 teams of RAF (Rapid Action Force) reached the spot in no time. To quell the situation and also to tackle fiery Hindu Samhati activists there, police assured Hindus that there would be detailed investigation, culprits would be nabbed and proper compensation would be rendered to injured Krishna Naskar.

To maintain an amicable situation, communal harmony in the area and also to discuss of the abovementioned assurances given by police, a meeting was convened on November 4, Sunday, at 12 pm, at Mohanpur Panchayat ofice. The meeting was attended by the O.C. Atibur Rahman, C.I. Subir Chowdhury, Khairul Laskar (President – Mograhat II Panchayat) and peace-loving people, aged from both sides.

Even if Muslims were present in the meeting in large numbers, aggressive mood of Hindus there called the shots virtually, altering the fate of meeting to a large extent. Decisions are indeed epoch making. It was decided that the innocent Hindu victim Krishna Naskar would be rendered Rs.5,000 as a mere compensation and Muslim attackers would seek forgiveness by touching his feet.

It has come to knowledge, Krishna Naskar has been compensated by now.

Mogarahat happens to be a dreadful Muslim dominated block in the realm of South Bengal where Hindus have no right except to abide by their diktats. Such a courage strengthens Hindu confidence in Mograhat..    

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Hindu School Girl Raped, Murdered in Basirhat

Hindus attacked, set fire to Muslim culprit’s house before police

Champapukur in Basirhat is standing in stunned silence and utter grief at the moment – dead body of Aditi Bhattacharya (age 12), Hindu school girl of Class Six (in Champapukur Girls’ High School), missing for the last three days, has been found in a nearby pond. Hindus in the vicinity are certain that Azgar Ali Mollah, infamous Muslim culprit involved in women trafficking for years, is solely responsible behind this ghastly crime; his house was attacked and fired.

Police has arrested Azgar Ali Mollah and four members of his family in connection with the murder.

The finding of Aditi’s dead body, on November 9, 2012, led to a fury in the whole of Champapukur in Basirhat and also its vicinity. According to police, the teenage Hindu girl was strangulated and initial investigation suggests that a few persons were involved in the crime. However, Hindus in the area are sure that Aditi was raped first and murdered afterwards. Even if police has refused to comment in this regard, their strange silence and presence of high-ranking police and administrative officials in the village to quell any form of communal clashes strengthens Hindus’ suspicion.

It has come to knowledge, Aditi was missing from last Tuesday; her father, Ganesh Bhattacharya, after searching her hither and thither for hours, lodged a formal complaint in P.S. Basirhat. And on Friday, in the morning, villagers perceived the dead body of Aditi in a small pool of water before the residence of Azgar Ali Mollah. Even if police team from P.S. Basirhat reached the spot soon, Hindus stopped them from seizing the dead body. They had a unanimous demand – unless the Muslim culprit was arrested, police would not take over the Hindu girl’s dead body.

All these led to a series of clashes between Hindus and police.  And before the police team, house of Azgar was attacked and ignited by Hindus.

The situation was brought under control only after Ananda Sarkar, SDPO, reached the spot with a large police contingent and assured Hindus of a thorough and unbiased enquiry.  Aditi’s dead body was taken for post-mortem afterwards.

As per locals, Azgar Ali Mollah has been associated (long) with women trafficking and helping illegal migration of Bangladeshi laborers to India.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Cow smuggling pushing Hindus close to death in Swarupnagar, Basirhat

Hindus have to struggle to exist

Hindus inhabiting Swarupnagar, Sub-division: Basirhat, District: 24 Paraganas (North) are having two options at this moment – it’s either to leave the area mutely (without speaking a word) or to wage a do-or-die struggle against Muslim cow smugglers (hell-bent to erase the least Hindu identity in the vicinity too) and their benefactors including local Islamists and administration. It may come as a rude shock to Hindus crowding urban centers in Bengal and rest of India but crude truth can’t be quashed for the eternity.

How are Hindus dwelling in India-Bangladesh border area at the moment?  In a nutshell – they are out of the frying pan into the fire and the (recent) horrific happenings in areas under P.S. Swarupnagar exemplify their position best.

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Administration attempts to grab temple land in Gangarampur, Dinajpur (South)

Hindus in legal battle

Keshabpur happens to be an obscure place in Gangarampur Block, District: Dinajpur (South) and remains under the purview of P.S. Gangarampur. The area enjoys a Hindu-majority for centuries and contains almost 20 Muslim families. But the same area turned out to be a hotbed of conflicts on Id-ul-Fiter (August 20 – Monday) following a weird decision of administration to permit Muslims perform namaz in an extensive yet vacant field worth 2 acres 42 shatak. No namaz was ever performed there but administration permitted Muslims in this year to go on with the same.

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Hindu Samhati’s Online Petition to Stop Cow Slaughter

It is perceived, every year, that Bengal government and its administration, surrendering to communal pressure of Islamists, disregard the orders of Supreme Court of India and Calcutta High Court and permit Muslims to go on with slaughtering cows illegally. To call this blatant disobedience a halt in this year, an online petition was launched by Hindu Samhati, signed by 2949 people.

A petition containing five pages and print out of the aforesaid signatures were forwarded to the offices of Hon’ble Governor and Chief Minister of Bengal, SanjayMitra (Chief Secretary) and Basudeb Banerjee (Home Secretary) in advance.

It is to be noted that the petition was signed by people across the globe.

However, the reigning Mamata-led government, pushing all these law-abiding measures aside, made apposite arrangements for Islamists to slaughter cows illegally.

Alas! We, Hindus, are living in a land where democratic procedures, values and spirits are least respected.

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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Police hell-bent to stop fireworks in this Kali Puja and Diwali

Hindus can’t enjoy however simple it is

The more Kalipuja and Diwali draws near (every year), police and administration get active to call the saga of fireworks (of low intensity certainly and used by Hindus to celebrate the two festivals) in Bengal a halt. There is not exception in this year too; police campaigns have already begun and it seems that the police will not take a breather (rest) till it succeeds to end this form of joyous celebration done by Hindus exclusively.

As fresh reports are coming in, police drives are in full swing (at the moment) in Bengal and undoubtedly, in Kolkata and its outskirts. 

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All for Muslims in Bengal

Do Hindus exist in the state at all?

District administration in Murshidabad is gearing up to supply purified drinking water to 1801 mosques, remaining in 19 arsenic proneness blocks, and as per governmental reports, an exclusively purified (free from arsenic) water treatment set up, each costing Rs. 95, 000, will be placed at each mosque. 

Any such service from governments remains daydream for Hindus.

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Several Bangladeshi Muslim Infiltrators arrested in Bangaon and Barasat

People feel need of more vigilance to quell this vicious design

Despite several petitions of nationalist organizations to administration in the realm of Bengal to call this a halt, illegal infiltration of Islamists from Bangladesh to India remains unabated and what can be its real extent was witnessed following BSF’s (Border Security Force) latest bid to nab the infiltrators. All these happened on November 5, 2012 at the Petrapol border area in Bangaon, District: 24 Paraganas (North), Bengal; 23 Bangladeshi Muslims including women and children were taken hold of finally.

On the same day , P.S. Barasat, armed with a tip only, got successful in arresting 7 Muslim infiltrators (from Bangladesh) from Chanpadali area in Barasat.

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(Infiltrators having a good time in India)

(Illegal infiltration of Islamists from Bangladesh into India) 

Bangladesh Begum’s India Visit: Real Or Ephimeral? – Analysis

Can ideology and political agenda change overnight? At least, that is the message Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) Chairperson and former Prime Minister Begum Khaleda Zia carried when she arrived in India on October 28 for an eight-day visit.

The entire Bangladeshi policies went through a regressive storm, especially during the BNP’s rule from 2001 to 2006. The ruling four-party alliance comprising mainly of the BNP and JEI marked India as the main enemy. Those were tense years. The JEI spoke about winning the majority in Parliament by 2013 and bringing Bangladesh under Sharia law. Some BNP leaders also floated an idea of confederation type of relationship with Pakistan.

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hindu Samhati’s Vijaya Sammelan in Taki

Hindu Samhati, under the aegis of its president, Tapan Ghosh, conducted a Vijaya Sammelan at Taki, Distirct: 24 Paraganas (North), on November 4, 2012.

The convention witnessed a joyous presence of a large number of Hindu youths evidencing Taki is gearing up to preserve and strengthen its Hindu pride.

Other dignitaries who graced the occasion included Narayan Chandra Ghosh, Tanmay Pal (district president, Hindu Samhati) and Pradip Das.

Prohibitory orders along Indo-Bangladesh border in Assam

Prohibitory orders have been promulgated along Assam-Bangladesh international border in Cachar district in view of reports about extremist elements entering the district for creating law and order problem.

South Assam's Cachar district magistrate H K Dev Mahanta promulgated the orders following reports about extremist elements likely to cross the border and enter Cachar from Bangladesh, official sources said.

There is also apprehension of the possibility of illegal export of commodities and cattle from the district to Bangladesh, besides efforts by illegal immigrants to cross over from across the border to cause disturbance and social tension.

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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Hindu temple defiled in Shantipur, Nadia

Shantipur Topkhana Masjid area remains baneful for Hindus

Desecration of holy temples by Islamists has become a common phenomenon across Bengal and with each day its passes, newer places are yielding to this vicious strategy. What can be the situation of areas known for Hindu persecution for ages? Newer strategies are coming to fore to conduct ravages and threaten Hindus in these areas; while a times defilement of temples take place through throngs of Islamists, at other times Islamists, exploiting genetic unconcern of Hindus, simply sneak in the temple and carry out the ravages.

Radha Krishna temple, in the residence of Satish Sarkar, Hindu individual living in village: Rajputpara, P.S. Shantipur, District: Nadia, remains witness to the same.

On November 2, 2012, at 11.30 pm, a few unidentified Islamists entered the aforesaid temple sneakily and left no stone unturned to defile its sanctity. Satish Babu and his family members could comprehend the ravage only after 30 minutes. When the Hindu family got in the shocking reality turned out to be too heavy for them. Four holy deities were not broken only but their heads were chopped off also. What is more, the whole temple was found to be vitiated bearing planned designs of Islamists all in all.

Hindus have registered a complaint to the local police station but its official number is yet to be received. Even if local police has started investigations, their apparent indifference is hurting Hindus.  

It is to be noted that Radha Krishna temple remains in opposite direction of Shantipur Topkhana Masjid, highly contentious for it divisive activities in all these years.

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Friday, November 2, 2012

Bail pleas of Hindus arrested in Entally rejected once more

Travesty of justice rules Hindu fate in Bengal  

Contrary to expectations of Hindus in Entally and its vicinity, bail pleas of Hindu youths arrested, owing to outrageous incident on October 25, 2012 (when holy deity of Goddess Durga was desecrated, broken by Islamists and Hindu endeavored desperately to stop it), have been rejected by the court (once again) considering police’s plea to detain them in police custody for a few more days.

It has come to knowledge, all of them have been detained in Lalbazar central lockup leaving the concerned Hindu families grieved. While the case no. is Entally P.S.340/12,  criminal sections imposed upon the Hindus accused are U/S 147, 148, 149, 233, 353, 307(attempt to murder) of IPC.

However, the Muslim miscreant Mohammed Riyazuddin (caught red handed by the Hindus and handed over to police), arrested under case no. Entally P.S.339/12 along with sections imposed on him 153A, 295A & 427 IPC, is having a good time in Entally P.S. lockup at this moment.  

What can be a greater instance of weird preferential treatment of police?

Each and every approach of the administration manifest Hindus are 2nd-grade citizens in Bengal; where each pace can be manipulated to carry on the vicious saga of Muslim appeasement.  

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New Delhi courts an ‘enemy’ like a friend

Begum Khaleda Zia was accorded a warm reception during her recent visit to India. But the former Prime Minister of Bangladesh has always been anti-India. There’s nothing to suggest that she has changed.

Like her late husband President Ziaur Rahman, Begum Zia is intensely anti-Indian and instinctively pro-Pakistan. In November 1977, President Rahman converted the Directorate of Forces Intelligence, set up in 1972, into the Directorate-General of Forces Intelligence. An organisational clone of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence Directorate and linked almost umbilically to it, the DGFI was established shortly after a visit to Dhaka by the then ISI chief, Lt-Gen Ghulam Jillani Khan. Many of its officers have been trained at the ISI’s training centre at Islamabad.

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Thursday, November 1, 2012

France Expels Tunisian Imam For Inciting 'Jihad'

France on Wednesday deported a Tunisian imam accused of inciting "violent jihad, uttering anti-Semitic remarks and justifying the use of violence against women."

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