From The Twitter Broadcast Of HS President Tapan Ghosh (July 3, 2017)
  • In West Bengal govt bosses, both political & bureaucrats, take easy the attacks on police and massive damage of govt assets by Muslim mob.
  • 7 police vehicles reportedly damaged by Muslim mob at Kaotsa vill under Baduria PS in Basirhat sub dvsn in 24 Pargana(N) dist near BD border
  • Baduria Police Station reportedly attacked, ransacked. 4 police vehicles damaged by Muslim miscreants.
  • Souvik Ssrkar's house @Magurkhali vill Ps reportedly gutted. Souvik posted on FB something allegedly offending Islam.
  • Widespread communal disturbances in Basirhat sub division. Reportedly on the issue of FB post by a Hindu boy allegedly offending Islam.
  • In WB it's proved time&again that Muslims always take law in their own hands for any on allegedly offending FB posts
  • Widespread communal disturbances in Basirhat sub division. Rathayatra attacked in Basirhat town by few Muslim miscreants. Hindus agitated.
  • From 3 places got reports of communal disturbances today in North 24 Parganas dist.

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Unknown said…
Now the whole world has realized the meaning of Islam. The human right activists and liberals of USA and Europe have found their mistakes and taking action against terrorism in the name of religion. For those secular people in India there is a message for their education
Islam means unconditional surrender to Allah. Allah has given this earth to his followers and there will be no one except his believers. Jihad means elimination of the people who doesn't believe in Allah. These people will be given a first chance to convert to Islam. If they don't agree they will be eliminated in Jihad which is fight for elimination of disbelievers. The woman and children will be treated as slaves and survive after converting to Islam. When pointed out that if so then why there is fight among Muslims. The answer is there are some disbelievers in Muslim also who doesn't believe each word of Koran also. They are also kefars and should be eliminated. Now in the age of internet things are available by click of a mouse and any person can get all the truth from different websites and videos of Muslim clergies

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