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Hindu resistance astounds Muslim radicals in Chandannagar, Hooghly

Ramnavami, Mahavir Jayanti processions invite recurrent attacks on Hindus   Chandannagar, historically significant town in the realm of District: Hooghly in Bengal, remained witness to a bitter Hindu-Muslim conflict on April 21, 2013, leading to the injuries of several Hindus and deep tension in the vicinity. The crisis erupted when the religious procession of Hindus, brought out to observe RamNavami, was attacked by Muslim radicals, set not to let Hindus live peacefully there. The huge Hindu religious procession comprised almost 7, 000 people, including women and children, and once it reached Urdibazar (ward no. 11 and 12 under the Chandannagar Municipality ), an area dominated by Bihari Muslims, the problem started. Muslim ruffians there, with no mood to let the Hindu procession go by peaceably, slanged Hindus, especially their womenfolk. Hindus reacted strongly leading to a violent conflict between the two communities. Police found it extremely difficult to calm warring

Bengali Hindus need to see Brutal Reality

Even if the Hindu-Muslim conflict in contemporary Bengal has become all-time high by now and that the same saga is on the rise, a few persons, not morons but swindlers, are found to think of peaceful settlements still. The sole intention of these defrauders happens to be deceiving Hindus and deprive them of their natural rights to exist. Unfortunately, a large section of Hindus heed these people, whether politicians or mere seculars, and get ruined ultimately. Have there been no such evil advices Hindu resistance against Muslim radicals must have been better than now. What should be done then? Hindus, especially Bengali Hindus, preferring to better others by ruining themselves, ought to comprehend the reality – there has never been any peaceful solution between Hindus and Muslim radicals and hope of any such is the best fiction in recorded history. If the anecdotes and historical accounts are taken into consideration, the conflict is older than a millennium and the entire

Do Shariah Courts serve Muslim women or portray male chauvinism?

Even if the demand of Shariah Court is increasing in Bengal, another reality is also coming to the fore – Muslim women even after moving to Shariah Councils for annulment of marriage, owing to excessive domestic violence or inhuman tortures by their husbands, remain helpless. Many instances prove that albeit they become able to have divorce, the triumph turns out to be a Pyrrhic victory altogether – women are forced to part with their own children as the Shariah Councils never allow any divorcee to live with her children thereafter. This is not any local or regional phenomenon but Muslim women whether in Dhaka or Kolkata or even London do face the same grim reality. To Know More Please See:

Demand for Shariah Court rising in Bengal

Whenever a community gets powerful or pampered ceaselessly one thing gets common – it gets interested in asserting own identity and leaves no stone unturned to attain the objective come what may. Muslim community in India, coddled by secularists relentlessly is at crossroads at the moment and is being perceived to assert its own identity yet again by relying more on the need of introduction of Shariah ( moral code and religious   law   of Islam) in the Indian scenario. Muslim radicals are raising the demand of the same more strongly than ever before and are being supported by intellectual coreligionists as well. Such a voice was heard of late in Kolkata and it was none except Maulana Khalid Saifullah Rahmani, General Secretary of All India Personal Law Board. He was speaking in an open session of `Tamire Millat Conference’ called by Imarat-E Shariah Bihar, Orissa, Jharkhand and Kolkata Branch on April 14, 2013, at TB Association Hall, Kolkata. He said in clear terms, “

Hindu Persecution in East Midnapore

Muslim radicals dared to continue illegal construction Hindus thrashed brutally for protesting   Without doubt, there can’t be any better specimen than this to prove how rising Islamic appeasement in Bengal has made Muslim radicals consider that they can outrage code of law wherever and whenever necessary to satisfy their own needs. Radhamoni Bazaar area, P.S. Tamluk, District: East Midnapore, on April 21, 2013, remained witness to a bitter Hindu persecution stemming from Muslim radicals’ defiant endeavors to continue illegal construction. When Hindus protested they were beaten ruthlessly, leading to injury of 12 Hindus among whom 2 are in critical conditions.     It has been learnt, the main culprit behind this development is Jainal (age 50) – Muslim individual living in Bhagavanpur, P.O. Narandanri, District: East Midnapore. Jainal along with his Hindu friend, Manoj Giri, used to sell readymade garments in the same Radhamoni Bazaar or market. As, owing to erstwhile Hin

Hindus of Khaspur village have been attacked by Cow Smugglers

Yesterday on April 23 night at around 11 pm a mob of cow traffickers supported by local Muslims created a mayhem in the village of Khaspur under Baduria Police Station (North 24 Parganas). They attacked many Hindu houses including that of Shyamal Baidya, Kamal Baidya, Joydeb Mondal, Jagannath Roy, a few Hindu shops including one tea stall of Srikanta Mandal and a local club ‘Young Star’ of the village. Shyamal Baidya's nine month pregnant wife and his aged mother were molested and beaten up by the attackers. They also forcibly took away two mobile phones and other articles from Shyamal's house. Khaspur village lies on the route from Machlandpur to Indo-Bangla border at Tentulia. Cattle smuggling is everyday affair in this region. There is a small bridge on this road. On Sundays and Wednesday, hundreds of smuggled cows are passed by this bridge, with 'arrangement' with local authorities and BSF. On the other 5 days of the week, without using the bridge, cows

Why is there such a vociferous opposition against Hindu Samhati?

Both political pundits and experienced activists do assert that any organization undergoes three stages in its life span – they are disdain and negligence, vigorous opposition and recognition (last and final stage). Now if the saga of fiver years of Hindu Samhati (ever since its inception) is considered – the organization is having the second stage or vigorous opposition at the moment. Hindu Samhati took merely three years to go beyond the first stage and only on the fourth anniversary (2012) we had to face immense repression of the state government. To Know More Please Read:  

Muslim Radicals attempt to seize Hindu land in Mandirbazar

Sole intention to change it to road for Muslims only Hindu landowner thrashed brutally for protesting   When the need is to establish own suzerainty by uprooting adversaries, sectarian strife is not the only option. While on one hand it can lead to an undesired clamor, apparent reactions to it may also hinder the project largely. Silent but more effective measures like violating the legal code stealthily can yield more benefits – this happens to be the latest ploy of Muslim radicals in Bengal against pacifist Hindus who prefer to remain silent till they are injured physically. And at the moment, none except Gopal Chandra Das (s/o late Ananta Das), Hindu individual (age 45) living in village: Ghateswar Kayalpara, P.S. Mandirbazar, District: 24 Paraganas (South) knows this better. He is just bearing brunt of such an atrocious development. Gopal owns a land of almost 1 bigha worth Rs. 10 lakh – Khatiyan 750; Dag No. 839 and 841 at Mouza: Uttar Akraberia, P.S. Mandirbazar; i

Has Shahbag movement created Doomsday for Hindus in Bangladesh?

Hindu persecution in the realm of Bangladesh (erstwhile East Pakistan) has never been less and with the onset of Shahbag movement demanding exemplary punishments of war criminals or accomplices of murderous Army of Pakistan in the 1971 war the same saga has become all time high. Even if the number of slain Hindus has been low, destruction of them (in every capacity) across Bangladesh by Jamaat-e-Islami and other Islamic organizations, if taken into account, may put beasts to shame. Moreover, albeit the mainstream media worldwide has been able to portray a few horrendous developments from February 28, 2013 till date, the larger spectrum of destruction remains hidden yet. What pains more is that the social media or social networking sites have also failed to depict the same meticulously.    In accordance with fresh reports, 46 districts among 64 in Bangladesh have become a complete hell for minority Hindus. While 5 Hindus have lost their lives owing to persistent onslaught

Hindu housewife molested in Bagnan, Howrah

Hindu youths teach culpable Islamists a lesson There is hardly any end to lust of Muslim radicals for Hindu women in Bengal and on April 11, 2013, Mangala Dhara (age 38), wife of Madan Dhara – Hindu individual living in village: Heledwip, P.S. Bagnan, District: Howrah, became the unfortunate victim. The incident occurred when she was busy in mowing the grass in a nearby field; Mohammed Sanjib, local Muslim individual, attacked her from behind and molested her forcefully. However, she could manage to free herself and rushed to the club comprising Hindu youths. The news spread like a wild fire in the village; Hindu youths grabbed Mohammed Sanjib soon and thrashed him as well. But nothing like this can diminish spirit of a Muslim radical like Sanjib. Mangala Dhara, along with Subhash Bhowmick (age 25 and local Hindu youth), went to P.S. Bagnan and lodged an official complaint – No. 767/11.04.2013. When they were returning to village, they were prevented by Mohammed

Is Islamic Bangladesh nearing its End?

What troubles the whole of Bangladesh at the moment is the show of strength of both Islamists and progressives and their uncompromising attitude – both are heading towards a clash – bloody and decisive that will settle the future of Bangladesh or the end of it. This, however unfortunate it is, happens to be the most dominant belief within the Bangladeshi populace and not they fear loss of job or means of livelihood only but many of them have started to consider that harrowing days of 1971 would return soon – they will become stateless people once more. What many of them consider is that Bangladesh, one of the poorest countries across the globe, remains devoid of any industrial infrastructure and global mercantilism accordingly and the months-long conflicts stemming from Shahbag struggle and its anti-thesis is making the country near the permanent destruction. Hindus, already battered through decades, will also move towards the same oblivion. Well, they have nothing to say

Muslim radicals molest, injure Hindu housewife in Howrah

Muslim culprits released forcibly Hindus burst into protest How the district of Howrah in the Indian state of Bengal is turning into a stronghold of Islamic fundamentalism can be ascertained from the torturous experiences of Sushmita Das, Hindu housewife of age 18, wife of Kunal Das and living in village: Nimtala Barwaritala, Nazirgunj I/C, P.S. Sankrail. She was both molested and injured violently on April 9, 2013 at 11 pm by three Muslim radicals, Zafar (age 22) and Jehangir (age 26), joined by another one later.  They entered the Hindu household as hucksters or hawkers. Was there any enmity between Sushmita, her husband and these Islamists?  To know this we would have to focus on another event taking place 6 months ago. At that time, Bosebabu, a Hindu individual dwelling in the same village, constructed a road for Hindus, especially to make their communication easier. The entire project, including its expenses, was managed by him single-handedly. However, from its in

Islamists rejoice at Boston Marathon Terror Attack

When a person gloats at the destruction of others, he is called inhuman or an individual devoid of feeling and consciousness and animation. Any such person is censured severely and is deemed as completely unfit to live in any human society.   If you believe so, it’s the time for you to castigate supporters of Akbaruddin Owaisi, rabid Muslim leader, known for disparaging Hindus, their religious beliefs at times and arrested on 8 January 2013 for hate speeches against Hindus. His supporters, at the moment, are busy in rejoicing the terror attack at Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013, Monday in the United States . It is hard to believe that any human being can stoop to such an extent but this is a reality. You can have a glimpse of this despicable activity from the screen-shot of Facebook attached with this report. The Urdu comments (written in the Latin script), if read carefully, will bring forth the atrocious reality – how Islamists rejoice at the destruction of

Islamic attempts to rob ancient Shyamchand Temple, Shantipur on the rise

Administration remains silent What is the best way to ruin the confidence of any person or community? It is to inflict violent attacks on the most cherished objects of the very individual or community and to break the morale of Hindus, the best way is to assail their venerated temples – a stratagem too well-known to Muslim radicals down the centuries. Shyamchand Temple in Shantipur, District: Nadia, of 700 years old, known for its architecture and also for playing a pivotal role in guiding Hindus in the vicinity, to strengthen the intra-community bond has become the latest victim to Muslim radicals and their devilish designs to erase Hindus from the area. On April 5, 2013, the age-old temple became victim to Islamists. It has been learnt, Muslim radicals broke locks and made several attempts to get into the revered temple. However, the presence of interlocking system thwarted their effort and they had to leave (for this time) unsuccessfully. This was the fourth attempt

Be another Benode Behari Chowdhury

Summary: With the death of Benode Behari Chowdhury, a valiant member of Chittagong uprising between 1930-34 and a disciple of Masterda Surya Sen, the connection between Bengali Hindu youths (these days) to their heroic and amazing past has come to an end. Benode Behari Chowdhury was not a mere member of the revolutionary group operating in Chittagong area of then undivided Bengal only but denoted a period when Bengali Hindu youths, influenced by the fiery ideals of Swami Vivekananda to sacrifice themselves at the altar of motherland, did raise a storm  to free Bharat Mata from the shackles of British Imperialism also. There were tens of thousands of Bengali Hindu youths like him and each and every daring activity of them indeed limited the existence of Union Jack in India. They did everything through privation and sacrifice to wrest freedom from colonial masters but Binod Babu, owing to this vast life, also remained witness to the murkiest development in recorded histor


In the Ketugram Hindu persecution incident of Bardhaman district on 12 April, the Shiv Puja (Gajan) procession of the Hindus were attacked by the Muslims and later forcibly stopped by the police and the puja ritual was left incomplete. Furthermore police barricaded the entire village and disallowed any ingress or egress. It is reported that the whole incident took place at the instigation of Abdul Gaffar, the I.C. of the Ketugram PS, who played a very mischievous and nakedly partisan role. He arrested 4 Hindus : Tapan Sengupta, Mithu Dasgupta, Nadu Hajra, Mithun Dey. 3 Hindus have been injured - Arun hajra, Kheru Hajra, Madhu and 65 year old mother of   Naru Modak. Taimur Rahman [Tutul], Panchaayat Pradhan-Ketugram 2, also played a dubious role. However, some of the families inside Ketugram have got computers and also internet connections, and somehow or the other they came across the reportage of the Ketugram persecution in Hindu Samhati’s website. The word got around the en

Muslim radicals determined to grab Hindu property in Shantipur

Hindus defending vigorously Shanitpur is no naïve to rise of Islamic fundamentalism and in the recent years it went through lots of such assaults. There has not been any ending to such and the proliferation in anti-Hindu activities speaks on its own. On April 9, 2013, Maniknagarpura, P.S. Shantipur, District: Nadia remained witness to a rabid onslaught of Muslim radicals to grab Hindu properties and a desperate Hindu defence to it. The crisis, it has been learnt, is not sudden but has been going on surreptitiously for years and it stems from the land (worth above 32 bighas) having both a Muslim burial ground and a vast area where Hindus have been living for decades, if not more. In 1992, a bitter clash regarding the same land took place between the two communities.  On the very day, April 9, 2013, local Muslims were found (all of a sudden) to fence the vast land including the area being used by Hindus as dwelling. And to thwart any counterattack from Hindus, a crowd

Will Islamic fundamentalism rule the roost and destroy Hindus finally?

When both Bengal and Assam burn due to Islamic fundamentalism how can the rest of India be far behind. All these are said because the tentacles of Muslim radicalism, recklessly determined to balkanize Hindu-dominated India, is in full swing throughout the nation and with the passing of each day, the vicious stratagem is getting stronger and also being applied effectively. There is no more need to introspect the spate of Islamists in both Assam and Bengal and castigate Hindus living in these tracts as non-martial and hence, cowards. Strikingly, terrains dominated by martial Hindus are also falling through, thanks to the cruel nexus between secularists, administration, underworld and certainly Islamists, and the situation is not far when the entire North India can be exploded. If truth be told, a section of intelligence considers that this whole area is sitting on a lump of gun-powder while the remote control to explode it is controlled by a group remaining in another part of the

'Gajon' Procession attacked at Ketugram

After Nadia, North and South 24 Parganas, now, its time for Bardhaman to experience the true colour of so called religion of peace. Ketugram is a small village under Katwa Sub-division in the district of Bardhaman. The village has 80% Hindu & 20% Muslim population. For centuries, Hindus, in that locality, celebrate the last few days of the Bengali calendar year worshiping Lord Shiva which is popularly known as the Gajon festival. As a part of the celebration, devotees take 5 idols of Lord Shiva for holy shower in the river Ganges at Uddharanpur that is almost 10 km away from Ketugram. On 11 th April, 2013 a meeting was held in presence of ADM, SDPO, OC & CI of Ketugram police station where the route of the procession was approved by the administration. It was also decided in the meeting that as there was a mosque en route, the procession should start only after 1.05pm i.e. after the end of namaz. Last year, Muslims disturbed and created problems in the ceremony.