Another outrage in Bengal - Hindu Monk of Ramakrishna Order stripped and beaten mercilessly for Ashram land.

A panic may strike now the common Hindu people for the ongoing incidents of South Bengal for the last two months when the CPI(M), the ruling party of the state tasted a bad defeat by losing the muslim support in this region through Panchayet election. When the wining force of All India Trinamul congress (AITMC known as TMC), is considering all the prime posts for the muslim minorities in every stage of Panchayet system, the losing CPIM has already adopted the way of direct torture against hindu people out of any situation for winning the heart of muslim people and to regain the muslim support by giving various packages to the muslim minority.
On June 12, 2008 one Muslim leader of CPI(M) Sk. Ismail initiated the attack upon Hindu pilgrims in Gangasagar with the help of some 3000 fanatical muslim mob. Now they have tried to capture the Gorerhat Ramakrishna Ashram Campus by attempting murder of Swami Punnyalokanandaji, the Adhyaksha (in-charge) of the religious unit at Gorerhat under Joynagar P.S. South 24 Pgs, some 80 km from Kolkata.. Revered Swamiji is a hindu activists and social reformer who was initiated in monkshood by His Holiness Swami Gambhiranandaji Maharaj, the 11th President of Ramakrishna Math & Mission , Belur, Howrah. Swami Punyalokananda took the charge of Gorerhat Ramakrishna Ashram (a small service center) some years back for the betterment of the local poor & underprivileged people. Swamiji was trying hard to start a coaching center for the primary school boys and a homeopathic dispensary in the ashram. But two leaders of local CPI(M) Party, Arabinda Mondal & Md. Abur Ali( husband of the sister of Arabinda) had a planning to operate an unauthorized country liquor shop within a tea stall by capturing two rooms of the said Ashram. This was stopped by the Swamiji after taking some steps through police & administration in early days. And for this Arabinda, his wife and sister and also Md Abur Ali were jointly finding a scope to drive out Swamiji from Ashram or even to murder him anyway.

Swami Punyalokananda tied to a tree and severely beaten. (Pic Courtesy NDTV)
On July 08,’08,the Swami was beaten ruthlessly tied to a tree by the aforesaid CPIM leaders. The Swami just tried to erect a pillar to protect the ashram fence, after offering his morning prayer. The existing pillar was destroyed by the CPIM goons in the night before. The electronic media of Bengal telecast the ghastly sight of severe bodily assault upon a senior monk after stripping off his saintly robes.

Local villagers untying Swamiji (Pic courtesy NDTV)
The Police came to the spot when the Swami was senseless and the CPIM & Muslim fanatics had satisfied themselves by barbaric torture of a peaceful Hindu Monk. The Police admitted the Swamiji in nearby Padmer Hat Rural hospital, but did not arrest a single culprit who caused this murderous assault upon Swami Punnyalokananda. Although all of them are well known locally. Swamiji had many injuries in whole body including scull. A police case was registered by Joynagar Police Station on 08/07/08 vide P.S Case No.168/08 after a dairy registered by the Swamiji.

Needs no comment
Afterwards some devotees of Swamiji took him at SSKM (PG) Hospital, Kolkata for better treatment on 09.07.08. C.T Scan of Brain & other speciality treatment was done there. Swamiji is now out of danger. Swamiji also personally met the District Magistrate & Superintendent of Police, South 24 Pgs., for appropriate action. But the endangered situations for Hindus prevail everywhere in Bengal for the inaction of Police, Administration and obviously for the unaccounted torture upon Hindus by all the secular Parties. The nexus of Political parties, Police, Administration and the Muslim fundamentalist Pressure groups are very much active to eliminate any protest.

Swami Punyalokananda at the SSKM Hospital, Kolkata. (HS team pic)

Swami Punyalokananda at the SSKM Hospital, Kolkata. (HS team pic)

A Hindu Samhati team talking with Swamiji at the SSKM Hospital, Kolkata.
Newly established HINDU SAMHATI and some other prime Hindu Organisations are trying hard to change the situation of endless torture upon Hindus in Bengal. Can Hindus of Bengal survive without joining Hindu Organisations, only relying upon pro-muslim Political Parties for their own fate?

This report was compiled by Sri Upananda Brahmachari of Hindu Samhati.[ brahmachari.upananda(at)]


Unknown said…

Thank you for updating.
Anonymous said…
Bengali Hindus have to wake up.
Unknown said…
How do you want to stop this barbaric attack on peace-loving hindus ? The only option available is train ourselves in self defence with military like training, and also with arms and ammunition. Gone are the days of Gandhian policies. You can't survive unless you hit back. Send your sons and daughters for self defence training along with yoga, pranayam and develop a strong sense of hindu unity and work for the betterment of poor hindus. Propagate this message to all hindus you know.
Unknown said…
NDTV covered the incident in a very short form. And their pics have been duly acknowledged. The rest of the media has decided on a conspiracy of silence. They blackout anything Hindu, until the issue explodes and goes out of hand. Then of course the hindus are to blame.

Today internet is as big a medium as the MSM, if not bigger. That is why such incidents can no longer be suppressed, inspite of the best efforts of the MSM.
Unknown said…
Sanyasis are attacked in Kerala also.Communists are asuras and they will definitely be punished by Devas.
Mohan said…
Those who did this are none less to barbarians.

Have Fear of GOD.
Shadheen Bangla said…
Joy Bangla!
Ki shob je ghotche? Shaala tomra ki korcho? Jaago.... Jaago Durga... Jaago Kali..... Jaago Bishsher protyek Noro Naari. Aaar Bohishkaar koro Musholmaneder, jaara aamader Purbo Bangla kere nilo aamader tike! Shaal ichcha kore Oi Shaala Quraner opor pechchap kori ebong haagu kori :)
ashok seedyah said…
The only solution is as Rajarshi has suggested is to equip oneself in every possible way: train oneself physically and with all the methods of warfare to be able to save oneself and one's family. Start now and we shall save ourselves and the generations to come. With the things that are happening everywhere in India, there is no other solution. It is public knowledge in my country that the mosques are armed to the teeth? I wonder why the temples and all religious places should not be equipped and have strong security measures in face of the evolving situation.
Thakurschild said…
Disgusting barbaric and inhuman.Is this what their religion teaches them?
Rahul M said…
we need these atrocities to come to light.
but this page needs to be looked after carefully, there are just too many typos, that only take away from the credibility of the organization.

please delete this post after correcting the post.

some that I have noted :

"Revered Swamiji is a hindu activists" --> activist

"The Swami just tried to erect a pillar to protect the ashram fence, after offering his morning prayer. The existing pillar was destroyed by the CPIM goons in the night before." incorrect sentence formation. correct would be :

Swamiji was just trying to ....

....existing pillar had been destroyed by .......

"including scull" --> skull

"after a dairy registered by the Swamiji." --> diary

best of luck.
kpic said…
Its a shame that in the Land of Sri Ramakrishna His own Sanyasi Sons are being brutally tortured for no faults.

This reminds me of the black days in the recent past when these Communist Forces tried to disrupt the activists of the Ramakrishna Mission in the West Bengal, by creating unrests amongst various Seva Institutions of the Mission through perpetrated union-activities with their loyal people working in those centres.

And it culminated in the end of the communist Regime of the USSR.

I am sure now its the turn of the communist regimes in India.
Vineeth Mohan said…
This story was not even published in Kerala....

This is the most disturbing thing I have ever seen in my country, I am sure. If a monastic member of Sri Ramakrishna Math is not spared from such brutality, what about the general public?

Where are those human rights activists and columnists?

We need to defend ourselves...
Sanjiv said…
Unthinkable! How dare these muslims assaulting a revered swamiji who has devouted his life leaving the lucrative materialistic world to serve the humans.

Can this be done by a hindu on a Maulavi either in India or in Paki. Our shameless vote beggers (Politicians) will protect them no doubt.

The only solution is to follow the Eknath Ranade like action who snatched Vivekananda Rock from fabatic missionaries.

This is beginning of the end of CPM guys. The earlier they finish the better it is.
The Hinduism said…
the first thing that hindus should do is UNITY. ham hinduo me dusro k tarah ekta nahi hai
Hndustan me hi hinduo k sath aisa ho raha hai, agar ham ek honge to ye sab nahi hoga.
Krishna said…
inteseIt is shameful for the Government of Bengal as well as the Government of India, that a monk of the Ramakrishna ashram should have been treated like that for no fault of his by anti-national elements without bothering about the law. It is really sad that the disciple of Swami Vivekananda (Who once shook the whole world thru his teachings), should have been treated like this in his own Ashram.

It seems that the blood of the Bengalis of the land of Netaji Subash Chander Bose has been diluted and doesn’t have even the strength of water. Just imagine had Swami Vivekananda or Netaji Subash Chander Bose been alive today then such incidents or the one that happened last year in Deganga would have ever happened. But it is happening today. What does it imply…?

Friends, This news should not only be shared across the world thru all media but the culprits should be caught alive and brought on the Howrah Bridge and beaten by all the concerned citizens of Calcutta so that the whole of the world could see the plight of such anti-national elements who have tried to touch the holy monk of Rama Krishna Ashram. The TV Channels should be forcefully brought to the scene of action so that the whole world could take the lesson that the national spirit is not dead in India.

Will you kindly inform as to what is the present status of the ashram. Has any punishment been given to the those who dared to raise their dirty hands on the Holy Soul.
Dexter said…
Shame on you muslim
Dinesh said…
it's a sad incident.The culpurits should be brought to justice.By: lingashtakam
Unknown said…
Finally you ppl saved and protected like Sri rama saved many sadhu fr demons..I knw many of the local ppl felt very bad coz u cant stop.. but you ppl have finally protected..
Zoya said…
To grab the attention the Author has highlighted this issue as Hindu vs Muslim & not Hindu vs Hindu(because this won't attract attention).

But I don't see any Muslim in the picture because these people were trying to capture the land for liquor shop and liquors are totally banned in islam, so he doesn't follow Islam, he follows the religion of money. The persons named above were two, a Hindu by name & a Muslim by name but in practice they have no religion but opportunist/atheist/anti-social. Hence the issue is with a monk vs anti-social elements. Indeed it's a barbaric act and justice should prevail but don't make your readers or commentors fool by putting hatred among the two communities and casting it as a communal issue.

Request readers to use their brain and not to get communal. Support justice be it for or against anyone. Now a days religion has just become a political tool to divide and rule our own peaceful land, just the way Britisher did to us.
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