Saturday, May 30, 2009

Relief work by Hindu Samhati---Aila Devastation

Relief work by Hindu Samhati at Sandeshkhali, North 24 Parganas after Aila–storm Devastation.

The unaccountable plight over the South Bengal specially in North and South 24 Parganas is increasing day by day after it made a havoc upon the rural Bengal on 25th May,2009. Very little measure taken by the State Relief Deptt., effort of the Military and volunteering by some NGOs could not lessen the sorrow of the unreached aila-struck people even water-logged after four days.

A team of Hindu Samhati (HS), West Bengal State Committee lead by Chittaranjan Dey, Gen. Secy., Prakosh Das and Sujit Maity went to the Rajbari, Kanmari, Nalkara-Bhangipara, Sarberia for the survey of the affected areas of Sandeshkhali Block. As urgently urged by the affected people, the Survey team decided on spot to run relief work immediately to those areas, where no relief could be sent by anybody.

A team led by Upananda Brahmachari, accompanied by Shyamanjan, Srijan, Abhisek and Prasenjit reached at Malancha on the very next day on 29th May. A strong local team of Hindu Samhati received the relief materials including parched rice, molasses, medicines, water purifying drops etc. to march into the interiors, still water-logged.

At the first point of Kanmari Market, 500 affected people served with the dry-foods and medicines over two hours relief work. Another team of HS workers took the relief materials for Shankardaha-Boyermari II, a furthest corner from Kanmari, where the treacherously nature victims are waiting for any first relief.

The water logged main road leading to Kanmari was a problem to reach there indeed, but it was as un-explicable experience to reach Bhangipara through a totally water-logged village road taking a time over one hour. The water touched the upper knee, un-known risks of broken sides of roads, the bones of decomposed fishes and animals sharpened edges of bricks and stones , nothing could stop the volunteers of HS to reach Bhangipara, a completely isolated hamlet of this distant area.

Another 300 people were served with dietary articles and medicines here. A stock is also preserved to serve the needy people there according to there utmost need. A stock of Paracetamol tablets, Norfloxacin tablets and water purifier drops are given there to hold a depot there to combat the coming fever and gastro-enteric disorders. But everything, foods or medicines are found scarce to meet the requirement of the locality. Returning to Rajbari a delegation team was sent to Bermajur, another mostly affected site for judge the severity of the situation there to start some relief work there also.

The HS team is likely to enter into the area of Sulkuni a still water-logged up to waist level and severely damaged area, jointly with Patanjali Yog Samity of Baba Ramdev on 30th May.
With a hard limitation of funding, Hindu Samhahti took this Seva Work or ‘The Sadhana of Service’ without favouring anybody or discriminating any one. But it is a ground reality that the other relief works by other agencies and the Govt Administrations are turmoiled by the political affliction or by sear favouritsm. And it is not according to the need of the victim people as felt by them. Where food is needed, they got a black plastic tarpaulin. Where medicines are needed, they got only assurances.

There are many relief camps in the road sides, where a number of distressed people are staying under compulsion and getting relief. The NGOs are coming together to perform their relief work in order to dump their relief materials un-necessarily. But the distant water-logged people still awaiting somebody to provide anything for their survival.

“Affected by the Secular Seva (relief-work), many organization are going several times to Sheikh Para of Muslim Community. But nobody dares to step in the Bhangipara Village, as the mixed area of Tribal Sarder People and Scheduled Castes are both Hindus in religion.”- an aggrieved Jagannath Sarder stating their situation with a demand of some medicines for his ailing neighbour and family members.

The realization of Jagannath Sarder has a conformity with other Hindu victims of Aila-struck zone. Moreover the Muslim dacoits are venturing to loot everything from the locked and temporarily left houses of the Hindus in this chance. Even such gangs are trying to enter into the habitated Hindu areas in night time.

Tapan Kumar Ghosh, President, Hindu Samhati instructed the HS Relief Team to stand and support firmly for the Victim Hindu People including others without any discrimination to the ideals of Bharatiya way of Seva Dharma.

The Hindu Samhati Relief Team requires more dry-foods, medicines for fever and diarrhoea, ORS, disinfectants, water purifier tablets or drops and funds for running its relief work in North & South Bengal.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hindu Samhati Warns Sandeshkhali (West Bengal) Police

Sandeshkhali (West Bengal) Police Warned For Dubious Inaction To Rescue Nayana Sardar a 13 year old Hindu girl

Today (07-May-2009) over 300 activists of Hindu Samhati staged a strong demonstration at Sandeshkhali Police Station to protest the shameful inaction on the part of the police in the case of two time abduction of Nayana Sardar, a 13 year 10 months old Hindu girl by Islamic activists.

The route to Sandeshkhali Police Station was not an easy way, the activists travelled from Basanti, Minakha, Saraberia and Kolkata to Dhamakhali the last point of land on the horizon, after which all the activists ferried across to the other side of the river Bidhyadhari for their destination Sandeshkhali Police Station.

Just outside the Police station the activists gathered and shouted slogans demanding to know the course of action taken by the police in the two time abduction case of the unfortunate minor girl. Their agitation was led by Mr. Tapan Ghosh, Convenor of Hindu Samhati. In his speech Mr. Ghosh stressed on the corruption and the nexus between the Police personnel and the criminals of the jurisdiction area of Sandeshkhali Police Station. Mr. Ghosh also named the implicated personnel viz, the then Officer-in-Charge during the occurrence of the crime of Sandeshkhali PS Mr. Gautam Mitra, Sub Inspector Mohammed Ananda Seikh and Sub Inspector Manik Mukherjee. He also stated that accused Rafiqul Seikh and Saibaddi Mollah, (both religious Muslims) are walking free due to this unholy nexus. Along with the agitators, present were Mrs. Hema Sardar, mother of Nayana Sardar, Mr. Rabindranath Sardar, father of Nayana Sardar, and other family members including Nayana’s married elder sister.

After protesting in front of the Police Station, a team of 9 activists led by Mr. Tapan Ghosh, including Nayana’s mother and some of her neighbors entered the Police Station to meet the current Officer-in-Charge Mr. Samrat Phani and the Circle Inspector Mr. Raj Kumar Ghosh. The delegation included Ramkrishna Das, Pradip Mandal, Advocate Subhasis Basu Mallick, Shyamanjan Sur, Pradip Das and Smt. Kajal Halder.

Mr. Tapan Ghosh handed over the Memorandum to both the police personnel mentioned above. After handing over the Memorandum a warning was issued to the police over their inaction and their undue conduct with the parents of Nayana Sardar. A deadline was issued to the police that if by 20th of May, 2009, the police fails to take proper action then Hindu Samhati will take the agitation to a higher level, whereby it will cause severe embarassment and loss of credibility for the administration.

Please Click on link below to see the Hindu Samhati Leaflet in Bengali.

(in and Around Sandeshkhali Police Station)

VIDEO of Nayana Sardar's Parents