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Fearless Activism not Constitutionalism saves Hindus

On May 28, 2014, in the morning a Hindu girl (age 11 years), living in the area of Raghunathganj in the district of Murshidabad, was gang-raped by  a group of persons including Bapan Sheikh, Pande Sheikh and Motahar Sheikh and it has been learnt, culprits were abetted by residents of Bahadidanga village. Due to the failure of police to arrest any culprit, a complete chaos ruled the area soon followed with plundering of a culprit’s house by the irate mob. A deep tension continues to dominate the area while the administration is on high alert. Again, a few days back a girl student of Class V was gang-raped by three youths at the area within Raghunathgunj police station’s jurisdiction in Murshidabad district while she was driving cows into the barn. While the girl is in a critical condition at the Jangipur Municipal Hospital, a police picket has been deployed in the area. On May 20, Saraswati Samanta (name changed) became victim to the lust of two dreaded criminals named Rinku Gazi

Hindu exodus from Sandeshkhali……….sole option?

Administration panics while Islamists flex muscles While the heartrending, monumental endeavors of Hindus across India succeeded through the ascension Team Modi in the throne of power with the sole aspiration that Hindu polity would prevail all, fates of Hindus in Bengal remain grisly as ever before. This macabre reality came forth on May 27 again when villagers inhabiting Halderpara and Gayenpara within the Sandeshkhali police station’s jurisdiction in the district of North 24 Paraganas were thrashed brutally by a gang of local Trinamool Congress-backed culprits for daring to join the celebration of ascension with the rest of India on the day before. On May 27, at 9.30 am, a group comprising almost 15 hooligans, purportedly instructed by Shahjahan Sheikh, infamous Trinamool leader in the vicinity and also sub-head of Sarberia Panchayat, stormed the residence of Dhananjay Baul at Gayenpara. It is worth mentioning, Dhananjay Baul is an activist of Hindu Samhati and he playe

Love Jihad leads to Sexual Exploitation

It was a fad once; nowadays it is getting more and more frantic and its pace is also surpassing strides of worst dreams even. The saga is spreading like a cancerous disease across the country worrying parents of their daughters’ future most. Any guess? The future of Love Jihad is known to all and this is inevitable for any Hindu girl.  Either the love saga will lead her to prostitution or any vile business; albeit in most cases it ends with the life of Hindu victims. Yet, the chronicle is repeated in almost every alley of the country and certainly Bengal is no exception or else Swati (name changed) would have led a healthy life. Swati hails from the town of Hili within the Balurghat division in the district of South Dinajpur in Bengal. Being an eligible and also intelligent girl, she completed her MA and started working for a multinational drinks company in Siliguri, a prominent town in the northern part of the state. In due course, she got familiar with Mohammed Dilwar, owner

Leftist Hindu leader fails to evade Islamists; battered cruelly

No immediate relief from mounting political oppressions is being found in the state these days; neither the reigning Trinamool Congress is letting its opponents heave a sigh of relief nor the parties in the opposition are sparing each other. Rising violent disturbances have brought forth another horror as well; in the majority of turmoil, if not more, Hindus have become the sole targets while Islamists remain busy to assail them as henchmen of oppressing parties. The reality portraying the horrid picture of Bengal is enough to send a shudder through the spine and, Samar Saha, wealthy farmer living in the village of Dhalla within Budhigram area, Margram police station’s jurisdiction in the district of Birbhum, is in despair at present. Samar Saha, it has been found, is the local committee secretary of Forward Bloc while his wife Purnima Saha is an Anganwadi worker. On May 18, at 11 am, Prasenjit Saha, son of Samar Saha, was returning from their agricultural fields in Budhigram.

Pink Revolution ruins Bengal

Even if the thesis of “pink revolution” occupied the center stage in the Lok Sabha Election, 2014, truly no state other than Bengal has experienced its nastiest dimension with consequences yet. The notion was brought forth in this year by none except Narendra Modi, existing Prime Minister of India and precisely, his every description suits to the present rot that has already set in Bengal. Pink revolution in short denotes the color of flesh when animals are slaughtered and here it is of bovine flesh or of cattle whose smuggling has already cast an awful influence in the state. An assortment of reports as well as government’s documents ascertain that cow smuggling in areas alongside the India-Bangladesh international border has turned into a highly organized crime industry and thanks to relentless efforts of crime syndicates abetted by the local administration’s silence, this network of smuggling is highly profit-making and if experts are believed, profits worth of millions of dolla

Cattle smugglers ravage Hindus in North 24 Paraganas again

Grisly murder, injury haunts Hindus Cow smuggling at the behest of criminals from Bangladesh entering the Indian mainland through the porous international border often and the havoc wreaked by them is known to all, let alone Bengal. But what astounds one is the illegality that has been unrestrained for ages and despite administration’s hallowed pledges to inhibit this threat to the national security, all remain same. How these criminals are secured and aggressive these days can be found from the ghastly murder of a constable of RPF, Nirmal Ghosh in his own home in the village of Angrail within Gaighata police station’s jurisdiction near Bangaon in the North 24 Paraganas district.  According to villagers, Nirmal Ghosh was killed by a team of cow smugglers hailing from Bangladesh on May 15, 2014, at night. While he was grabbed by the smugglers, his elder brother or Paran Ghosh tried best to save him. But as smugglers stabbed Paran also with choppers ferociously he ultimately fa

Gang rape leads to fiery protests in Swarupnagar, Basirhat

Criminals at large yet; police apathetic The whole of Swarupnagar within the Basirhat subdivision of North 24 Paraganas district and not Dattapara only, where the heinous gang rape of Saraswati Samanta (name changed) occurred, is raging against the apathy of the administration and its failure to nab the criminals including Rinku Gazi and Saiful Mandal till now. Locals have been witnessed to state if Hindus want to exist in Bengal they have to be soldiers henceforth. If truth be told, Swarupnagar has hit the headlines many times recently but either for violence or for rape. The area is virtually dominated by radical Muslim youths and Bangladeshi cow smugglers making it almost impossible for Hindu girl and women roam in the streets after dusk. Saraswati Samanta got married just six months back and on May 20, while returning to her paternal residence from the nearby market, she was grabbed midway. Her husband works and lives in outside Bengal.     It has been learnt, Rinku Gazi

Islamist-Maoist nexus to settle the score in Bengal!!

Bengal is getting more media attention than ever before and only for wrong reasons. The land known for its excellence in education and also as quintessential paradigm of erudition, bringing forth of scholars, Nobel Laureates and academicians at regular intervals has transformed to a hotbed of vices and violence. While on one hand, religious polarization has become a reality thanks to blatant Muslim appeasement through the chronicle of secularism in the state, on the other hand, it is the latest refuge of all criminals with malicious intent to harm the society altogether. This violent trait came forth once again when a huge stock of explosives got unearthed from the storeroom of a factory meant for compiling crushed stones within the subdivision of Rampurhat in the Bardhaman district. The investigation team was led by Rashid Munir Khan, Superintendent of Bardhaman District Police, on May 20. While speaking to the press, he said,” The investigation was done following definite informati

No end to anguishes on Hindus in Bengal

Let the whole country get elated over the ascension of a nationalist government pledging to better India in each capacity. But Bengal can’t be a part to this festivity as it continues to stagger under the grip of terror unleashed by various political cliques while the administration remains a mute spectator to the burgeoning tragedy. As reported earlier, the victim of Trinamool Congress’ wrath has been Hindus and its best evidence was found in the village of Golbunia within Sandeshkhali police station’s jurisdiction, sub-division of Basirhat in the district of North 24 Paraganas when on May 13, Islamist army of Trinamool Congress led by Shoaib Khan and Karim Sheikh and instructed by Shajahan Sheikh, pounced down on their Hindu preys as they had voted for BJP en masse. The whole village was ransacked in a short time while almost a score of Hindus got injured heavily. Molestations of Hindu women knew no bounds. The victims did not get any assistance from any organ of the government, b

Electoral vengeance oppresses tribal Hindus in Sandeshkhali

Freedom of Thought ravished Contrary to the rest of India, Lok Sabha election is still a raging issue in Bengal and what prevails the state now is post-poll atrocities that have started to harm Hindus once more and in every capacity.  The horror was discerned on May 13 in the morning, following the last and final phase of Election on May 12 in Bengal, when a gang of hoodlums entered the village of Golbunia within Sandeshkhali police station’s jurisdiction, sub-division of Basirhat in the district of North 24 Paraganas, in bikes. A close look revealed that the gang comprised no less than 100 brawny youths in 50 motorbikes and was led by Shoaib Khan and Karim Sheikh , local leaders of Trinamool Congress. It was learnt, late on, the gang was sent by     Shajahan Sheikh , sub-head of Trinamool-dominated local Panchayat, and also infamous for persecuting Hindus at regular intervals. Golbunia is inhabited by wretched, tribal Hindus and once the private army reached the spot, a hell was

Attacks to grab Hindu properties rising in Bangladesh

On May 11, 2014, a team comprising almost 200 radical Muslim youths led by Bajlur Rahman Nayeem, local leader of Awami League at Niyamatpur sub-district within the district of Naogaon in Bangladesh, assailed a temple of the minority Hindu community located beside the crematorium there. It has been learnt, radicals came in motorbikes and also on foot and within a few minutes both temple and hallowed deity within it were defiled, destroyed and also razed to the ground sending a shudder of fear among Hindus living in the adjoining villages of Maharajpur, Kochpara, Kutubpur and Manpur. The Shiva temple was built up only a few months back and Kirtan used to happen in the temple premises daily in the evening. The attack took place while Hindus were preparing for Kirtan. The attack, as found later on, was an aggression to grab the Hindu property.    As part of the attack, a few Hindus including Dayal Chandra Seal, Dwijen Chabdra Barman and Naren Karmakar were beaten mercilessly and they

Spate of tortures on Hindus in Sandeshkhali following Lok Sabha Election

Hindu women raped, tortured Whether it’s the time of election or not, Hindu persecution never dies down in the length and breadth of Bengal and the ravishment of Seema Sardar (name changed), daughter of Fone Sardar and living in the village of Malipara Shisrishtala within the jurisdiction of Sandeshkhali police station in the North 24 Paraganas district, evidences grip of Islamists again with the fast deteriorating law and order in the state.  On May 14, at 11.30 pm, Seema Sardar along with her boyfriend Shibu Sardar (inhabiting the village of Jelekhali in close proximity) was returning from Dharmaraj fair going on at No. 1 Charavidya in the jurisdiction of Basanti police station. When they reached the Gopalmore crossing, Seema and Shibu were stopped by a motorbike with 3 Muslim youths who asked both of them lots of questions. Shibu tried to avoid and move forward but youths blocked them again. As soon as Shibu protested and asked the youths to leave, he was grasped and beaten me

Truth can’t be suppressed

Hindu Samhati, for the last 6 years, has been endeavoring best to make people realize the soaring communal tussles across Bengal and how Hindu bashing is getting identical to secularism. Whatever its attempts are, press and media in the state are up in arms against Samhati terming these incidents if exposed may endanger Bengal. Chaos and violent struggles will replace tranquility. As a result, mounting Hindu persecution (in every capacity) is being avoided with spiteful intent. But persecutions on Hindus as found in different districts refuse to die down and instead, the tacit political support is giving a boost to Islamists’ fortitude to exterminate Hindus racially. It is alleged that social responsibility prevents the media world from performing the noble duty to make people conscious always. Hence, while Hindu women are abducted or raped, Hindu temples are defiled and destructed, Hindus are beaten mercilessly, media remains a silent spectator. Well, at times, media publishes such