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Will Islamic fundamentalism rule the roost and destroy Hindus finally?

When both Bengal and Assam burn due to Islamic fundamentalism how can the rest of India be far behind. All these are said because the tentacles of Muslim radicalism, recklessly determined to balkanize Hindu-dominated India, is in full swing throughout the nation and with the passing of each day, the vicious stratagem is getting stronger and also being applied effectively.

There is no more need to introspect the spate of Islamists in both Assam and Bengal and castigate Hindus living in these tracts as non-martial and hence, cowards. Strikingly, terrains dominated by martial Hindus are also falling through, thanks to the cruel nexus between secularists, administration, underworld and certainly Islamists, and the situation is not far when the entire North India can be exploded. If truth be told, a section of intelligence considers that this whole area is sitting on a lump of gun-powder while the remote control to explode it is controlled by a group remaining in another part of the globe.

How many Hindus care to know of Kishangunj? Kishungunj district is in the Indian state of Bihar. It is one of the most backward districts in India but enjoys a burgeoning population always. And thanks to the regular illegal immigration of Bengali Muslims from Bangladesh, it has become a Muslim-majority district – Hindus, as usual, have become the worst sufferers.  

Are you tired to hear agonies of Hindus in the eastern part of India? Why don’t we move to South India, in particular Tamil Nadu, then? Let’s focus on Perambalur district in Tamil Nadu. As per governmental records, the district is not self-sufficient only but happens to be the leading maize and onion producer in the state. Now it has become a hotspot – a place where Islamists are flexing muscles day in and day out and counting on which they are trying to expand their tentacles.   

V.Kalathur happens to be an insignificant village in Perambalur district – Islamists are adamant to not let Hindus go on with their religious processions here. It has come to knowledge, four streets in the village contain a predominantly Muslim population; hence, they want that Hindu processions should evade these streets. Recently a Hindu marriage procession was stopped by Islamists while the administration remained helpless.

And this is not any stray incident – it’s the fallout of recurrent pessimism of Hindus – they are ready to seize the globe economically but are busy to forget the basis of economics – if Hindus lose land, no industry to fulfill Hindu dream will be left ever.

On the word of Arun Shourie (as expressed in the Indian Express in 2004) – “There are indications that the concentration of the minority community, including the Bangladesh immigrants, in the villages has resulted in the majority community moving to urban centres. Several towns in the border districts are now predominantly inhabited by the majority community but surrounded by villages mostly dominated by the minority community.”

“Lin Piao’s theory of occupying the villages before overwhelming the cities comes to mind, though the context is different. However, the basic factor of security threat in both the cases is the same.”  

Hindu Samhati regularly monitors and reports violations against Hindus in West Bengal. We also work with both governmental and NGO agencies for proper education on protection and ensure remedies to the Hindu populace as per prevailing law of the land.


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