Thursday, June 17, 2010

Islamic forces trying to construct Mosque in HINDU area in Kolkata

Islamic forces trying to construct

Mosque in a HINDU area in Kolkata

Ward no. 59 of Kolkata is a Hindu area and at 13C, Asgar Mistri Lane, Kolkata – 46, there is a vacant land of about 3 kottah (2200 sq ft approx). According to the locals this land is being vacant since the year 1946 and the land is used by local children for playing games and also used by all locals for any occasions.

But suddenly on 14/06/10 some unknown Muslim men came to this area and started measuring the land. When inquired by the locals that what were they up to? They replied that they have come from the Muslim WAKF Board and they were measuring the land as they have plans to construct a mosque on that spot.

On hearing this, local residents mostly Hindus and a few Christian were shocked and protested against this plan. The Muslims challenged the locals and said that no one can stop them from building a mosque there. This resulted in a heated argument between the two communities.

On 15th June, some outsider Muslims came with some labourers and construction materials with the protection of large police contingent. The Deputy Commissioner and the Officer in Charge of local police station gave full protection of the allegedly illegal construction.

The peace loving Hindus of the area are extremely agitated over this expansionist and sinister design of the outsider Muslims and the indulgence of the administration and political parties.

Therefore Hindus of the area got united cutting across party line. Particularly the Hindu women folk of the area came out aggressively on the street to protest, because they will be the worst victims of the Muslim infiltration in Hindu area. Due to their fierce protest, the outsider Muslims had to stop the construction work twice on 15th and 16th June.

The message spread widely. Today morning, a large number of Muslims assembled at the seven point crossing of Park Circus and at 3 other places. They blocked the whole traffic movement. Panic engulfed the Hindu population of a vast area. Police, Rapid Action Force and Riot Police took position to face any eventualities. All traffic had to be diverted. For 4 hours the chaos continued. In the evening too, provocative speeches were being delivered from the nearby mosques.

Perhaps Muslims could not expect such resistance from the Hindu populace. Hence they became angry. This is the area where last 29 October Hindus were attacked and 3 Hindu Temples were destroyed by the Muslim miscreants at the time of immersion of Jagaddhatri Puja. These type of incidents are very common in the Muslim dominated Park Circus area of Kolkata. As a result, Hindu migration from this area is going on steadily.

The present situation is very tense as all the political parties are supporting the illegal and illogical cause of the Muslims. It is alleged that Deputy Commissioner of Police Mr. Humayun Kabir is also helping the design of the Muslims.

It should be mentioned here that new Mosques and Madrasahs are being built in many entirely Hindu areas all over West Bengal including Kolkata. And its consequences are felt by the Hindus everywhere.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Fierce communal clashes going on in Farakka

Fierce communal clashes going on in Farakka

Fierce communal clashes going on in Farakka area of Murshidabad district. This is an area of international importance as the giant Farakka Barrage is situated there which is the life line for both West Bengal and Bangladesh. The water for both of Bangladesh and Kolkata is flown from this Barrage.

Started on 30th May for a petty matter, the Hindu Muslim dispute took violent turn. The clashes quickly spread over vast area of Farakka block involving about 15 villages.

Many Hindu villages have been looted, destroyed and burnt by the fundamentalist Muslims. Those villages are: Jafarganj, Kutighat, Imamnagar, Nayansukh, Kashinagar, Raghunathpur, Choukigram, Beniagram and Kedua.

The Hindus of these villages fled the area and have taken shelter in relatively safe Hindu areas. In spite of that, the govt. administration has been compelled to start 2 temporary “refugee camps” for the distressed Hindus, one in nearby NTPC township ‘Nubarun’ and the other in the Bhangatola village on the Malda side of the Barrage. About 2000 Hindus have taken shelter is these camps.

Many Hindus and some Muslims have been seriously injured in the clashes. More than 60 persons, both Hindus and Muslims are arrested by the police. Prohibitory section 144 has been imposed in the area to contain the situation. Large contingent of Police and RAF (Rapid Action Force) has been deployed.

Apart from these villages, there are small hamlets on the bank of river Ganga in the downstream of Farakka barrage. From these hamlets, Hindus fled to the other side of the river in Malda district.

In these villages, torture upon Hindus and molestation of Hindu women by the Muslims are regular features. The Yadav community (popularly known as Ghosh community) and the Halder community (they are refugees from East Bengal, i.e., Bangladesh) got united and fighting hard to resist Muslim onslaught. Yesterday morning, the Halders resisted the looter Muslims and saved the Hindu shopkeepers of New Farakka market.

The Farakka barrage is the only connecting bridge between south Bengal and north Bengal and Assam. According to 2001 census, in Farakka block, Hindus are 36.65 % and Muslims are 62.76%. In the neighbouring Samsherganj block, Hindu 18.69% and Muslim 81.22%. In the whole of Murshidabad district, Hindu 35.92% and Muslim 63.67%. In Farakka area, MLA is Mainul Haque (Congress) and M.P. is Abul Hasnat Chowdhury (Congress). Both are Muslims. Mr. Parvez Siddiqui, the District Magistrate of this border district too is a Muslim.

The situation in the entire area of Farakka is still tense and not under control.